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New "The Beat Thang" groovebox: real or fake? Drum Machines & Samplers
Old 13th January 2009
Gear maniac

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New "The Beat Thang" groovebox: real or fake?

Old 13th January 2009
Gear addict
jkamata's Avatar

haha WTF is that presentation video all about..
Old 13th January 2009
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d1rtynyc's Avatar
interesting! I can;'t wait to hear it. 3000 sounds is quite a few.....
That video is the oh so crappy though. hehheh Good for a laugh.
Old 13th January 2009
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d1rtynyc's Avatar
Oh damn you beat me to it!
Old 13th January 2009
I think it's a Decepticon.
Old 13th January 2009
if it is true;
well even though it looks like an utterly ****e machine, im afraid they are probably gonna sell a huuge amount of these to new people who dont know better.

i do find it pretty amusing that the demo video has the most horrible sounding track over it, but is there to show you the flashing lights.
Old 13th January 2009
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MarcB's Avatar
Looks totally fake

the video has a scene from the micheal jackson video (where the kid with blonde hair fires his father out of the roof of the house with the guitar)

and this doesn't look real

photochoppy goodness
Old 13th January 2009
Gear addict
spunkadellic's Avatar

if they made the music for the video with "beat thing" then yeah....gonna pass
Old 13th January 2009
Gear Maniac

It may be legit, the domain registrant matches the name of the "president" listed on the website (I obscured the address):

Aja Emmanuel
xxx Butterfield Court
Abcdefg, Tennessee xxxxx
United States

Registered through:, Inc. ()
Created on: 26-May-05
Expires on: 26-May-09
Last Updated on: 09-Jul-08

Old 13th January 2009
Gear nut

HAHAHA. I actually think this is freaking real???

It looks like the "Beat Kangz" did indeed help design the Boss Streetboxx

But hey, you can sample your own sounds

I wish they included at least just a little bit of the technical specifications, as its all marketing hype right now, which seems to be aimed at 13 year olds.
Perhaps its just a prototype at this point. I don't see anything about a release date.
Old 13th January 2009
Gear addict
jkamata's Avatar

id rather buy those "superpowers" from that video...daym look at me smashing a garbage can thru that window and like busting my superhammer elbow into to that concrete wall BAAAAMM HELLYEAH I ROXXX hahah LOL and then I can look SUPERCOOL too slowmotion .. woaa!!!
Old 13th January 2009
Gear maniac

Thread Starter
quoted from KSS (Harmony Central)

"You will soon see this is no Joke.....

Yes we are the Beat Kangz and no this is no DR 880. It will have 4 times the memory of an MPC 5000, more preset sounds than a roland Fantom. More drum kits or preset beats than any drum machine in history. Yeah only midi in and out but umm..... USB IN AND OUT used in some interesting ways. Yes only 16 tracks but each kit has 8 banks and you dont have to separate your drums on separate tracks anymore since you will be able to mute and solo pads..... so really each pad in a bank is a track so whats 13pads x 8banks per kit x 16 tracks? 1664 i think

2 headphone jacks...

built in Battery for mobile use...

No need for allot of outputs. USB 2.0 is pretty powerful these days and can carry allot of audio....

No more loading your samples into Ram. Everything on the SD's is availible in realtime..... So are all your kits and patterns. Upto 16gigs in each slot and as soon as the new 32gig cards and drivers come out we'll ad support for that too. So that would be 64gigs on SD cards

Tempo sync Delay, Mastering, Reverb, Filters and tons of other weird FX
Also we plan to open our FX section to 3rd party developers so sky is the limit. Can you say VST

Perfect integration with mac or PC.

Custom Paint. Any Color LED's, Custom Grillz

Did i mention that each pad can have 16 layers with independent pitch, cut off res, pan, velocity, vol and a single pad can be spread across a whole keyboard with Loop points so you can sample synths strings or anything and turn it into multi layered patches.

Tons more feautures that will make you piss your pants but i'll tell ya later.

Has Akai been very responsive to your requests for features and updates?

We plan to be open to your ideas...... We are not a huge corporate venture we just have a really good team.

Not trying to be cocky but you dont even know the hell we went through to make this happen. Try to make a beat machine from scratch.... It aint easy and the industry is filled with crooks and thieves who thrive off the ideas of young inventors.

I digress

Our Machine will be Working at Namm so come check it out close to the roland booth.

