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Old 6th June 2016
Gear Maniac
🎧 5 years
Born: 1996

korg kronos x 88
Oberheim ob8
Moog sub 37

Roland juno 60
Sequential circuits pro one
Oberheim obx
Moog minimoog model d (original) serial# 2,xxx
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Lives for gear
Ossicle's Avatar
🎧 10 years
1988: Yamaha PSS-30 (actually belongs to my 5 yr old niece now)
1989: Yamaha PSS-270

1993 -
2002 Amiga 500 & PC tracker software + sampling vinyl (hip hop)

2002-2006 The 'stiff' period: studying, starting career, not much music in my life.
2007 Took leave from work, became a PhD student, bohemian lifestyle got me back into music, spent 50% of my scholarship on synths (the rest on food and rent).

2007: Akai S-2800
2007: Alpha Juno 1 (now MKS-50)
2008: Yamaha DX-7
2008: E-mu SP 1200
2008: Mono Evolver desktop
2008: Jomox MBase 01
2008: Korg Wavestation EX
2008: Oberheim Matrix 6-R
2009: Roland D-50 (now D-550)
2010: Doepfer Dark Energy
2010: MPC-3000
2010: Roland Jupiter-6
2011: Moog Source
2011: MFB-522
2011: Roland Jupiter-8
2012: Roland SH-101

(Still not a PhD)
Old 6th June 2016
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rafkey's Avatar
🎧 10 years
1981: Yamaha CS15 : first synth
1984: Roland Jx3p : sold and bought back last year 2015!
1986: Korg DSS1
1989: Ensoniq EPS
1990: Yamaha DX7IIfd ; Ensoniq VFX ( RIP )
1991: Korg T3 ; akai S1100 brand new ( 4500 EUR )
1992: Korg WS EX
1993: Roland JV880
1998: Korg Trinity rack, Akai SG01V
1999: NordRack 2; akai S1000
2001: Fender Rhodes mk2
2002: Yamaha S80 ; Emu XL1 ; Roland VK8M
2003: Emu MP7 ; Roland Fantom S ; Virus A desktop
2004: Korg ESX ; Yamaha CS2x ; Korg Triton rack ; Yamaha Motif ES7
2007: Roland SH101 and hunting for the analog vintage synths!
2016: I'm waiting for my 50th resident-synth : it will be a great new one!

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Old 6th June 2016
Gear Maniac
🎧 5 years
Born: 1966

Some sequensers and drum machines in there to:

1984: Korg Mono/Poly
1985: Roland Juno-60
1985: Roland JSQ-60
1985: Roland TR-606
1986: Roland JX3P
1986: Roland TR-707
1986: SCI Pro-One
1987: Casio CZ-5000
1987: Kawai R50
1987: Siel DK-80
1984: Korg Mono/Poly
1988: Roland D50
1988: Yamaha QX5
1988: Yamaha TX81z
1988: Casio FZ-1
1988: Korg PolySix
1988: Roland MC-500
1988: Roland Jupiter-6
1988: Roland D20
1989: Akai AX60
1989: SCI Pro-One
1989: Oxford OSCar
1989: Roland TR-707
1989: Korg DS-8
1989: Moog The Rogue
1989: Yamaha DX-7
1989: Roland Juno-106
1995: Korg Poly-800
1998: Kawai K1
1998: Roland Jupiter-6
1998: Roland Juno-106
1999: Korg Mono/Poly
1999: Roland SH-101
1999: EMU SP12
1999: Korg MS20
1999: Yamaha RM1X
1999: Boss DR-110
1999: Oberheim Matrix-1000
1999:Roland MKS-50
2000: SCI Prophet-5 Rev3.3
2000: Roland TR-808
2000: Roland TR-909
2000: EMU ESI-4000
2001: Korg EA-1
2001: Korg MS2000R
2002: Roland JV-1080
2002: Novation Supernova
2005: Yamaha AN1x
2007: Roland JP-8000
2008: Roland MC-303
2009: MFB Synth II
2009: MFB 522
2010: DSI Mopho
2011: DSI Mopho Keyboard
2011: Roland Juno-60
2012: Access Virus A
2013: Akai S1000KB
2013: Arturia Minibrute
2013: Doepfer Dark Energy
2014: Korg Volca Bass
2014: Korg ER-1
2015: Korg ESX-1
2015: Clavia Nord Lead 2x
2015: Moog Sub 37
2015: Sequential Prophet-6
2016: SCI DrumTraks
2016: Akai MPC500
Old 6th June 2016
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swiller's Avatar
🎧 5 years
Born 1972...
1988 Fender strat, rex50,voxac30 with blue speakers. All for £500!.
1989 Gibson les paul custom.
1992 - DX27. fukin rubbish.
1996 - Korg x3,MC303,tx81z
1997 technics WSA1, Akai S2000, JV2080, alpha a juno 2, mpx1, tlaudio 5051, waldorf pulse 1, jx8p, tr707,505.
1999 - XP50 - Which is a great keyboard.
2003 Access Virus C, xv5050,novantion basstation, Native instruments generator(now reaktor)
2008 Juno 106,JD800, akg c1000s.
2009 Paul Reed Smith CE24 - epic guitar. SOnar 8.5
2012 tetra, minibrute, Mahoosive PC and Sonar
2013 Squire classic vibes (tele, strat and jazz bass) - amazing guitars. The strat has 62 pickups in it. Fender blues junior blue edition.
2014 SOnar x3, TR8,minibrute.
2015 P6,Akai s2000X2, minitaur
2016 6176, integra 7, komplete 10 ultimate,

