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Your slutty 2011 gear plans. Keyboard Synthesizers
Old 16th January 2011
Lives for gear
ctrlshft's Avatar
Originally Posted by Arcadia View Post
OK, so now that I've seen the toys, here's what I want this year:

1) Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Quad - finally my iMac can run UAD and I can get that RE-201 and Dimension D happening again, plus those tasty compressors.
Hell yes, I found out about this last night and it totally derailed plans I had been making for months. I haven't settled yet on whether my next machine will be imac or mbp, but just knowing UAD is an option with either of them, AND quad is an option w/ either of them is HUGE. So damn excited.
Old 16th January 2011
Gear Addict
RubixGroove's Avatar

Have: Elektron Machinedrum & Monomachine, Korg ESX & Kaossilator, MBP w/ Logic Pro 9, Allen & Heath ZED14

On short list: Firestudio Mobile, gorgeous X0XB0X, Yammy HS50m's

Keeping it simple. Maybe a MeeBlip or a MIDI Gameboy w/ nice tracker, but I doubt I'll get around to these two for a long whille.
Old 16th January 2011
Gear Nut

Very unslutty list for me:

Laptop + usb audio interface.

I'm thinking focusrite or m-audio. Or possibly, if I can find one s/h, rme babyface or motu ultralite.

New baby on the way, very little money for toys...
Old 16th January 2011
Lives for gear
shadowfac's Avatar

Well, it's on.

I have my Nord G2 and Waldorf XT for sale. I love them both, but I rarely use them in my music. They became "status" pieces in my studio and not much else. I will probably sell all my rack gear (Pulse, Prophet 08, TX81z, EX5R) as well. I'm tired of dealing with MIDI issues so I'll restrict myself to whatever gear I can use with a 4x4 MIDI interface (which will be the first thing to buy). Just a couple keyboards (I'll keep my NL3 and maybe buy kb Prophet-08 PE), the Machinedrum, and another MIDI output to sync/sequence the modular.

I plan to buy a Roland HD-1 (V-Drums Lite) kit. I've always wanted a V-Drums kit and this one is small enough to fit beside my acoustic kit, and will let me add some cool drum tracks to my music.

I may also need a better audio interface. I've had the same one for over 10 years and it's time to move on. I'd also love to be able to record more than 4 simultaneous channels, especially now that I record lots of live jamming. Don't care too much about converters and stuff, but I'll need something robust and reliable.

I will also keep adding stuff to my modular. I've been considering starting an Euro rig, but I'm not 100% sure, yet. But first, I'll finish my planned MU system.

So, it's not really a "slutty" plan, but it's where my music is headed.
Old 16th January 2011
Lives for gear
cramseur's Avatar
Originally Posted by cramseur View Post
I'll look to add:

Sequentix Cirklon
Oberheim SEM
Roland JX-8p or MKS-70

I'll also be doing a tear-down and re-configuration of my studio <sigh>...
it's a organizational mess in here.

I'm off next week, so the tear-down may be before the new year, actually.
I forgot to add

Eventide Eclipse - which I got ...Woo Hoo!
Adam Sub7
guitar stuff (Gretsch Corvette, Bogner Shiva, PRS EG-3)
Old 16th January 2011
Lives for gear
mono-poly's Avatar

More gear and more Music.

Old 22nd January 2011
Lives for gear
Dogboy73's Avatar

Originally Posted by Dogboy73 View Post
I can't afford all of this stuff so it's pure fantasy. But in 2011 I'd like to get hold of;

Roland RS-09
Korg GR-1
Tom Oberheim SEM Pro
Moog Slim Phatty
Eventide 2016
Art Tube pre-amp
Electro Harmonix Small Stone Phaser
Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy
Managed to get hold of an RS-09. Tick

Problem now is that my slut list has increased since last posting I'd like to add to that;

ipad (and loads of music apps)
Alesis ipad dock thingy
Teenage Engineering OP-1
DSI Tempest
Roland SH-09
Kenton Solo

Another Korg Monotron (so I can mod the **** out of it!)