And if you got a problem with tha KANGZ "xoeo" come down to tha south and let us put you up on Thangz

prez of tha KANGZ makers of them Thangz"

These guys are serious...
Old 13th January 2009
Gear addict
A33's Avatar

Old 13th January 2009
hahaha thumbsup
Old 13th January 2009
OMG heh
Old 13th January 2009
Gear addict
jkamata's Avatar

Lol thats a true ass ghetto version of the Tenori-On... I think Tenori-ons are a crap concept BTW
Old 13th January 2009
Gear maniac
Shim's Avatar

Ummm wow. talk about brilliant advertising. I'm sure this video got the company a lot of respect for their obviously superior product
i guess the super powers give you that added punch thumbsup
Old 13th January 2009
Lives for gear
rokuez's Avatar

the promo video does look odd I thought it was fake at first

"Has Akai been very responsive to your requests for features and updates?"

A.J.A has a point with that statement.

I suppose more competition hardware drum machine/sampler wise isn't a bad thing.
Old 13th January 2009
Lives for gear

The truth is it will appeal to their tagret market .
Whats the price?
Old 13th January 2009
Lives for gear

It is more than likely designed to be easy to use with one hand while smoking a blunt with the other.
Old 13th January 2009
Lives for gear
alexp's Avatar

Old 14th January 2009
Gear Addict
e-smile-z's Avatar
sounds intresting !!!

i don t give **** how it looks like but from the specs it sounds intresting!!
i think it goes against the mc 808 or the mpc 1000...

but 4 real we can just win even if this product dfegad**** if that has a effect on roland or akai or yamaha to improve the product line we can profit from it!!!
well i m gonna give it a chance
Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
crufty's Avatar
mc 808 is the greatest product ever marred by the worst interface of all time.

it drove me insane

the mc 808 could have been a contender if:
- keypad input
- mass sample imports
- there were lcd screens above the motorized faders
- velocity / at pads

and then a couple of knobs to select menus and then adjust w/ motorized faders

sample importing on the 808 was the worst, and the fact you had to be hooked up to the cpu to adjust fx was annoying annoying annoying as hell. So if you didn't like the reverb, tough.

AND ,add in the fact that you couldn't make new patches w/out a computer!!! WTH! Wav selection not possible w/out usb connection. Sure you get 4 wavs per part, 16 parts, one would think awesome. BUt setting the wav you want! HA good luck.

however this means the 808 would have cost more then $50--the thing weighs like an ounce and the thing was huge, just gigantic.

why roland why? Is it that hard to just finish something up right?

the pieces were all there.
Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
Alex Specht's Avatar

This is Great

Someone needs to start working towards better technology like this.

The MPC 100000000 would still be obsolete.

The drum machine is the new Fender Strat.

Also it is great to see Bone-Thugz-InInnovation......

I love it! Im going to post the video on Facebook!

I wish I had an investor... I have so many ideas for gear (that probobly wouldnt sell) but good ideas none-the-less.

To the OP: Are you bitter about the genre that they are trying to advertise to? How many patents do you have?

I dont see anything more corny about this ad than Drummers who endorse cymbals and drum-sticks, Custom GUitars with signatures on it etc... (or the Vic Firth Dave Weckl Signature Drum Shoes was by far the all-time worst)

The fender Rhodes, Hammond Organ, Electric Guitar, Moog Synth all seemed like corny-stupid inventions, and are now part of our culture (US)

Without these guys we would still be banging together rocks for Music.
Old 14th January 2009
Gear Maniac

This site has best info on the Beat Thang.

Some of it is very interesting. Ability to change bar length, swing, and quantization while recording in real time.

There is also a stereo mic/line input with phantom power. Maybe the secret feature is being able to record audio tracks or a better version of Roland Sp-555's live loop capture feature?
Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
wax808's Avatar

Hmmmm rechargeable battery? Phantom power? tons of farkles?

It sounds too good to be true IMHO. Wheres the interface pics?

If it is all that I will get one. Then I shall buy a flat-brimmed baseball hat and wear it oh-so-perfectly crooked.
Old 15th January 2009
Gear Maniac

NAMM starts tomm. guess we'll see
Old 15th January 2009
Lives for gear

Where the diamond encrusted pads.... ****, they missed the boat. This is straight out of wacky d's studio...
Old 15th January 2009
Lives for gear
MonoBrow's Avatar

No 40 inch chrome spinnerz? No thank you.....heh
Old 15th January 2009
Lives for gear
Acid Hazard's Avatar
Looks like a car stereo to me. And WTF are the "Beat Kangs"?
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