No longer with me...
Old akai s2000s. Recently replaced for £50.
Dx27 Bag o ****e.
PRS Ce24 Miss it.
JD800 - Too big, integra does the job.
Virus C Do not miss it.
XV5050 Do not miss it.
Basstation Do not miss it.
WSa1 Want one back bad.
JV2080 Integra ticks the box.
Alpha juno 2 Want one back bad.
JX8p Dont miss it
5051 6176 ticks a much bigger box.
Pulse - Dont miss it
MC303 - Fit for the tip.
X3 - Nice, but dont GAS after it.
TX81z Want one.
Fender strat USA. Dont miss it as CV squier does a strat better imho.
Les paul. - Would go prs ce 24 for £600 if i wanted humbuckers.
AC30. Sold for 80 quid, yeah missi it.
505/707. TR8 is fine
rex50. Dont miss it
tetra. Great little box, but dont miss it.

And breathe...
Old 7th June 2016
Lives for gear
goldphinga's Avatar
🎧 15 years
1988- Yamaha PSS 680 (From Argos)
1989- Yamaha PSR 36 (Loan from my Dad's school's music dept)
1990- Yamaha SY55 (From Fox's Music)
1992- Yamaha SY85 (From Carlsbro Music )
1993- Yamaha U1 black upright piano
1995- Moog Source (From Advanced Sounds UK)
1996- Hohner Clavinet D6 (From Trinity and All Saints College, FREE!)
1996- Rhodes Stage 73 Mk1 (1977) (From Music Control)
1998- Yamaha EX5 (From Carlsbro Music)
1999- Fender Rhodes Suitcase 73 (1972) (from Music Control)
1999- ARP Solina (from Music Control)
2000- Korg MS20 (swapped SY55 for it)
2000- Rhodes Stage 73 Mk2 with suitcase preamp (somewhere in Yorkshire, was a mates before that)
2002- Hammond B3 and 122 Leslie RV (from toys for noize)
2003- Moog Memorymoog (from private sale in Kent)
2004- Moog Voyager Anniversary Edition
2006- Nord Stage Compact
2006- Moog Little Phatty Tribute Edition (signed by Cyril Lance, Moog head engineer)
2008- Prophet 08
2010- Yamaha DX100, ebay sale
2011- DSI Tempest
2011- Moog Little Phatty Stage 2 with Blue LED's
2012- Rhodes MK7 Active Midi (from private sale, Wales)
2012- Alesis Andromeda A6 (from Toys 4 Noize)
2012- Yamaha SY77, from private sale, Liverpool
2013- Nord Lead 4
2015- Prophet 6
2016- Rhodes Stage 73 Mk2 to restore (private sale, Derby UK)
Old 7th June 2016
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Rufuss Sewell's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Unfortunately I'm not able to edit my original post. The mods tell me their hands are tied. So I'll post an update here:

Born: 1975

1986: Casio SK-1
1987: Thomas Organ
1988: Yamaha PSS-170
1989: Yamaha PSR-37
1992: Roland R-70
1993: Ensoniq ESQ-1
1997: Kurzweil K2500
1998: Roland GR-300
1999: Kurzweil K2600
2000: Roland JX-8P (PG-800)
2001: Roland Juno 60 ($100)
2001: SCI Prophet 600 ($100)
2003: Rhodes Stage Mark II
2004: Farfisa Compact Duo
2004: Roland GR-100
2004: Estey Pump Organ
2005: Roland SH-1
2005: Alesis A6 Andromeda
2007: Oberheim Matrix 1000
2012: Roland Juno 106
2012: Arturia Minibrute
2013: Roland Jupiter 8
2013: Arp Odyssey
2014: Arturia Microbrute
2014: Kawai SX-240
2014: Roland SH-101
2015: Moog Sub 37
2015: Nord Lead 3
2015: Oberheim OB8
2016: Korg MS-20 Module
2016: Roland GR-300
2016: Roland System 100m

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Lives for gear
manalishi's Avatar
Born 1962 (cripes!)

