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Xbase 09, 888, 999, Vermona Drm MkIII, Miami
Old 11th May 2013
Xbase 09, 888, 999, Vermona Drm MkIII, Miami


I know there are some similar topics, but I would like some advice about this machines. My main concern is about SOUND and VIBE only, and would like some opinions about this machines

Xbase 09
Xbase 888/999
Vermona Drm MkIII
AcidLab Miami.

I have listened to so many clips and youtube videos, and I would say the 09 has this thing that I like, but wanted to know more about them.

Old 11th May 2013
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NeoHippy's Avatar

Dont know anything about the others...but I wouldnt recommend the vermona drum...

a good friend of mine (and i) used it for a couple of months...some sounds are ok...
others just not really usuefull in any mix we made...(but I guess thats up to the style)..

I didnt like it too much...the kick wasnt punchy and deep enough. Dunno how to explain it...

but I wouldnt recommend it.

Old 11th May 2013
Thanks NeoHippy, about the Vermona I kind of think tha same thing bout the kick, but as I said, I have no direct expirience with it.

Any more comments? ...any one?
Old 11th May 2013
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cdog's Avatar
I dont think the 09 is made anymore by Jomox as I dont see it on their site, but I could be wrong. Personally I dont think the Xbase 888 sequencer is worth the cost vs just buying an Mbase11 and Mbrane11 unless you really want everything in one box WITH samples. Ive never owned an Xbase, played with it a fair amount but didnt pull the trigger to buy my own.

I enjoy the sequencer on the $100 Korg ER1 more and the hats and clap sound GREAT on that so you could easily get away with one of those + something like the Vermona which Ive never even seen in person but looks awesome. But the Jomox sound is GREAT and even though it wont sound like a Roland its a more modern sound and very powerful. I really dont think you can go wrong buying any of their products.

Also, Im a pretty big MFB fan and corresponded a bit with Manfred about the design on their new drum machine the Tanzbar, I think hes really trying to do something special and make it fun to play as well as sound amazing, but Ive yet to see one of those either.

Then there is the Tempest by Dave Smith. Also almost bought one of those but still waiting for them to finish the OS as I learned the hard way about their design process with the Tetra - build the hardware, release it while its really still in beta, maybe finish the OS if it sells well, maybe not. I understand they are a small company with tiny margins and I do think he makes amazing products and is THE MAN, really, but Im trying not to support their current approach in terms of buying a *new off the shelf* unit as I think its not really fair to the early adopters. But I think the Temespt is close to being 100% finished and I will probably get one eventually as its really fun to play, sounds great and just has limitless potential.

Sorry for the long post, but I really love analog drum machines...
Old 11th May 2013
Gear Maniac

From what I've heard, the jomox and Miami will sound a lot more similar, along the lines of 808s/909s, but not the same. The vermona is a lot different, not really in the same ballpark as those at all. Some people really like them, I had one and although it was good for some things it wasn't the style that I wanted, which was the Roland sound.
Old 11th May 2013
Thanks Cdog, I really appreciate your post.

I know about the tempest and haven`t seen any interesting grooves coming out of them, I really love electronic music .. but I 'm not too much into weird things. I just love consistent music.

I will try to know more about this Tanzbar.

By the way I I am not concern about sequencing capabilities, I have several sequencers, and I slave an MPC thru a Sync-gen coming from pro tools and that setup is pretty good for writing and sequencing midi.

I love the MPC, but I need a dedicated machine just for KKs, SDs and hats. Also sync consistency is a must. Also I have a Minimoog and an Access b.

Thanks again!

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Old 11th May 2013
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dionysiananarchy's Avatar
everyone thinks diffrently,

the vermona to me is insanely useful, the kicks are very heavy, great snare, from small to huge with reverb, the claps are great,,,, there are like 7 knobs for changing each sound, thats as many as any of the other machines,

its not a tr clone, so people who like played out over used sounds wont like like it,, they want everything to sound like something else,,,

the vermona doesn't,

that being said, the other machines, are amazing as well, they really go together very well, the jomox has a smoother bass,

really cant go wrong with any of them, if u have sequencer, get a vermona and jomox mbase 11 and the mbrane,,, thats all the sounds
Old 11th May 2013

I kind of like the Vermona, as it is a different instrument and surely inspiring, the only thing that I am afraid is the kick. But I have no real experience with it.

