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aftertouch 22nd November 2009 02:45 AM

+1 on the microwave XT2 - proud owner here. i use it heavily for making percussion and fx. pads are brilliant, randomize feature is a great muse for out of this world sounds, they seems to grow set the release to max, and listen as the cell multiply and morph into a new creature.

Oli 22nd November 2009 10:31 AM


Originally Posted by nofi (Post 4805704)
another option, the kawai k5000 is good for pads in a similar way to the wavestation. has some really long drawn out pads that just keep moving... no idea what it's like to program from scratch, but the macro knobs should at least help tweaking factory patches to fit something you are doing.

I have a K5000R. I hear complaints about programming for it. I think its synthesis engine is a bit confusing to some. I find it fine. With a technical background, it all seems pretty simple. The interface is not quick and fun to work with, as some synths are. There is a free K5000 SoundDiver edition, which I've used.

I think the Wavestation more easily does smooth and natural sounds than the K5000.

monomer 22nd November 2009 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by Don Solaris (Post 4805449)
Problem is, there are no custom (or any kind of) wavetables for it, just few transwaves. Transwaves are similar to wavetables. Single transwave is made out of 128 individual single cycle waveforms. But what makes it different from wavetables is that one transwave is usually made out of two major waveform frames (first and last cycle in the waveform). Between lies the morph of these two frames. That’s how transwaves are smooth compared to wavetables.

This is exactly what the Waldorfs do as well.
You can arbitrarily fill the table with waves and the synth will interpollate the missing entries.
A difference is that the waldorf tables contain only 60 usable entries, so if the two waves are sonically very different of if you sweep too fast you will hear transitions when sweeping.

anyway, i love both the ASR and the microwave. They are both very cool.

seen-da-sizer 23rd November 2009 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by SovietSpaceChild (Post 4803467)
There were two revisions of the MW2 rack. The first had lower quality DAC's than the XT, as well as less RAM, which meant no delay FX. The second revision MW2 is exactly the same as the XT, but I have no idea how to tell the Rev1 and Rev2 models apart.

Press the Utility button until you get to the system page. The 2nd line on the display shows Board #2. I assume that this is the revision of the PCB, in my case version 2 (old DACs). However since there are apparently no MW2s with new DACs (only version 1 and 2 boards), this only indicates if you have extended memory for the delay effect or not.

Does anyone have a later version of the XT and check if there is a Board #3 entry? It would be great to know as reference.

nofi 23rd November 2009 02:03 PM

my XTk has board #3 in the system page.

Rocinante01 24th November 2009 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by ecologie (Post 4802867)
I know these are three different beasts but any opinions of these two for wavetable type synthesis.
I'm looking for good pad sounds.

Opinions? Likes, dislikes?

No on the Q. Awesome synth, but not what you're looking for.
XTk is also a wonderful board, and I'd say go for it, but pick up a Wavestation AD also, as they pair up wonderfully together!

seen-da-sizer 24th November 2009 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by nofi (Post 4814037)
my XTk has board #3 in the system page.

Thanks nofi and congratulations to your superior DACs. I am still messing with the old ones on my XT. gruudge