1970s: Lowrey Teenie Geenie organ (got hooked on making odd noises)
1980s: Casio CZ-101, Roland MT-32
1990s: Korg DW-8000, Roland MKS-70
2000s: Yamaha CS1x, Waldorf Pulse, Waldorf Q, Access Virus Kb, Roland XP-30
2010s: Yamaha CS1x, Korg M1, Yamaha Tenori-on, Roland Gaia

(outgoing): M1 and CS1x
(incoming): Korg Volca Sample, Analog Four Keys, Korg Kronos
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Lives for gear
🎧 10 years
Born: 1972

1985: Korg DW-6000, Roland TR-505
1986: Yamaha DX-100, Alesis MMT-8
1987: Roland MKS-100, Yamaha FB-01, Roland TR-626
1989: Roland Juno-2 / PG-300
1990: Roland JD-800, Roland S-550, BOSS DR-550 MK2

Early 90s: Roland TR-909, Roland TB-303, Roland Juno-60, Roland Juno-106, Roland JX-3P / PG-200, Korg M1, Korg M1-REX, Roland JD-990, Roland MKS-30, Roland MKS-50, Roland MKS-70, Roland MKS-80 /MPG-80, Roland D-550 / PG-1000, Korg EX-8000
Late 90s: Roland JV-1080, E-mu Orbit V2, Roland Jupiter-6, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland SH-101, Roland TR-606, Roland TR-808, Roland DJ-70 MK2, E-mu E-Synth, Clavia Nord Lead, Roland JP-8000, Akai S3000XL, Akai MPC-3000, Akai MPC-2000XL, E-mu SP-1200, Korg Prophecy, Oberheim Matrix-1000

Early 00s: Akai S6000, Yamaha A-3000, Clavia Nord Lead 2, Clavia Nord Rack 2, Roland JP-8080, Roland XP-30, Roland SP-808EX, Roland JV-2080, Roland XV-5080, Waldorf Microwave XTk, Waldorf Microwave XT, Waldorf Q Rack, Waldorf Micro Q, Access Virus Indigo 2, Roland V-Synth, DSI PolyEvolver, Access Virus TI Polar

Late 00s: Waldorf Q Plus, Access Virus TI 2, Roland D-50, Korg Poly-800, Roland MKS-50, Roland Jupiter-4, Roland SH-2, BOSS DR-55, Moog Voyager Select, Clavia Nord Lead 2X, Crumar Performer, Alesis A6 Andromeda, DSI Prophet-08, DSI Tetra

Early 10s: Korg EX-8000, Roland TR-8, Roland JU-6, Roland JP-08, Roland JX-03, Waldorf Blofeld, Moog Little Phatty Stage 2, Moog Slim Phatty, Moog Minitaur, Sequential Pro-One

Late 10s: Roland MKS-70

Today: See signature
Old 12th September 2016
Lives for gear
🎧 5 years
Bold Still Own
1940's era Baldwin Grand Piano

Doric Combo Organ
Turd-brown Tube Wurlie
Farfisa Combo Compact
Fender-Leslie Model 16

Transistor Wurlie 200
RMI "double oscillator" electra piano
Two or three different stage Rhodes (love-hate relationship)
Rhodes Keybass (kept that one a long time and used it a lot)

Yamaha YC-30 transistor organ
Old Hammond dual-generator organ with tremulant scanner
Chopped Hammond L
Single Keyboard Hammond transistor portable organ with drawbars, can't recall the model number, sounded OK but no chorus vibrato
Leslie 820, 147, 122 (buy then sell, buy then sell)

Freeman String Symphonizer with added Moog resonator and chaotic chorus circuits
Roland SH-1000 mono synth
Arp Odyssey mono synth
Yamaha CS-60 poly synth

Edit: Univox SR-95 Preset drum machine used for lounge lizard gigs circa 1973-1974. I don't understand the nostalgia for those boxes.

Yet another Stage Rhodes
Suitcase Rhodes
Helpinstill 200 pound "Portable" electric spinet built in a road case with magnetic pickups
Yamaha KX-88 Controller (still works great!)

