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What about a separate analogue forum >:( Keyboard Synthesizers
Old 4th January 2013
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What about a separate analogue forum >:(

Of course not really BUT ... the point being that this is deliberately NOT (maybe a bit - OK, more than that - again) a particularly novel thread, but someone asked for a separate plug in forum about a year or two ago and most answered "NO", but can you guys who can't get the difference between an electronic music or computer music forum just get over the ****ing analogue thing - so, so, soooooo ... long ago it was Jupiter Vs Dx (and it really was) and now it's 'they're both sooo old so they're cool' and sound practically the same, but there's somebody somewhere going "I've digested all these threads and my analogue DX100 beats the pants of that DX 7 because it's DAC is covered in 80's spandex and ... listen ... FFS, this doesn't even hve to make sense, its another rant (and not my first) ... analogue id just a ****ing 1\4 inch jack away - get over it - yeah, it's not an OBXa, but then again, Bach didn't need one and neither did Bob when he made his little boxes of sound ... am I the only one sick of hearing the analogue chorus (metaphor - not a Juno 60) or should I retire from forums with only one needle on the record ... needle on the record ... needle on the record ... needle on the record ... (glitch) ... needele on the record

Edit - I've just got home after a gig and may well regret this post in the morning, but, you know, not the content - I only had analogue originally and a mate at school had to tell me the difference when I saw these new digital things ... I prefer them for pretty much everything now ... but I don't like leather and crotchless mini keyboards either
Old 4th January 2013
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Make sure you drink lots of water before going to sleep!
Old 4th January 2013
haha sounds like you had a good gig
Old 4th January 2013
Lives for gear
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Man...I hope you didn't drive home.
Old 4th January 2013
Lives for gear
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Old 4th January 2013
we're working on a system of "tags" so you can organise the forum view according to your own interests
you've seen em when you post a new thread
for you, we'll include a special one with spandex and leather belts
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