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Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread
Old 17th February 2018
Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread

Hey guys and girls, here's the gear we spotted at the Dancefair 2018 in Utrecht, today. Videos below vvvvvv. Hope you like.

So, first booth we visited (right next to the entrance) was the Joystick Audio one. They had some slutty outboard in a rack there:
Cranesong IBIS mastering equalizer
Thermionic Rooster
Slate Pro Audio Dragon compressor
Unity Audio LTD Lisson Grove Type AR-1

And a very nice SSL XL desk (with plenty of API 500 series slots)

Thermionic Culture Phoenix
Prism Sound Titan converter
A new product: The On The Moon Spacecraft stereo analog spatial processor. (what's in a name )
Maselec MEA-2 mastering equalizer

But of particular interest were these two new machines:
The Audiolinear AXIS passive monitor controller:

And this brandnew Zerogravity Filterbank, controllable by MIDI. This was a demo machine, just for show, so we couldn't hear it there. But it's in production very soon (they said this month) and of very high quality. No information yet about the price, but we'll keep an eye on it, so GS will be the first to know.

I'll continue in a post below, so this post doesn't get too long.
Attached Thumbnails
Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-adam-audio.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-antelope_mp_discrete4.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-antelope_virtualmic.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-arturia_musiceasel_plugin.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-avid_icon.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-bitwig.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-cranesong_ibis_thermionic_rooster_slateproaudio_dragon_unityaudioltd_lissongrove-type-ar-1.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-dad-mom.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-dangerousmusic_rack.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-elkasynthex_eventideh3000s.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-jesse.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-juno-6.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-kaotica_eyeball.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-kb-mf_desk.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-korg_electribe.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-korg_kronos.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-korg_ms20.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-martin_pohl_closedback.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-martin_pohl_openback.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-martinpohl_detail.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-moog_memorymoog.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-morel_genelec.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-morel_music_setup.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-nord_stage_3.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-nordlead_4.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-pc_build-daw.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-phoenix_titan_onthemoon_spacecraft_maselec_mea-2.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-pmc.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-presonus_faderport_8.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-presonus_studiolive_32r.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-presonus_studiolive_ar12_usb.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-rack_ubk_tweaker_eli_lilfreq_apichannelstrip_burl-b32.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-roland_sh-01a.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-roland_sh101.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-speaker-.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-spire_project.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-ssl_xl-desk.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-studiodesk_19-.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-tommoons_ideal-acoustics.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-waldorf_kb37_dvca1_mod1_nw1.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-waldorf_quantum.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-warm_audio.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-zerogravity_filter.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-adam1.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-adam2.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-antelope_converters.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-antelope_virtual_mic.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-apogee_control.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-apogee_symphony2.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-dad_engine.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-dangerous_rack2.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-dangerous_rack3.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-focal.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-focal2.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-genelec_setup.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-icon.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-karp.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-kbmf_desk.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-kbmf_desk-euphonix.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-memorymoog_juno-6.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-modor_formant.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-pioneer_pa_subwoofer.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-pioneer_pa.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-slate_vms.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-ssl_desk.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-studiodesk1.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-studiodesk2.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-aal_monitorcontroller_back.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-aal_monitorcontroller_front.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-abbeyroad_tape-machine.jpg  

Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-modor_nf-1m.jpg   Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-pushturnmove_book.jpg  
Old 18th February 2018
Gear Addict
PiTeR-aR's Avatar
I saw Waldorf Quantum there - have you played it?
Old 18th February 2018
Lives for gear
GregkoNYC's Avatar
Pretty good looking gear - especially in picture 11
Old 19th February 2018
I've listened to the Quantum, but I'm not a very good keyboard player, so didn't record it. Hope you'll excuse me for that.
The sound: It's deep, and it's character is proudly digital. Very clean and precise. It can do glassy, or crystaline sounds, but also resonance: There was a nice oboe type patch in there. It is beautiful and capable and does have it's own character.
Here's a video with an interview link and sounds link

Is it worth the pricetag? Maybe, but not for me. I love my Microwave XT to bits because it has a ballsy sound. I work sometimes with a buddy who has a Blofeld (with the Don Solaris synth patches loaded) and that sounds gorgeous too. So I do love that Waldorf sound. But this thing is a 4K battleship with a beautiful extruded aluminium front panel, for those keyboard players who have everything, and can actually play it well. I muck around with chords, and sequences triggered from pads, so this Quantum would be overkill in my world. It's a thing of beauty though. Very special.
In the thread about this synth, some people said that it's redundant because software synths can do the same. Perhaps, but you'd miss out on that Waldorf character that this thing certainly has. I guess everyone has to decide for themselves, measuring needs, skillset and budget.

