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Which audio interface do you use - official roll call 2017 A.D. Audio Interfaces
Old 24th November 2017
Gear Guru
Yoozer's Avatar
Which audio interface do you use - official roll call 2017 A.D.

From the DAW thread:

Originally Posted by fiddlestickz View Post
Enjoyed this poll, could we also do one about which audio interfaces people use, I'm always curious about this, software,.. meh most people have copies of all of it, not so with interfaces, I'd love to see what peoples alliegiance's are with this important piece of hardware..
It's not a poll because there are so many models and brands, but hey, fire away.

RME Fireface 802 - a better 800 running via USB. RME's matrix and mixer is second to none. Love it, using it with an ADA8200.

Before that in chronological order:

- Roland Quad Capture - nice operation and light-weight, portable, great for DJ sets but ultimately too small. Kinda stupid that the headphone always duplicates outputs 1/2 so you need an SPDIF box to get analog stereo out and in.
- Yamaha MG166CX-USB - no ASIO drivers, only 2 in, 2 out. The final nail in the coffin for my idea that I work better with mixers.
- RME Fireface 800 - the classic, but Firewire wasn't playing nicely with my computer every time. It had to go to fund more expensive stuff and since I wasn't doing multitracking aggressively at that moment, I figured that wasn't a problem. Still holds its value very well!
- Mackie Onyx 1640 w/ Firewire - well, that was a disappointment. As a mixer; fine. As audio interface; not so much.
- 2005ish: E-mu 1212m - very useful and functional, but I never used the E-mu effects. Still, it did the job admirably, even though setting up basic routing was confusing.
- 2003ish: Hoontech DSP2000 C-Port - obtuse routing and the company went out of business a few years later. Never got it to work the way it should've - probably should've bought an M-Audio Delta 66 or better, an RME HDSP. The latter would probably have saved me spending a boatload of money, but hindsight is 20/20.
Old 24th November 2017
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drxcm's Avatar

Another happy RME user here.

Current main interface is the RME UFX+ hooked up via AES out to a Dangerous Music Source for monitor control.
The previous interface is still in use, its an RME UCX, which is connected to the UFX+ via ADAT for some extra I/O.

I'm currently looking to add more I/O via MADI, but undecided and cant figure out what to go for. Considering an Orion 32+.

Previously I had a Metric Halo 2882 2D+DSP which was great but it got sold a while back when I moved, and I picked up the UCX to replace it as a more portable option when I got to my destination.
Prior to that I was running an emagic EMI 2/6. I think a Soundblaster before that!

The RME stability has been exceptional - the most reliable pieces of gear I've ever had.
Old 24th November 2017
Gear Maniac
Trip Hop Mop's Avatar
Zoom UAC-8 - Got it for its Low latency and I/O. The low latency definitely holds up well to what people had been saying about it. The software mixer is not super complex, compared to other brands. Still find it very useful and is quick to set up a signal chain to your liking with very little fussing about. Just after getting a patch-bay which make me wish it had line inputs on the back, but i'm not too fussy. Overall I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to the RME, if on the hunt for a low latency interface. It can also run in standalone which makes it a nice option for I/O expansion via ADAT.
Old 24th November 2017
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Praxisaxis's Avatar

Mark me down for another RME UFX.

Be careful with the vents on these. I had it a bit crammed (though it was still vented), and my capacitors in the power supply died. Was heralded with very weird chirping from the preamps, which would settle down after a few seconds, but the problem gradually got worse.

But it was an easy repair, and it has been working as good as new for the past year or so. Great Australian supplier customer service too (though I ended up just fixing it myself).
Old 24th November 2017
Lives for gear

MOTU ultralite mk4
Old 24th November 2017
Lives for gear

Had an M-Audio AP2496 for years and it has been great. I added an AP192 and the Delta 1010 recently while I'm rewiring my whole mess. They sound great, better than the AP2496 but even that is still fine with a slight EQ tweak. I'm going to stay PCI as long as I can.
Old 24th November 2017
Apogee Symphony plus two Apogee DA16X
Old 24th November 2017
iZ RADAR Studio (16 channels of Classic96); also Focusrite Saffire Pro24DSP and Sound Devices 702.
1969 to 1980 - Grundig TK reel-to-reel tape
2000's - Tascam US122 - Yamaha 01X
Old 24th November 2017
Gear Guru
fiddlestickz's Avatar
Thanks Yoozer..

currently MOTU 828 MKIII once I finally worked out how best to set up properly and save templates I became much happier, would love an RME but so expensive, maybe in the future.
Old 24th November 2017
Lives for gear
At home?