SCI Pro One mono synth
MemoryMoog analog poly synth (sounded great but a tuning nightmare from hell)
Rhodes Chroma Polaris analog poly synth (loved that synth, wish I could fix mine)
Ensoniq ESQ-1 wavetable (still works great!)
Casio CZ 101 digital poly synth
Casio CZ 1000 digital poly synth
Kawai K1R wavetable
Kawai K4R wavetable
Kawai K5R (still works great!)
(2) Yamaha TX81Z rackmount FM synth
Yamaha TX416 (four DX7's in a rack module)
Yamaha acoustic piano table top module that sucked
Korg acoustic piano table top module that sounded kinda-sorta OK considering the technology of the time

Ensoniq Mirage Sampler
Ensoniq EPS Sampler

Edit: Boss DR-55 drum machine used for song demos 1980 or 1981. Was programmable but only had about 4 drum sounds. Did not have enough memory for practical use on a gig.

Edit: Korg KR-55 preset drum machine used for early 1980's lounge lizardry. Mundane rhythms but nice enough analog tones. About 1982 I added a multi-pin jack to external-trigger the simple sound generators and wrote a commodore 64 program to use it as a computer-controlled drum machine on song demos. Those were pre-MIDI days.

SCI DrumTrax Drum Machine
Alesis HR-16 Drum Machine

Roland Rhodes MK-60
Hammond-Suzuki portable organ (recently died requiring unobtanium replacement chips)
EMU MPS+ Orchestral (was a good live-performance synth master keyboard and noise maker)
EMU Proteus 1
Roland JV-880 + Orch Card

Roland SC55 GM Synth
Roland/Boss DS-330 GM Synth
Tiny portable Yamaha GM midi synth box with a tiny rubber chiclet midi keyboard

Yamaha Rackmount Drumpad trigger module
Alesis DM5 Drumpad trigger module and drum sound source
Motion Sound Leslie

Cherry-condition Hammond L which had been sitting in wife's old aunt's living room since the 1950's
Got busy programming, can't recall buying any synths

Roland FA-06

The reason for so many Rhodes, apart from fickle-ness-- If you played them 6 nights per week, after a few years they would just wear out. I would wear one down to a nub, rebuild it, wear it down to a nub again, and then get another one because after awhile its too much work keeping one going.

Worn down to a nub was a problem with all the pianos. I loved the wurlies but they took more maintenance than Rhodes to keep em running. It only took about 4 years to wear the Helpinstill Pratt-Read piano action down to a nub, hammers sanded down almost to the wood. Sold it off rather than pull the action and completely rebuild it.

Some of the electronic instruments suffered the "worn down to a nub" fate as well.

Wish I had kept one of the leslie 122 or 147 or even the single rotor 820. They took up too much room in the house if I didn't happen to be gigging a leslie.

Went thru numerous phasers, chorus, and leslie emulators over the years. None sounded like a leslie but kinda-sorta substituted for lugging a big heavy box. Supposedly some of the modern emulators are finally fairly decent. The small boxes of the past seemed to wear out rather quickly.

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Lives for gear
jaxman12's Avatar
🎧 5 years
Originally Posted by jaxman12 ➡️
80's thru 1992
Juno 60
Yamaha SK30 (Boring)
Moog Realistic Concertmate MG-1
Prophet5 Rev2
Sequential Circuits MultiTrak
Roland SH101 X2 (one was gray, one was blue)
Memorymoog (no Midi)
Oberheim Xpander
Oberheim XK Midi Controller
Yamaha TX802
EMU Proteus One
Yamaha TG33
Sequential Circuits TOM
Roland MC500 MKII

Got out of music and disbanded group around "92"

Got back into music in 2012

2012-Yamaha Rack ES
2012 Novation Impulse 61

2012 - Roland A800 Pro
2013 - Arturia The Laboratory 61
2013 - Access Virus "B"
2013 - M-Audio Fast Trak C600
2015 - Studiologic SL 880 Pro
2015 - Novation 61SL MKII
2015 - Focusrite Saphire 18i20
2016 - Roland JV-880

NI Komplete 8
NI Komplete 9
Arturia The Laboratory 61
East West Symphonic Platinum Plus
Arturia V Collection 3/4/5
Sonar X-1, X-2, X-3 Producer Expanded with all the soft synths that comes with those.
Novation V Station
Synthogy II American Concert D
U-he Diva
EDIT: Added
Juno DS88 - Fantastic Keyboard. Velocity is the best and keybed is outstanding. Sounds are top notch also.
Autotune 8
Ozone 7
Old 14th September 2016
Gear Addict
VL1 ;-)
Poly 800

1990's / early 00's
Sound Canvas SC33
Roland XP-50
Korg Prophecy
Korg Wavestation SR
Roland S760
Emu Orbit v2
Waldorf Pulse
Maldorf Microwave II

Korg Karma
Korg MS2000
Electribe EA-1
Electribe ER-1
Emu E4

Then, sold pretty much everything, went silent for a few years, eventually decided to gear up again, initially via software & controllers, kinda got the bug again..

