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Old 29th March 2009
Share Samples Here

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Old 29th March 2009
Gear Maniac

check my sig for some free samples.
the latest pack I uploaded contains about 50 kick drums.
Old 30th March 2009
Lives for gear
aeonlux's Avatar

I recently programmed a synth sound that could be described as a string ensemble. Not the sound of a string machine, but the sound of a group of strings - synthy of course. You might say it has the sound of a "strings" waveform in a ROMpler, but without the artifacts of too-short looping and/or dynamic compression such that it is smoothed-out and semi-lifeless.

The synth patch makes use of PWM for animation within the timbre. For thickness and the ensemble tone, I layered detuned oscs together.

I made a total of 21 samples from C1-C6, sampling every minor third, i.e., C - D# - F# - A, at 44.1KHz, 16-bits depth, in mono. This resulted in a sample set that was ~16MB in size - perhaps a little larger. If so, not using the C6 sample would be the easiest solution for a 16MB sampler.

The files are named as such:


where nn is the MIDI note number for key assignment (36-96), keyname is C, D#, F#, or A, and oct is the octave of the sample (1-6).

And yea, I am sharing them with you. Download them here:

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

You will need to assign these samples to a keymap and assign filter and amplitude envelopes so they properly play as "strings" would. Yea indeed, there is some programming work involved, minimal as it might be. That said, I hope you enjoy these samples and can put them to good use in your music.

The .wav files may not have loop points - if this is the case, just know that the whole file is the loop itself.

Here is a quick demo courtesy of Yoozer:

Setup file for Logic EXS:

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

Setup file for Kontakt:

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

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A while ago I recreated a large set of classic 80s Linn Drum beats using a Korg Electribe sampler. I felt like giving it a little tribute, was fun to do

I made 3 parts:
YouTube - Classic Disco & Pop Linn Drum on Korg Electribe ES1mkII
YouTube - Linn Drum Pop & Disco Beats on Electribe PART 2
YouTube - Linn Drum Disco Beats on Electribe PART 3

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Originally Posted by golden beers View Post
great sound ian.
what synth generated it?
do the files on rapidshare expire?
Thanks, that's a secret, and I'm not sure.

Check this original thread if you want a little more info.

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well ok - here is a single cycle waveform sample that i made with a juno 60

it has all 3 waveforms on the juno turned on - including the sub osc

recorded through a neve 1073 into logic


make sure you enable "loop" in your sampler - or the samples will only sound for half a nano second

Attached Files

Juno Fat C0.wav (6.4 KB, 21673 views)

Juno Fat C1.wav (3.5 KB, 20507 views)

Juno Fat C2.wav (2.1 KB, 20255 views)

Juno Fat C3.wav (1.4 KB, 20204 views)

Juno fat C4.wav (1,022 Bytes, 20177 views)

Juno Fat C5.wav (840 Bytes, 20119 views)

Juno Fat C6.wav (746 Bytes, 20017 views)

Juno Fat C7.wav (698 Bytes, 20194 views)

Old 31st March 2009
Lives for gear

Originally Posted by golden beers View Post
Recently, in a reply to a post of mine, I was asked to share some Linn Drum LM2 samples. I am happy to do that, and it made me think that it would be cool if we had a thread going where people could download each others samples.

I'm talking sounds not copywrited material! ..

personally, I do not have a problem sharing my sounds - especially if they're presets. so if you want to download a complete Linn Drum LM2 - it's here

If you do so, I think it would be nice if you return the favour! i'd especially be interested in newer analogue gear eg: JOMOX XBASE
if this goes well I'll add some more samples down the road. eg I have a bunch of nice MS20 hits and pulses i’m sure would go down well.

About the sound files:
recorded using an apogee ensemble at 192kHz.. I do have the same sounds at 44 if this is a problem for anyone.
you can download individual sounds (my favourite is tom-08) or just take the lot by downloading the zip. the zip had zero compression so it should unpack at high quality.