Audient ID14 expanded via ADAT with an Audient ID22

Wish I could do it the other way round, going to pick up one of those ADA800's or whatever they are called

100% satisfied I'm getting the best sound I can and the hardware inserts are 100% essential

Only thing that MIDI, and those scumbags at Elektron criplled the Analog heat so it can't work as a midi interface, thus I keep a Focusrite Pro 14 connected via firewire as my midi interface

Wow....when I A-B'ed the Audient ADDA to the focusright......not pretty
Old 24th November 2017
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Acid Mitch's Avatar

2 RME multiface connected with pci cards. I have a Fostex VC8 on one and a Focusrite Saffire pro26 on the other giving 32 channels in and 16channels out.
It should be 32 in and out but you only get 48 channels over a bridged pci/pcie connection.
Old 24th November 2017
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manalishi's Avatar
A Saffire Pro 14 for the little iMac setup (was Steinberg UR22).

No interface for the main setup (a Roland VS-2480), although I might try an Audient Mico via SPDIF for another preamp flavour.
Old 24th November 2017
Gear Maniac

MOTU 1248

Everything I need in one box, including a nice mixer. It’s also just adequate enough for band recordings (14 analog inputs). If I ever need more inputs (not anytime soon, as my band has decided to get ‘pro’ recordings), I can hook up another MOTU AVB device via network cable.

Just using the USB with a consumer-level laptop, and the latency is tolerable.

I also have dug out my old Roland/Sonar vs-100 interface and found that it still is quite useful — they made windows 10 drivers! It’s kind of a 6-in 6-out deal with a basic mixer with good effects. It even does two track standalone recording. On the used market, these things are basically free, but still useful.
Old 24th November 2017
Gear Addict
Blackdog128's Avatar
RME UCX (studio)
Previous: E-mu 1616m pcie (upgraded from 1212m)

Tascam 144 mkII + Audient Mico (laptop system, primarily for recording piano in the living room)

Last edited by Blackdog128; 30th November 2017 at 09:41 PM..
Old 24th November 2017
Lives for gear
kuasalogam's Avatar
MOTU 2408mk3 (studio)
Grace Design m903 (studio)

TC Electronic Konnekt 48 (studio, previous)
Steinberg UR824 (studio, previous)

Novation Xio (home)
Novation Ultranova (home)

NI Komplete Audio 6 (previous)
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (previous)

M-Audio FW410 (a long time ago)
Terratec DMX (a long time ago)
Old 24th November 2017
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enossified's Avatar
Focusrite Saffire 40

Too bad it's Firewire, waiting for the driver support to end soon Working with computers is a bargain with the devil
Old 24th November 2017
UAD Apollo Twin Duo Thunderbolt, It fits my needs with ITB work, and if I need something I can always record Stereo or Record vocal lines. I never really record more than one instrumet at a time I'm a one man show
Old 24th November 2017
Audient id16
RME Fireface 800
Old 24th November 2017
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daviddever's Avatar
Current: PreSonus AR12 USB mixer (14x4ch @ 24-bit/96 kHz), XMOS XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB (Multichannel Audio dev kit) via USB / AVB Ethernet with prototype gain cards (also used as ADAT interface for older Behringer DDX3216 mixer on occasion)

Previous (in no particular order, some still around but not actively used): MOTU 828mkII FW, PreSonus FIREstation FW, CME UF400e FW, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB, M-Audio FW1814, E-mu 1212m PCI, TC Konnekt 8, Sonorus StudI/O PCI, Digidesign AudioMedia II Nubus, various Digidesign ProTools ISA / TDM Nubus / TDM PCI cards + Digidesign / Apogee / Focusrite interfaces

I have not experimented with MADI or Thunderbolt options, and have never owned an RME interface (yet).
Old 24th November 2017
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WozNYC's Avatar
UAD Apollo.
Old 24th November 2017
Gear Addict
I´m using Antelope Orion32 HD, before that i used the "old" Orion32+.