Do you happen to have some kind of groove demo you can send me or provide a link to it.If it is a wav/aiff or 320 mp3. the better.

Old 11th May 2013
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dionysiananarchy's Avatar
made these 3 using the vermona, dont know if they fit the ill or not, but the drums all are all vermona,

Old 11th May 2013
hey man.. thanks for the clips , I really appreciated...
Old 11th May 2013
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dionysiananarchy's Avatar
the bass drum is very good on the vermona, its really heavy, it can do phatt, to distorted gabber, to sound acoustic, its a great bass drum,

the vermona is much cheaper than the others, a vermona plus a mbase11 and mbrane would be a perfect set up, handle all the analog drums,,, the jomox stuff doesn't even have analog hi hats, the vermona does,

that new mfb drum machine is supposed to be rad, like 16 part drum machine, looks really good,
Old 11th May 2013
the mbase kicks apparently sound great, and was wondering if the xbase's kicks sound the same...
Old 11th May 2013
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dionysiananarchy's Avatar
i had the mbase o1 as well, its great, had a smoother sound, i think its 808 ish,,,, might be 909 i dont know, its one of those, but they dont sound like the vermona,

used it here,

Old 11th May 2013
Does the mbase support midi programming for pitch and filter and all that?... can I tweak in realtime and record it to sequence?

Old 11th May 2013
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I have 808 and I dont think the Miami sounds even remotely close to it. Nor do I think it sounds good.
Old 11th May 2013
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dionysiananarchy's Avatar
i do believe the mbase is midi controllable,

the vermona no,, only note on, and volume,
Old 11th May 2013
Franz Kafka :

The clips are so distorted that it is really hard to tell...

Thanks anyway...
Old 11th May 2013

Yes I know the vermona is just gate and volume. ...
Old 12th May 2013
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natefrogg's Avatar

the xbase09 kick can hit so hard, like how a 909 can feel like you are getting punched in a way if you are in front of a wall of subs, it can do devastating 909ish kicks

the snare is really tough for me to get a sound i like out of

the sampled sounds are not too great to my ears either, especially the hats, they've got this weird brittle sheen in the upper frequencies i feel

there is a mythical xrom kit that can be installed to allow putting your own sounds into the sampled sound slots but it is very tough to find and last i checked expensive and not something i would trust myself to solder in properly

the sequencer is basic, but does have capability to have different sound parameters for each step, like elektron plocks in a way

i got mine cheap a long time ago and the midi to din sync was something i wanted as well, i can not believe how much they were starting to climb in price...the kick is a killer kick though imho if you like hard stuff
Old 12th May 2013
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I love the Vermona for the kik, CLAPS (!!!), snare, hats, conga/toms. My only niggle is the way the closed/open hat works when using one channel - the decay ratio from closed to open is not good. And you can't choke the one hat in any way with the other one - so if you want a really short closed hat choking a really long open hat, you'd have to sample them and use battery or Machinedrum (what i do) or something.
Old 12th May 2013
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ForWerd's Avatar

All I can say is I tried the Jomox 888 after reading that is was like a more flexible 808. I was rather disappointed, only had it about 4 months.

I have found that you really have to try equipment for your self. I usually try to buy used for a price I know I can get back if the item is something I've only read about or seen in videos.
Old 12th May 2013
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Barfunkel's Avatar

I'd seriously consider adding the MFB Tanzbär to the list of possible purchases.

Of those listed, I've owned the Vermona and the 999. I preferred the Vermona, but neither were that great to be honest. The 999 sounds pretty good in isolation, but I think it sort of sounds too heavy and the drums always overpowered the mix. The Vermona is clearer and easier to mix, but it's problem is a very narrow sweet spot. All those knobs are useless, because it only sounds good with a very limited amount of possible combinations. You could easily replace it with samples imo.
Old 12th May 2013
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Originally Posted by Barfunkel View Post
I'd seriously consider adding the MFB Tanzbär to the list of possible purchases.