I used hotmail sky drive, which i think is a good system, you just open a hotmail account and they give you 25Gig of space to upload to.

anyway, we'll see if this thing goes anywhere of if it's just me giving out some sounds to the rest of you leaches!heh
the jomox files were found in a great website, but cant remember the link.
the Linndrum LM2 were AD with MOTU 2408mk2 includes the no pattern error tone.

i allways wanted a hi quality recorded Casio RZ1 samples
Attached Files
File Type: zip (2.04 MB, 4683 views) File Type: zip Jomox (922.6 KB, 2599 views)
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Gear Maniac

Emu 4xt samples

Let me know what you think.
Attached Files
File Type: aif Emu 233.aif (383.3 KB, 1852 views) File Type: aif Emu 231-02.aif (356.9 KB, 1312 views) File Type: aif Emu 203.aif (238.1 KB, 1336 views) File Type: aif Emu 206.aif (238.1 KB, 1332 views) File Type: aif Emu 176.aif (238.1 KB, 1279 views) File Type: aif Emu 052.aif (238.1 KB, 1336 views)
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Found it- looks like I even mapped it out for Halion, hope this works.

Can't attach .rar file, here you go.

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
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Originally Posted by zmoorhs View Post
I can't do it for a few days, but what do you think is the best place to upload the samples for sharing here?
dropbox is cool. i posted some samples up in this thread on there >

Dropbox - Home - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.
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Originally Posted by zmoorhs View Post
I can't do it for a few days, but what do you think is the best place to upload the samples for sharing here?
MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

YouSendIt - Send large files - transfer delivery - FTP Replacement

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

Old 3rd April 2009
Gear Guru
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I had an MBase01 for a little while but got frustrated with the interface and sold it. Before I sold it, I sampled all of the presets and the patches that I had made for it. Enjoy!
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Oh wow 10 limit download... I made an account at Megaupload but where's the upload interface? Maybe it doesn't appear in Firefox... let me try this

See if you can get it this time.
Old 13th April 2009
Lives for gear

it's silly to post them on this forum, put them here --> freesound :: home page
Old 29th April 2009
Here for the gear

hi i recorded some material with my roland system 100 model 101
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Here's some drum samples

Free Sounds | Magic Theater Audio
Old 30th May 2009 | Show parent
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Hai Guise! Was messing around last night and thought I'd share the results of this tomfoolery. Here's some percussion I made with a Dot Com modular:

I've got some other sample packs that I made, but I need to get off my lazy bum and trim them before I zip 'em and post 'em. Enjoy!
Old 1st June 2009 | Show parent
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Had a DR-550mkII for a short while not too long ago and noticed that with the sample bank circulating around the internet, not all of the files are there and it was recorded with a crappy soundcard. So here's the complete Boss DR-550 mkII set recorded through an MPC. Enjoy!

Also, does anybody know of a utility that will detect silences and delete them in a batch process? Even with Wavosaur's silence deletion algorithm it took a while to get tweak all these and I've still got a few more banks with a lot more files in them. Thanks!
Old 7th June 2009 | Show parent
Numerous 808 hits recorded with different tone/decay etc settings. These samples are not cut at the start due to a shoddy job done by myself in ableton, but they sound great ... at - Free File Hosting, Free Image Hosting, Free Music Hosting, Free Video Hosting, ...
Old 29th September 2009 | Show parent
Gear Nut

Originally Posted by Derp View Post
Also, does anybody know of a utility that will detect silences and delete them in a batch process? Even with Wavosaur's silence deletion algorithm it took a while to get tweak all these and I've still got a few more banks with a lot more files in them. Thanks!
WavTrim? It's freeware...