Current Gear
(Items in blue are not currently in use and prob. sell soon)

Korg Prophecy (the only thing I ever regretted selling, Gumtree is your friend..)
Waldorf Blofeld
Electron Analog4
Korg Radias
Arturia MicroBrute SE
Alesis Micron
Roland MX-1
Roland System-1
Roland TR-8
Roland TB-3

Akai Max49
Arturia MiniLab
Arturia Keystep
Novation Launchkey Mini
Novation Launchpad Mk2
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Arturia Beatstep
Arturia SparkLE
Korg Pad Kontrol
Novation Remote SL Zero Mk2

Ableton Live 9 Suite
Apple Logic X
Apple Mainstage

U-he Diva
Korg Legacy Collection
NI Massive
Sugar Bytes Factory
Arturia Collection
Arturia Spark

+various outboard FX, desks, monitors etc.
++ I'm bound to have forgotten something!

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Old 14th September 2016
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Rogue Ai's Avatar
1 Review written
🎧 5 years
Born 1990

Game Boy with Game Boy Camera - it has that DJ mini game which is really a 3 track sequencer, up to 16 steps. 2 tone tracks and one noise. Actually had a simple envelope and LFO.
Reason 4 - really got me started with this whole music production thing.
MC-303 but what got me started with hardware
microKORG - my first actual synth. I sold it but I really miss the vocoder.
JX-3P my first analog poly, K1r, and TX81Z. I think I had a Monotron too.
Alpha Juno-1, Electribes ER-1 and EA-1, TR-505 - My first live jams and OTB tracks.
2012 - I don't think I bought anything? I did buy a DX9 sometime don't even remember when... underline = F*** that thing.
E-MU ESI-2000 my first hardware sampler, JV-2080
2015 Blofeld module (black), Volca Beats
2016 TB-3, PO-16, E-MU Proteus/1

I did have a eurorack modular for a while but I'm not going to include that.

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Lives for gear
cramseur's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Originally Posted by cramseur ➡️
Born 1960

1984 - synth start: Casio CZ-101

Roland TR-505
Waldorf Pulse
Korg TR-Rack
Roland Juno 1
Casio RZ-1
Korg Wavestation SR
Akai S5000
Roland MT32
Roland XV3080
Yamaha FB01
Yamaha TX802
Korg EX8000
Roland MKS 50
Access Virus B
Novation Nova
Novation Supernova
Waldorf Blofeld
MFB Kraftzwerg
Oberheim SEM reissue
Roland R70
Roland MKS80
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Creaware Pro 12 ASB
DSI Evolver
DSI Polyevolver
Roland MKS 70
Sequential Pro One
Alesis A6
Moog Voyager RME
DSI Tempest
MFB Tanzbar
Yamaha TG33
Roland TR707
Korg ESX-1
Radikal Technologies Spectralis 1
Korg Microsampler MS-1
Roland JX8p
Emu E4xt Ultra

Roland JD990
Roland SH-2
Yamaha Motif rack
Yamaha TX81Z
Waldorf MWXT
Creamware Minimax ASB
Moog Minitaur
Roland TR 606
Kawai K5000s
Elektron Ocktatrack
Blacet 3 VCO Modular

Updated 9/16/16 to add

Elektron Analog RYTM
Vermona DRM1
Modal 002R
Mos-Lab Kobol Expander III

Casio CZ101 -s
Roland MKS 30 -s
Kawai K1 -s
Alesis HR-16 -s
Alesis MMT-8 -s
Zoom Mrt-3 -s
Zoom RT232 -s
Cheetah MS6 -s

Bold = currently owned and set up
blue -s = not set up...stored

Wow, I've been through a lot of gear!
Updated Information added
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Here for the gear
🎧 5 years
Just a little update:

Born in 1963

Hammond L100 plus Leslie 147
Crumar multiman S


Roland MC202

Yamaha Tx802
Korg Piano C3500

Roland U220

Nothing during 15 years

Nord Stage 2
Emu proteus 2000
Roland XV5080

Nord C2 organ

Roland AX synth Keytar

Waldorf Streichfett String machine
H9 Eventide for the Prophet 08

Prophet 12
DSI Tetra (To expand the voices on the Prophet 08)

Currently still having And using
Stage 2, D50, TX802, Nord lead 2X, XV5080, Proteus 2000, Matrix 1000, C2 Nord, Prophet 08, AX synth Keytar, Waldorf, Prophet 12 and tetra...I don't think I will sell any of them soon...
Always regretted to have sold SH101 and CS15....
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Here for the gear
Wow, if I had kept all this money I would be rich !