Old 22nd January 2011
Gear Maniac

OP-1(check!)+Tempest. 2011 will be pretty slutty I think. Not lusting for an Octatrack in the least though which is good for my wallet.
Old 22nd January 2011
Originally Posted by linndrum9000 View Post
OP-1(check!)+Tempest. 2011 will be pretty slutty I think. Not lusting for an Octatrack in the least though which is good for my wallet.
Seriously? An OP1?

If that thing was designed and made in china, it would have been ready 2 years ago and cost $100 and would have the same build quality? I'm not saying everything should be out sourced to china, just a perfect example of something that SHOULD have been. I'm completely unimpressed in every way by it.

Tempest on the other hand thumbsup

Lol, the Octatrack epic commercial didn't get you excited? haha, That thing is a freakin masterpiece. Not my cup of tea though either.

For me: Less "toys" (no more synths and NO MORE EURO-CRACK!!) and more studio/production gear, specifically 2011 is the year of drum production for me. By the end of the year, I want to create EPIC sounding drum recordings. Here's first up on my list of to get:

- Audix DP-7 Set + M179s
- UA 4-710d...thinking this is a good bang for the buck and will get me the number of quality pres I need for most of the drum kit.
- Room treatment
- Patchbays!!! I've got cables EVERYWHERE.

Anyone else on a drum journey this year?
Old 22nd January 2011
1. A good vocal mic for my singer; maybe a Gefell M930 or Telefunken AK47
2. Clean sounding mic preamp like this one: Millennia TD-1
3. Polyphonic analog synth, dunno which one though...
Old 22nd January 2011
Gear Addict
synthdood's Avatar
Maybe replace my SH201 with a NL2.
Maybe replace my Prophecy with a Virus TI
Maybe replace my K1 with Prophet 8

Maybe I should stop buying stuff and start making more music with what I have.
Old 22nd January 2011
Gear Maniac

Originally Posted by audibleobsession View Post
Seriously? An OP1?

TAPE! Nothing else has a feature like it! Colour coded editing, nothing else like it. I'm quite fine with all the people dissing it though. I care more about the creative interface than the sound quality. This is the same reason I've made my best music since I got my iPad. I have analog synths Mpcs, all that. I like new instruments that inspire. I was thinking it would be $1399.00 so 800.00 is a bargain in my opinion. I read on another forum the Microkorg cost about $800 when it first came out. $800 will get you a lot more these days!
Old 29th January 2011
Lives for gear

  • upgrade the master section of my Toft atb24
  • buy a new high end acoustic guitar either larrivee custom shop or Taylor custom shop
  • Great river pre
  • Eventide Space
  • Get my preorder Solaris
Old 29th January 2011
Gear Maniac

I plan on changing my setup in a big way.


3 year old iMac
Genelec 1030a's
Focusrite Safire PRO 10
Waldorf Blofeld
Waldorf Pulse

By the way if anybody wants any of these in the UK please give me a shout

Buying (if work goes to plan):

Fully loaded top MacBook Pro when the new ones come out
Apogee Duet
Klein and Hummel O300d's
FabFilter plug's
Komplete 7
Sherman Filterbank
Moogerfooger filter

In 2012 I hope to get a nice outboard processing set-up and proper acoustic treatment when I settle down in a place (want to get into mastering after getting real good at mixing) but 2011 is going to be a largely ITB switch on the synthesis side.
Old 29th January 2011
finish some of my projects i got lying around, because i seem to be buying up projects having never finished the ones before it. a serious problem.

i started by sending off one of my more intense projects to a shop, because i just couldn't handle the bastard. the moog liberation, totally dead. the p.s. and the cable seem fine, the unit however...

then the bass and the drum kit.

then I'm gonna finish up my pre racking craze, and move onto my final project.

a d.i.y. Leslie.