Of those listed, I've owned the Vermona and the 999. I preferred the Vermona, but neither were that great to be honest. The 999 sounds pretty good in isolation, but I think it sort of sounds too heavy and the drums always overpowered the mix. The Vermona is clearer and easier to mix, but it's problem is a very narrow sweet spot. All those knobs are useless, because it only sounds good with a very limited amount of possible combinations. You could easily replace it with samples imo.
I disagree with the vermona having a narrow sweet spot. For example the snare can also make rim shots, calves and sonar pings. If I wasn't building a modular for my percussion I'd buy another one.
Old 12th May 2013
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Oli's Avatar

XBase09 is not produced anymore (for some time). The kick can really hammer. I found it a bit harsh compared to 909 though. Just slightly different character. There are hat samples from a 909, but perhaps the following filter is not trimming the noise as well.

I like the DRM1 Mk3. I think in terms of conventional techno drums, the sweet spot is a bit narrow. I tend to use it for other noises though. It certainly is capable of sounding horrible, but I also love some of what it can do. I think I wouldn't want to use it as the only drum box for techy sounds. It seems to be fine as a go to box for older electro sounds though.

If you can DIY, then the 9090 is handy for a sequencer-less 909 clone. Otherwise, samples or digital emulation work well too. If you don't need to do live tweaking, then a D-Station is fine.
Old 12th May 2013
Thanks to all...

I have trillions of samples and good samplers also, that when run thru Thermionics stuff, really sound good. Also I love Reaktor`s massive groove box, but I just want a groove box, I regret selling some of them in the past, and those "square" boxes are very inspiring, mostly when they have modulators and such. Samplers sound really good and all that, but they miss that THING that enriches the groove. I think it is a matter of timing not being that precise as patterns repeat over and over.

I am after this 09, and I hope the deal works out.

I would like to hear some more opinions on the 888/999's

I 'd kill for having an original, but they way over priced. they're around almost 3k. 909's are too expensive on ebay. Besides I just want something with vibe and not some perfect clone.

Thanks !!!!

PS: any more thoughts are more than Welcome.
Old 12th May 2013 | Show parent
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MJS7's Avatar

Originally Posted by carlosj View Post
I am after this 09, and I hope the deal works out.

I would like to hear some more opinions on the 888/999's
I've had an 09 and now have an 888. The 888 is superior in many ways, and if you find a used one, costs only a little more than the 09. The 888 is newer and more reliable, and has way more features and sounds than the 09, plus you can load samples which give a gritty lo-fi, yet punchy vibe. It has added analog toms which are simple but funky. The hats even have an analog filter on them, and you can substitute white noise for the hats if you want. You can also use the metalize parameter to affect the noise on hats, snare, and kick for wierd, robotic, industrial sounds too. It's not an 808 or 909 clone exactly, but is somewhere in between yet punchy as hell. The KICK on it is a monster, hovering somewhere between the MBase01 and 11 somewhere. Can't really fault it, other than the knobs could have been chunkier, but there is a "producers" version of it with big metal knobs if you wanna pay a bit more.

I had two 09's over the years and kept selling them. One had a defective kick and I had to send it back. It's not bad but it's no 888 or 999.

That new MFB Tanzbar looks sweet too IMO. All analog, no samples. For pure vibe I bet that's going to be a great machine. Could be worth waiting a few months for just to see the reviews when it comes out.
Old 12th May 2013
Good to hear some 'bout the 888. Thanks. I thought it sounded somewhat different that the 09, in the bad way. I am just relying on clips and videos on the web, may be I just found bad examples of it.

Thank you MJS7...
Old 14th May 2013
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MJS7's Avatar

Although there aren't that many great 888 demos online for some reason, the 888 can do any sound the 09 can do, it just has a much larger parameter range and sound palette than the 09. I found a Soundcloud demo of it doing 888 electro beats and that's what sold me on it.