I'm updating the first post with a bunch of new pictures and descriptions. Two videos also incoming, of that Modor module and a fat sounding vintage machine. Thought you'd like the fatness.
I went to bed early saturday and sunday, had the beginnings of a flu and a nasty cough, so it'll be there today. Please excuse the delay?
Old 19th February 2018
Then next up we were at the ADAM Audio listening room, where 2 new bottom range speakers were demo-ed, alongside the bigger, fuller sounding ones.
The ADAM sound is there, precise highs, and a beefy low end. Their top range speakers now have DSP with controls so you can dail in a more neutral characteristic, the ADAM sound of previous generations, and 3 user slots (those are not in the picture, but the 2 new ones are).
So here are the ADAM Audio T5V (with 5" woofer) and the ADAM Audio T7V (with 7" woofer duh)

We noticed that there was D.A.D. gear at the fair so we went looking for it. My partner in crime Menno is building a high-end studio, so he was interested in the Dante capable converter/audio matrix. We spotted it tucked away in a rack, they were using it to demo the ADAM speakers.
D.A.D. AX32 audio routing centerpiece, digital format converter, AD/DA converter and monitor controller

D.A.D. MOM (Monitor Operating Module)
Old 19th February 2018
Next up, a large booth where a relatively new company Studio Desk was showing their studio furniture and chairs.
The desks are manufactured in Slovenia, they have one wharehouse there but also one in the US, so these are available in N-America as well.
The Virtuoso series (with the 19" slots) had my particular interest (I use mostly 19" or desktop gear), price of that one is about 1300 euros.

Pro Line series for master keyboards
Old 19th February 2018
Another studio furniture manufacturer was also present: KB|MF based in The Netherlands.
The also design professional studios, and take care of acoustic treatment.

With a Euphonic controller set tucked in
Old 19th February 2018
Next up we met Tom Moons from Ideal Acoustics based in Belgium, he specializes in acoustic treatment, but also sound isolation.
He's posing in front of a cutout of their "room-within-a-room" construction:
Old 19th February 2018
In the large booth from Sound Service, a distributor based in Germany, we spotted a large AVID ICON desk:

The Focal Shape Twin nearfield and mid-nearfield Focal SM9 studio monitors

Apogee Symphony I/O converter and Apogee Control:

Martin Pohl, their representative showed us the new Focal headphones: He told us, these are new (improved?) versions of the top range high-end versions, more rugged built for studio use. The headband is from a new material and can't break.
Focal Clear Professional open-back headphones

Focal Listen Professional closed-back headphones
Old 19th February 2018
A rack full of Warm
Warm Audio WA-2A Leveling Amplifier
Warm Audio WA73-EQ microphone preamp plus equalizer
Warm Audio WA73 microphone preamp
Warm Audio EQP-WA Pultec Style Tube EQ

Waldorf Quantum

Waldorf KB37 with the DVCA1 the MOD1 and the NW1 eurorack modules

Korg Kronos 2 - 61 key

Korg Odyssey

Korg Electribe Sampler Blue

Presonus Faderport 8

Presonus Studiolive 32r

Presonus Studiolive AR12 USB

The tiny Roland SH-01A

Kaotica Eyeball pop-screen
Old 19th February 2018
Arturia Buchla Easel V software plugin

Mea Liedl from Bitwig explaining the workflow to Menno (I think he's sold on it )

DJ Jesseca Miller at the ATGRstand (they make handy conversion apps for DJs and coach beginning DJs)
Old 19th February 2018
Abbey Roads was there, they built a cozy livingroom stand with this Studer A-820 2 track beast

At the Clavia stand
the new Nord Lead 4

and Nord Stage 3
Old 19th February 2018
Next we visited the Amptec booth, a distributor and manufacturer for (mostly) pro audio

Here we spotted some slutty rack gear
UBK Tweaker
Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ
API The Channel Strip
Burl B32 Vancouver

The brandnew iZotope Spire Project which is a 2 channel recording interface (with high quality Grace Audio preamps and good converter chips) and a WiFi interface to an iOS device (it sends the recorded audio to the device). The software is still in development.

A battered but still awesome pair of PMC midfield monitors

The recently released Slate Professional VMS (Virtual Microphone System)
Old 19th February 2018
Dangerous Music gear:
Dangerous Compressor
two Dangerous Bax EQ
the new Dangerous Convert-2
and Dangerous Monitor ST

Dangerous D-Box
Dangerous Liaison (analogue patch storage/recall)

They also had these huge Dynaudio 9S subwoofers there.