I'm thinking about offering up my services to the locals too. I'm half way through a Hammond chop and my skills are getting better and better.
Old 30th January 2011
Lives for gear
Polarelch's Avatar


+ Roland Juno60
+ Elektron Monomachine
+ Moog Voyager
+ Adam A7
+ RME Fireface

Rather likely:

+ UAD Firewire version
+ Dark Energy
+ Dark Time
+ Moog Etherwave Theremin
+ Allen & Heath Mixer
+ Waldorf Microwave Xtk


+ DSI Tetr4
+ Komplete 7

To be sold:

- Kore 2
- Roland Juno Di
- Arturia Analog Experience The Factory
Old 30th January 2011
Gear Addict
elamberth's Avatar
At the end of last year, just rebuilt the whole studio (everything out, built a new desk for the console and all gear, rewired it all).

Just pulled the trigger on:

Little Labs Red-Eye 3D
DW Fearn passive DI
DW Fearn LP-1
DW Fearn VT-1

That does it for the year, now to record the next CD (music already written for a double CD)!
Old 30th January 2011
Lives for gear

Though I don't presently have any 2011 slutty gear plans, this year seems to have a lot of new goodies calling my name:

Korg Kronos
DSI Tempest
That new Oberheim 4-voice thingy
and I continue to suffer from Moog lust...

... I need to start buying lottery tickets...

If I do spend any money on gear though, I oughta get some decent monitors before anything else.
Old 30th January 2011
Gear Nut

Add 16 more I/O to my setup so I can use my mackie 24x8bus to its fullest extent.
get some modules for my euro case
DSI Tempest

and finish my CD that I was supposed to done by the end of 2010....oops

Also want to learn more of my tools better, instead of buying and selling things to much and fast to do weakest link
Old 30th January 2011
Lives for gear
Jorg's Avatar
- Taylor 414
- SE1-X
- Korg Polysix
- any good vintage Analog Synth that I can get a good deal on
- AMS Neve 1073 DPD
- UAD Studer (once they release a coupon that works on that plugin)
- 2 SDC's (probably Shure SM94)
Old 30th January 2011
Gear Addict
dasindevin's Avatar

Your slutty 2011 gear plans.

Hoping to make 2011 a spendy year (before society collapses in 2012

Outboard lust...
Kush audio ubk fatso
Elysia xpressor
Tonelux 500 series eqs (or the a designs em peq)
Overstayer fet comp
Maybe the neve 500 series pre

Though i Really need/want to replace the multiface ii with a lynx aurora 16, ssl alphalink or Avid hd I/o

Who knows probably add some more
VIs to the heap (symphobia, d cam synth squad)

Dropping an SSD in the mac pro probably wouldn't hurt

Now I gotta start earning to get pecking away
Old 30th January 2011
Lives for gear
Derp's Avatar
My plan this year is to get the hell out of Vegas finally, but with this economy, that means I'm probably going to have minimum wage employment to look forward to. As such, I'm preparing by sorting out my fixed-architecture synth collection so that there will only be two inputs left on my mixers: One for the Dot Com, and the other for a Eurorack. Sure, in the longterm spending money on modular synths is expensive, but at least shelling out a couple hunded bucks for a module is a lot cheaper than scrounging up a couple grand for a new Whozawhatchagadget™.
Old 30th January 2011
Lives for gear
Jetty's Avatar

My plan for 2010 and 2011 is going very well.

PCM 70, check
Major polys, check
Picking up anything interesting that comes along, check
Getting a hard hitting analogue drum machine or five, not checked
Old 30th January 2011
Lives for gear
bitman's Avatar
Core2Duo --- > i7
XP ---------- > Win 7

Ahh........ 7
Old 30th January 2011
Here for the gear

my plans are Anti-Slutty
stop buying modules and get myself proper room treatment
The OP-1 looks awesome though
Old 30th January 2011
Gear Nut

oooo, this is fun!

heres the list, some of it will be purchased this year:

- stereo pair of britmod distressors
- art pro vla II with NOS tubes
- 4 a12's, 4 n72's in an SCA rack
- 1/2" 2 track tape machine
- 16 or 24 channel, 8 bus analog mixing board.
- lynx aurora 16, with firewire card
- 8 channel radial DI box
- protools 9
- new nearfields; haven't decided which yet.
- stereo pair of octavamod 012's
- doepfer dark time sequencer
- moog vx-351
- moogerfooger 104z analog delay
- re-201 space echo #2 S-T-E-R-E-O
- a great reverb box, maybe I'll get lucky with that eventide space pedal.
Old 30th January 2011
Gear Maniac
stoltz's Avatar