Also, some of the pre-loaded samples on it are a bit cheesy IMO, so some of the demos may have featured those in them. But you can change them to whatever you want. Even if you don't need the samples, once in the Jomox, the samples have a nice thick lo-fi quality to them and you can control them with the analog envelopes. They really crack.

As for the interface, it's solid, but you have to remember to be in the right mode to do certain things. Once you learn the modes (performance, write, etc.) you just jump in and out no prob by pressing a button.
Old 14th May 2013

I think my Xbase 09 deal is not going to work since the seller disappeared. And the 888 option, well, is impossible o find one.

Guess I will end up paying 2much just for some classic Kit sounds, which is what I am looking for, since I have samplers and all. The 999, it is kind of expensive for what I need. One more sampler ....with the analog sounds that I need.

The Miami, seems cool, but I don't know, It appears to be somewhat soft sounding.

Any way, what is important for me is tweaking the filters and pitch. I know all samplers do that , but is just not the same, and is kind of a pain to set midi controllers and all....

Te Mbase seems pretty cool, but is one more midi port to waste only for KKs, and one more storing device to add for recall, and that complicates things a bit.

I don't like to take midi from computers since they mess with accuracy. I do all midi stuff on an MPC synced via sync-gen which is a clock based on sample the rate, and is so tight.

The MPC has four midi out ports, and I have to be aware of this, since I have some synths already on two ports. I also don't like midi thru, cause some machines don't handle that very well.

If any one know of a 09 somewhere, just let me know. Since is the most economic option. and apparently good sounding.

I kind of dig the Vermona , but that has to be in a couple of months, I guess. Since a secondary option.
Old 14th May 2013
Gear Head

The 888 is my favorite of the bunch. A fantastic sounding module (I *love* the kick) with a somewhat Spartan (or unorthodox) step sequencer: selecting sounds in particular is one button press too many. Sound wise it's full, hard and gives a lot of pressure: it can do anything the other Jomox boxes can do in terms of sound. A pure, analog kick that go from a rounded 808 kick to a thumping 909 and a lot of territory in between en beyond. The snare is a bit 'robotic' for my taste: I still have trouble getting that snappy and noisy 909 or 808 snare but you can get close. The hats are the best: though the hi / lo pas filter and resonance seem to work not entirely as you would expect: they let you sculpt your hats (or shake/marimba/whatever sounds you have) to your liking. The analog toms are basic but editable from ploppy to spacey.

The rest of the instruments are samples (8 bit yeah) and though it's a bit frustrating that you cannot use the samples you uploaded in the clap slot in another slot (you can basically use only one of the 31 samples in the clap instrument at a time, and one of the 31 samples in the crash instrument etc.) You can use sample slots to upload any sample you want using a computer.

The restrictions I tried to explain concerning the use of samples require a little bit of thoughtful planning. They sound fantastic: pitching them up or down and the analog envelop give me plenty of mileage to create lots and lots of fantastic sounds.

Programming the instruments is a breeze; programming the sequencer is a little awkward. Soundwise the 888 gives you a LOT of bang for your buck. To accompany it I have a MachineDrum - which has all the clean, digital, fancy, hi-fy and FM like sounds you could care to shake a stick at. I never bothered with the sample upgrade. The verb and excellent delay in the MD help you add a little movement and detail. Combined -Kick and hats from the 888, maybe a clap too, and bits, bleeps and swoops from the Machinedrum - they can help you create pretty much complete tracks. I feel they supplement each-other really well sound wise.

Though I much prefer the MD as a sequencer or if I want to get more experimental with shaping and creating layers of drums (the synthesis in the MD is quite extensive).

If you're on a budget you could perhaps replace the MD with a electribe-R - wich has create 'digital' sounds and an AWESOME delay. The ER could flesh out the 888 pretty well too I guess (add some detail and movement) - of course I never owned both machines at the same time. The other Electribes are okay-ish but I never really like the punch of Korgs sampled drums.....

If you want classic 'pressure', presence and a lot of raw sonic power: get the 888 first.
If you want ease of use, beats that really punch through a mix and experimental synth with lots of options: get the Machinedrum first and add a Jomox 888 later.
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