Korg Delta
Yamaha CS5
GEM Rodeo 49

Roland SH 101
Sound Master SR-88
Eagle Analog echo

Casio CZ-1000
Yamaha DX100

Roland TR505
Korg SQD-1

Korg P3
Roland MT32
Roland EP50

Korg 03R/W
Korg EX-8000
Kawai R50

Roland D-550
Roland R8

Mellotron 400

Roland JX10
Kawai 100F

Sequential Prophet 600
E-MU Emax II
Korg Prophecy
Korg DSS-1

Roland JX8P + PG800
Yamaha EMT-10

Roland D70

Roland TR909

Yamaha SY22

Novation Ultranova

Korg Minilogue
Yamaha RX15
Yamaha RX7
Yamaha RX5 + Gligli USB
Korg Electribe ES-1


Everything have been sold except the CASIO, which is one of my favorite cheap poxerful synth.

The best synth for me in my collection : Prophet 600
The worst : Roland D70.

My only regret : the Mellotron.
Old 10th November 2018
1974 Moog Satellite. My first synth. I asked my parents to buy this POS when I was 14, listed in a B-stock direct-mail flyer. It had a stuck key, but my local music shop fixed it for free. Also listed in the flyer was the Moog Sonic Six—the one I really wanted—but that was $700.

1985 Roland αJuno 2 + Yamaha QX-5
1986 Roland S10
1986 Roland TR-505
1992 Roland JV80

2007 Korg Radias
2007 Access VirusTI Polar
2007 Roland V-Synth GT
2007 Roland Fantom XR
2007-08 Roland Fantom X8/G8 [begrudgingly sold my loaded G8 in 2018 to make room for the Kronos 88.]

2018 Korg Kronos Platinum 88
2018 Roland System-1m + all four Aira FX modules
2018 Yamaha Montage 7
2018 Studio Electronics SE-1
2018 Yamaha FS1R
2018 Roland Integra-7
2018 Sherman Filterbank 2 rackmount
2018 Sequential Prophet 6 keyboard
2018 Oberheim OB-6 keyboard
2018 DSI Mopho x4
2018 Moog Slim Phatty x4
2018 Moog Little Phatty Stage II
2018 Roland System-8
2018 Behringer DeepMind 12D

2019 Studio Electronics Omega-8 + CS80 filter-pack.
2019 Waldorf Quantum
2019 Moog One

Wow! I just realized—virtually everything I bought in 2018 was B-stock (used, for the out-of-production gear). Many of the B-stocks were actually brand-new! The only synth I bought new was the Montage 7 (but, I was at least able to take advantage of a Reverb 10%-off flash-sale and free pair of HS5s).
Old 10th November 2018
Gear Addict
🎧 5 years
I don't think I can remember the exact years, but in perceived order...

Hammond B3/122
Univox Mini-Korg
Streetly Mellotron M400S #500
Moog Taurus I
Alesis QS6
Streetly Mellotron M400 #310
Alesis QS6.1
Alesis QS7.1
DSI PolyEvolver Keyboard
Hammond XK3
Korg M3/Radias expansion
88-space MU modular
Moog Taurus III
Streetly Mellotron M4000 #28
Hammond SK1
DSI Evolver
Waldorf Blofeld
Moog Minitaur
MiniKorg 700
22-space MU modular (downsize)
Waldorf Streichfett
88-space MU modular (upsize)
Streetly Mellotron M4000 #45
DSI Prophet 6 Thought Box (downsize modular)
Old 10th November 2018
Lives for gear
kpatz's Avatar
🎧 10 years
I posted my synth setups rounds 1 and 2 earlier in the thread.... guess it's time to share round 3 (so far)... all acquired in 2018.

Roland JD-Xi
Roland Boutique JP-08
Novation Bass Station II

Synths on my short list for future include the D-05, Moog Grandmother and Yamaha MODX6 or 7.
Old 10th November 2018
Lives for gear
🎧 5 years
Born 1985.

Don't remember exact years of synths owned..

Ghosts of synths past:

Roland HS60 (x2)
Nord Micro Modular
Nord G2 Engine
Future Retro 777
Sequential Pro One
Roland SH101 blue
Roland JX3P (PG200)
Roland JX8P
Korg Polysix
Korg Poly 800
Korg DW8000
Alesis Fusion
Ensoniq EPS
Ensoniq Mirage
Moog Micromoog
Moog Polymoog
Crumar Performer
Crumar T1
Unique DBK
Arp Axxe
Access Virus Indigo

Current Roster:

Nord Modular G1
DSI Pro 2
Ensoniq ESQ1
Akai AX60
Akai S612
Ensoniq ASR10 x2
Emu E4K
Akai Trinity (RW, TC, TW)
Roland JX8P
Roland GR300
Roland GR700 w PG200
Roland G707
Roland G77
Roland GM70
Behringer Model D x2
M Audio Venom
Alesis HR16
Yamaha YC45D
Sherman Filterbank 2
Roland Aira FX (all 4)
Onde Magnetique OM1
Various software and iOS apps...
Various circuit bent Casios and such
Moog Theremin

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Lives for gear
🎧 10 years
roland mc-303
access virus A

logics es-1/2
NI Massive
U-he Diva
Xfer serum

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Lives for gear
🎧 10 years
roland mc-303
access virus A

logics es-1/2
NI Massive
U-he Diva
Xfer serum
bitwigs phase-4

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Lives for gear
Quantum7's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Born on Easter Sunday morning 1969

First 2 real synths were a Korg Poly 61 and a Casio CZ-101.

Waaaaay to many synths to list right now, but all I know is that I calculated how much money I've spend on my music endeavors since my first job as a paperboy at 13 years, and at almost 50 years old now I've spent roughly 1/4 of ALL my lifetime income earned on this passion called music.
Old 10th November 2018
Lives for gear
Rufuss Sewell's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Born: 1975

1986: Casio SK-1
1987: Thomas Organ
1988: Yamaha PSS-170
1989: Yamaha PSR-37
1992: Roland R-70
1993: Ensoniq ESQ-1
1997: Kurzweil K2500
1998: Roland GR-300
1999: Kurzweil K2600
2000: Roland JX-8P (PG-800)
2001: Roland Juno 60 ($100)
2001: SCI Prophet 600 Gligli ($100)
2003: Rhodes Stage Mark II
2004: Farfisa Compact DUO
2004: Roland GR-100
2004: Estey Pump Organ
2005: Roland SH-1
2005: Alesis A6 Andromeda
2007: Oberheim Matrix 1000
2012: Roland Juno 106
2012: Arturia MiniBrute
2013: Roland Jupiter 8
2013: ARP Odyssey
2013: Akai Synthstation 49 iPad controller
2014: Arturia MicroBrute
2014: Kawai SX-240
2014: Roland SH-101
2014: Crumar Orchestrator
2015: Moog Sub 37
2015: Nord LEAD 3
2015: Oberheim OB8
2016: Korg MS-20 Module
2016: Roland System 100m (112, 121, 140x2, 150, 130, 110)
2016: Roland JX-3P w/PG-200
2016: Arturia Drumbrute
2017: Hammond M3 w/Leslies
2017: MoogerFooger 101, 102, 103, 107, 251
2017: Moog Etherwave Plus Theremin
2018: Roland SVC-350 Vocoder
2018: Behringer Boog
2018: Arturia Minibrute 2S w/6U Rackbrute
2018: Roland TR-808
2018: Roland TR-707
2018: Koma Field Kit
2018: Eurorack:
Make Noise: Maths, DPO, Optomix, Tempi, LXD, mults, Roland 500: 532, 505, 572, Springray II, Levit8, ES-3, Wasp
Old 10th November 2018
Lives for gear
Musicncars's Avatar
🎧 5 years
1998 Korg polysix
1999 Korg N364
2000 oberheim mattix 1000
2001 Moog rogue
2002 Waldorf microQ
2004 Crumar orchestrator
2005 sci prophet 5 3.2
2005 access virus KC
2005 Waldorf pulse
2005 sci prophet 5 3.3
2005 Moog Memorymoog plus
2005 Roland jd800
2005 Moog Memorymoog plus LAMM
2005 Roland Jupiter 8
2006 Moog model D
2006 creamware prodyssey
2006 Arp Quadra
2006 Arp odyssey
2006 Arp 2600
2006 sci prophet 10
2006 Roland tb303
2006 prophet 600
2006 pro one
2006 polysix
2007 Hartmann neuron keyboard
2007 Moog polymoog 203a
2008 prophet 08
2009 oberheim Ob8
2010 sold most of it.
2012-3 prophet 12
2014 prophet 5 3.3
2014 access virus indigo2
2014 minimoog model d
2014 Roland Jupiter 8
2014 Moog voyager select series
2014 Moog voyager aluminum
2014-5 Moog sub37
2015 prophet 6
2015 Moog Taurus 3 pedals
2016 sold most of it