Very happy with it, expensive but a lot of advantages that fits my workflow: 64 channels via USB3, lots of inputs (32 right in the box, the rest via MADI or other options), immensely flexible routing, very hi-def in-built processing with FPGA effects and much more.

Before the A-route i had a MOTU 828 mk3 hybrid interface, and before that a Zoom UAC-8.

Mostly, they are running on my Windows 10 system, using USB3 as preferred port. Sometimes i hook up my sturdy MBP though and fiddle a bit with Logic.
Old 24th November 2017
Antelope Audio Zen Tour!

Top shelf converters and pres in a portable package. Love being able to just pack up and record anywhere renegade style.

The reamp outs are genius!
Old 24th November 2017
Lives for gear
Rufuss Sewell's Avatar
UA Apollo with 26 inputs

Apollo Quad (8 ch)
Apollo Twin (2 ch)

Focusrite ISA828 adat into the Quad (8 ch)
Behringer ADA8200 (8 ch) I use this for my DrumBrute individual outs.

It all syncs perfectly giving me inputs for all my synths and effects, lots of outputs for Space Echo or running tracks into audio inputs on synths.

The best part is that I can keep everything in my studio plugged in and ready to record at all times.

I also have live drums, vocal mic and guitar cans mic’ed up and plugged in.
Old 24th November 2017
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manalishi's Avatar
Originally Posted by enossified View Post
Focusrite Saffire 40

Too bad it's Firewire, waiting for the driver support to end soon Working with computers is a bargain with the devil
I had that thought when I bought the Saffire Pro 14. My solution is drastic: I'm snipping the network cable and turning off Wifi on the Mac. So it's locked into El Cap + today's Logic Pro X + today's FireWire drivers.

So now it gets treated as a standalone machine, never to be SNAFUed by another must-have OS/driver update. Well, that's the plan...
Old 24th November 2017
Gear Guru
fiddlestickz's Avatar
Do you guys make DAW templates for all your audio ins and outs to match your interfaces..?
Old 24th November 2017
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Spectralwaves's Avatar
Apogee Duet firewre (w thunderbolt adapter)

& 1st gen Midiman Midisport 2x2

before that a Presoniq Firebox (for some reason I found the sound a bit harsh & became fatiguing on long sessions)

I also use Roland VS2000 & VS1680 recorders & Tascam 688 (mainly as a mixer)

The VS1680 was my recorder from late 90s til late 2000s , before that a Yamaha MT1X & various 2 track reel to reels.

I didnt start using computers( ie PCs or Macs ,)in any way for recording or music until @ 2009.(except as a sysex librarian)

I used a Terratec usb interface for a while when I first started dabbling with Live 2 demo & Reason 2, it was dreadful, but not too bad on SPidf clocked by the VS1680 ..when it worked,which was rare ( I very rarely got it to sync with the VS1680..hated it! ).

@ Arthur Stone , I would love an IZ Radar system.

Last edited by Spectralwaves; 24th November 2017 at 09:12 PM..
Old 24th November 2017
I have 3 Echo Audiofires 12x2 and an 8. I'm looking at getting the Antelope Orion 32 and getting a midi patchbay.
Old 24th November 2017
Lives for gear

Ensemble II, API A2D, and 2 BEHR ADA ADAT interfaces. I WANT MAR INPUTS!
Old 24th November 2017
Lives for gear

Originally Posted by syzygywell View Post
I have 3 Echo Audiofires 12x2 and an 8. I'm looking at getting the Antelope Orion 32 and getting a midi patchbay.
did they fix their interfaces? I heard and had some friends return them for not working well, not clocking properly, and actually being noticeably inaccurate with internal clocking...
Old 24th November 2017
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brockorama's Avatar

Rme ff800
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