Then the stand ofMorel Muziek they build studios in the Netherlands (the website certificate seems to be expired, but still online)

A closeup of those Gennies
Genelec 8351 SAM , Genelec 8341 SAM and the smallest of the range, the Genelec 8331 SAM
Old 19th February 2018
At a DJ booth (with scores of DJ players, mixers) these Pioneer PA speakers. Any good? We really don't know.

Here's a slutty book about synths, interface design. The book itself is hardcover, nice quality paper and photos. Full of gear and nicely written (I read a few pages). It's called Push Turn Move

PRODAW, a dutch company build studio computers. They get the right parts, put it together in silent 19" frames and configure it. Reasonable prices, and they build to order (custom configs and multiple OS possible)
Old 19th February 2018
Then we visited the Turnlab booth: These guys repair, refurbish classic synths and studio gear. They have a showroom at their HQ in Belgium where you can play the synths and buy these. They had a few nice ones up there at the fair.
A video of one of the synths is coming up. Still have to edit it.

The original Korg MS20

Roland SH-101

Elka Synthex (they told me they have 2 currently in stock!) and a crispy blue Eventide H3000S

Moog Music MemoryMoog

and above that the Roland Juno-6
Old 19th February 2018
Modor was there. They showed the NF-1 synth and they also had the eurorack module: Modor Formant - A video is coming up.

And their smaller format box of the NF-1, the Modor NF-1m
Old 19th February 2018
And last but not least the Antelope stand.
They presented another virtual microphone system: The Antelope Audio Edge

A new interface aimed at musicians and smaller studios: Antelope Audio Discrete 4 and above this the Antelope Audio Edge Strip preamp and modelling device. (It's a package combination with the Edge microphone)

Here with the Antelope Discrete 8 above
Old 19th February 2018
So, two videos coming up (soon) and that concludes the report of the gear at the Dancefair 2018.
My conclusion: Less people than last year and the year before, however, most of those were kids trying to get a glimpse of their DJ idols, so I guess that works out.
The atmosphere was more relaxed, and not as noisy, so this was a nice event to visit. The workshops were pretty busy as always. We met Luca Pretolesi there, and he asked to say "hi" to everyone here.
(here's the Q&A with Luca: )
Also there were far more pro audio distritubutors and manifacturers there, and less give-us-money-to-make-you-famous DJ agencies. It was a little more serious at the exhibition floor. Which is fine AFAIC.

Special shoutout to Gearslut Menno, thanks man, it was fun!

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Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-dancefair.jpg  
Old 19th February 2018
Lives for gear
GregkoNYC's Avatar
Great write up!

Thanks for taking the time to share this!

Old 22nd February 2018
Lives for gear
Praxisaxis's Avatar

Thanks!! Gotta go get a towel to wipe up my drool.
Old 22nd February 2018
Thanks Reptil for sharing those reports with us .


Old 23rd February 2018
Gear Guru
fiddlestickz's Avatar
Cool thread thanks a bunch Reptil..
Old 23rd February 2018
Where is Reptil in the video???!

Old 23rd February 2018
thankfully I'm not in any video
here's the first, please excuse the delay, rough week
Old 23rd February 2018
And here's the MemoryMoog with with a Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog Modification (LAMM) at the Turnlab stand.
This is not a clean sounding synth.
The guy who plays it is Seba (Moonlight Matters)

I added a little reverb from a Softube TSAR-1, for the rest it's unprocessed, straight from it's balanced output.

For the purists I've uploaded the raw audiofile as well: download link
Attached Thumbnails
Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread-reverb_settings_memorymoog.jpg  
Old 24th February 2018
Gear Maniac

Amazing lintronics.........
Old 24th February 2018
Wait, they have 2 Synthex in stock? Those are pretty rare. I actually saw a place called Perfect Circuit Audio, which sells vintage synths and modular stuff on the bay, which is similar.
It's nice to see there are still ways other than the bay!
Are you in any of those pictures?
Thank you for showing us these awesome pictures!
Old 24th February 2018
thanks, glad you like it, and no, I'm not in any of the pictures (took most myself, and I'm no rockstar )
yep they have 2 Synthex in stock. and two Memorymoogs he said.
Old 26th February 2018
Gear Addict

Originally Posted by Reptil View Post
And here's the MemoryMoog with with a Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog Modification (LAMM) at the Turnlab stand.
This is not a clean sounding synth.
The guy who plays it is Seba (Moonlight Matters)

I added a little reverb from a Softube TSAR-1, for the rest it's unprocessed, straight from it's balanced output.

For the purists I've uploaded the raw audiofile as well: download link
Sounds distorted as hell. Something wrong here I think.
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