Currently have:
Roland Jupiter 8
Moog grandmother
Korg polysix kiwi
Korg polysix
Access virus KC
Moog voyager xl
Korg prologue16
Moog polymoog
Moog Memorymoog
Sci prophet 5 3.3
Sci prophet 5 rev 1
Oberheim matrix 1000
Creamware prodyssey
Oberheim matrix 1000
Roland jp8080
Waldorf microQ
Waldorf pulse
Waiting on Moog One16
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Gear Maniac
baethku's Avatar
🎧 5 years
1983: Roland JX3P
1985: Korg 770
1986: Moog Polymoog
1987: Roland TR505
1991: Roland DX-7
1994: Ensoniq VFX
1998: Kawai K5000S
2009: Waldorf Q
2010: Korg Wavestation SR
2010: Yamaha SY-35
2012: Arturia MiniBrute
2013: EMU Command Station XL-7
2015: Roland JX3P
2015: Ensoniq VFX
2016: Roland JP08
2016: Yamaha SY-22
2016: Access Virus TI Polar
2016: Korg MS-20 Mini
2017: Roland TR-8
2017: Oberheim Matrix 1000
2017: Akai AX80
2017: Elektron Digitakt
2018: Moog Grandmother
2018: Novation Monostation

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Old 16th November 2018
Lives for gear
cr73645's Avatar
6 Reviews written
🎧 5 years
Long time piano player before any synth...

2008: Roland Fantom-G8 $$$
2010: Roland Gaia SH-01 $
2010: Roland V-Synth GT "
2011: Moog Little Phatty @
2013: Moog Sub Phatty
2014: DSI Prophet 08 $
2014: Mutable Instruments Ambika @
2014: Mutable Instruments Anushri @
2015: Nord Electro 4 73 $$
2015: Korg Volca Bass $$$
2015: Korg Volca Sample $
2015: Elektron Analog Four @
2016: Arturia Microbrute $$$$$
2016: Novation Bass Station 2 "
2016: Novation Mininova $$$
2016: Elektron Analog Rytm @
2016: Korg Minilogue @
2016: Roland JU-06 $
2016: Roland JP-08 $$$
2016: Roland JX-03 $$
2018: Minimoog Voyager @

$ - Sold, happily!
" - Sold, but missed.
@- Actual setup.

Started with the Fantom, quickly started to understand its limits and changed my focus. Got the Gaia, good but not great, portable. Sold both, got the V-Synth GT, probably the one I miss the most.

Got my first Moog, instant passion! From there started to collect a lot of stuff, traded my GT for the Prophet, which felt good at the time. A bunch of cheap stuff next, a Nord on the way for pianos/organs, a few more cheap stuff, some Elektron boxes. This year decided to sell a lot of stuff, which made possible my dream of getting a brand new Voyager.

Kept the Moog Voyager and Little Phatty, Elektron A4 and Rytm, Ambika, Minilogue.

The Anushri isn't necessary, but would go so cheap that I kept it... it is a very decent synth, specially for a DIY.

The ones I miss are V-Synth and BS2. The GT is simply great and was the instrument I learned synthesis. It's deep, but the screen makes it accessible. I miss the effects and Sample handling. The BS2 is simply the best synth for money I ever had, kind of regret selling it, specially with the recent update - I even might get another.
Old 16th November 2018
Gear Maniac
🎧 10 years
Juno 6
Jupiter 8
no Jupiter 8
Jupiter 8
no Jupiter 8
Jupiter 8
no Jupiter 8
Jupiter 8
Old 19th November 2018 | Show parent
Used to own
2003: Casio SA-21, Casio SA-75
2007: RadioShack LK-1161
2000’s: toy keyboard with really horrible sounds (sold immediately), Casio CTK-1100, Casio CTK-3000, Casio CTK-6200
2010’s: Yamaha PSR-e443
Now own
Hardware synths and keyboards
Korg Minilogue, Casio WK-7600, Casio SK-1, Alesis Harmony 61, Alesis SR-16, Yamaha MX49, Midiplus Origin 37.
Other instruments
Various percussion instruments, bamboo end blown Balinese flute, pennywhistle, fife, 2 recorders (1 Peripole soprano, and 1 unknown brand soprano), slide whistle, 2 working harmonicas (First Act and Hohner Blues Band), 1 out of tune harmonica (Hohner Blues Band), Irin 32-key melodica, soprano ukulele, Laurel Hill acoustic guitar, sound effects foley stuff including toys.
Too many to name, but of most importance
SQ8L, Dexed, Synth1, Apari Tenpan, TAL-Noisemaker, Tyrell, PG8X, TAL-UNO-62, TAL-Bassline, TAL-Elek7ro, Sonatina Orchestra, DSK Brass, DSK Strings, GTG plugins, Elektrostudio plugins, Safwan Matni Accordion, Full Bucket Music plugins, MinimogueVA, and Model Pro.
Old 19th November 2018
Nord Modular G2
Elektron Analog 4
--> Sold Elektron Analog 4
Elektron Analog Keys
Nord Electro 5D
Roli Seaboard Block
--> Sold Elektron Analog Keys
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