mpTrim and WavTrim
Old 3rd November 2009 | Show parent
Gear Maniac
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Bump + Plus a silly patch I made on the voyager.
Attached Files
File Type: zip Toy (2.13 MB, 509 views)
Old 1st March 2010 | Show parent
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Sorry, I forgot this thread even existed and I've been hording a couple of banks for a while now.
Made these just before I sold my Korg ER-1. They aren't properly cut up, unfortunately, but it isn't like it isn't hard to slice them down to size.
Did these up last night using the Kraftzwerg to synthesize drums and such from scratch. I did cut out the silences on these and normalized, however it should be noted that on a couple of these I ran the input on the MPC just a teensy bit too hot, so a couple of the samples distort a tiny bit (though it's actually a nice effect on the kicks.)
MFB 522. There's not much here as I was sampling these so that I could experiment with different processing methods.
These are all of the drum sounds from the Roland MC-09. There's a few repeats in here because the kits are made up from a small pool of samples and I was just flying through getting all of the kits sampled. I don't think I've chopped these up either.
Inspired by Wave Alchemy's collection, here's a small selection of Future Retro XS drums. Not nearly as varied as the Wave Alchemy set, but still a good demonstration for myself as to the capabilities of this unit.

Hope you guys enjoy my little creations here.

And in case you missed my other sample packs or don't feel like reading back through this thread to find them:
Old 2nd March 2010
Gear Addict
wave alchemy's Avatar

You would usually have to sign up to our website to gain access to these but since i'm in a generous mood here are a few links to some very nice drum samples: heh

1. 75 Mbase 11 kick drum samples recorded through an API 512 pre-amp. Many of the sounds have been further enhanced with an emipricial labs distrssor for extra punch. All sounds have been recorded in 24-bit through top converters:

2. 65 slightly driven kick drum samples from the Jomox Airbase 99. Signal chain for these sounds was as follows: Airbase 99 - Thermionic Culture Vulture MV - Distressor - SSL E Series EQ - API 512c - Converters. Some really great deep kicks here!

You can also grab 150 drum samples from our latest sample library here:

All sounds above are 100% royalty free to use in your productions

Enjoy heh
Old 3rd March 2010 | Show parent
here's a few kicks i made with ACE and old drum machine samples. nothing amazing but maybe someone will find them useful.
Attached Files
File Type: zip (473.6 KB, 623 views)
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Alright, here's another MFB 522 bank:

The difference between this bank and the last bank is that for this one, I went through and sampled every sound with the knobs at five different positions. Obviously due to the nature of analog, this doesn't cover ever single possible sound that the 522 can do, but it still covers a lot of territory. I didn't go through and trim it up because doing it manually would have taken way more time than what I was willing to give to something I would end up giving away for free, and doing it with like Wave Trim or the like seems to cut off the tails in a lot of cases.

Initially with this one, I was setting out to do like I did with the 522 and try to get nearly every possible sound out of it. Since it shares the same hats/cymbal circuit as the 522, that means that I only have to get the kick, tom, and snare section. Trouble is that the Schlagzwerg has a much greater range than what the 522 has, so I'd have to sample all of the knobs at seven positions instead of just five in order to cover it all. Three hours and 550-ish samples later, I stopped and did the math and realized that for seven positions of every knob and five knobs for the kick, I'd need over 16,000 samples just to cover all that the kick can do. So, I deleted all of those samples and just made a smaller collection highlighting what is possible with the Schlagzwerg. The 'FX' bank is what the Schlagzwerg is capable of when you get crazy with the patch cables.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these. And by the way...

Old 18th April 2010
works fine for me.

try here

Linn Drum - Windows Live

if you still can't get it: PM me your email address and i'll send it to you
Old 20th April 2010 | Show parent
Lives for gear
Download from - send big files the easy way

xbase 09 bassdrums, recorded through drawner millenia STT1 , njoi
Old 21st April 2010 | Show parent
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Here's 69 drum samples from the FRXS.
Old 21st April 2010 | Show parent
Gear Head
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me and a friend of mine made a project for sharing samples online:

it's all free and WAV, 24bit 48kHz

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