2010 - I crossgraded my JV1080 over to a proteus 2000, & then finally got round to investing (time + money) in rigging a patchbay into my studio, tying together my mackie 32-8buss with the outboard I have, it was always a major pain having to do insane yogo just to patch in my kaoss pad or a compressor onto the buss/main outputs, espesially without being able to see what I was doing (fiddling with my fingers round the back of an awkard space starved setup) figured it was an investment that I'd been putting off... finally got round to doing it & am really happy with the results, its so much nicer having a proper processing rack now with lots of different FX, processors, channel & buss input + outputs all in the same easily patchable place. since then I've made ALOT more use of my anologue outboard compressors & filters (I have on the patchbay filter inputs to my waldorf XT, nova, EMX1, & my quasimidi 309 which has BRUTAL filters) really made a difference to my mix stages (making digital mixes ALOT more warm & inviting when mixed over 16 anologue channels with my mackie + outboard)

I also brought in another cheapie stereo compressor in the behringer MDX2600, & a friend of mine gave me a surpluss focusrite componder for free!

over christmas my girlfriend brought me a novation basstation (keyboard) which is REALLY nice, & my family pitched in & brought me a waldorf blofeld, so the first half of my 2011 will probly be spent exploring these 2 & adding them into my overall sound palatte along with all my gear & warez.

2011 - past all that, I'll probly spend the majority of the year struggling with the dilema of weather or not to cross my live rig over to a laptop base running ableton live, or continue to stick with my old hardware MMT8+A5000 core.

& if & when the occassion & oppertunity arises, I'll probly look to buying in 1-3 DECENT location radio mic packs for film production, & I'd also love a rode NTG2 shotgun mic (works REALLY well with my Zoom H4n)

& if I somehow won the lottery or got myself a REALLY good paying job... I'd love to finally plun for a yamaha VL1 mkII, an alesis Andromeda, & the korg kronos looks VERY nice aswel! plus I'd like an i7 based uber computer with insane amounts of ram & Win7 to run massive sample librarys

......anyone wanna give me a REALLY good job? heh
Old 2nd February 2011
Gear Addict
bbow73's Avatar

sell K5000s, Virus Polar
buy Virus Desktop, V-synth XT
Dual Cyclotron & Vulcan+meld
H&K Replex, Eventide SPACE & Boss DC-2
Mod Casiotone MT-400v
finish DIY Neural Agonizer, Sextuple Ring-Mod, & CS-80 filter for my Eurorack system.
Unpack Seiko DS-250, LSDJ-MC2
beg Clavia to do a Wave Rack
Old 2nd February 2011
Gear Head

Originally Posted by Diao View Post
My girlfriend just got me an Atari 1040STF for Christmas, so I plan on getting Cubase and a Midex+ for it.

After that, I want to thin out my studio to fund for a Korg MS-20, an RME interface, and another 12-bit sampler. I'd like to have an Akai MPC60, but people have been asking out the ass for them lately.

Perhaps a better set of monitors, I think my ears have finally outgrown my Behringer Truths. Maybe a set of Adam A8x with a subwoofer. A local guy is selling some for a pretty good deal.

Last but not least, I'd like to have my Tr-606 modded for tone control and indv. outs. Then maybe a few more hardware effects and that should set me for a good bit.

So all in all, 2011 holds:

Cubase 3 + MIDI expander
RME Fireface
Adam A8x/possibly A7x
606 mods
Spring reverbs/multi effects units
Some changes need to be made to my list already, lol

I just found out about the Eventide Space pedal coming out soon. I might have to get that instead of a spring reverb. Also, I already picked up Cubase for my 1040STf. So my new list (in order of importance) is:

Akai S950
Shure SM57
Portable recording device
Korg MS-20
Adam A7x
RME Fireface
Eventide Space
606 Mods

TC Electronic Finalizer
Alesis 3630
Korg Poly 800
Behringer Truth 2031A
Old 2nd February 2011
Lives for gear

Originally Posted by Fidgit View Post
for me: less gear, more music.
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