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A dynamic supercardioid microphone designed for the most exacting professional use. EV’s Variable-D™ design keeps frequency response uniform regardless of directionality. An integral blast filter permits handheld and outdoor use without “P-popping” or excessive wind noise. FEATURES Variable-D™ dynamic microphone, Supercardioid polar pattern Great for podium or handheld use Unique blast filter prevents pops in close-up use Uniform response independent of angle Humbucking coil reduces electromagnetic hum pickup


Mic'ing toms - under or over?

...similar sound. RE10, 11, 16 & 18, PL6 & 660 (same mic, different paint), the PL95 is simar to the RE16 but doesn't have the variable D vents so you get proximity effect (sometimes a plus).

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Today in the studio... (photo upload thread)

...That's a Bock 251 mic on the bass. Te drums have Peluso P12's for overheads, Sennheiser MD441 on snare and EV RE16 on bottom/shell snare. Royer 121 on Hats, RE20 on kick, Pelsuo TR14 tube ribbon on rack tom, ATM25 on floor tom. Keyboard recorded direct and midied for later Ivory or Keyscape...

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Ampex MX10 mixer mods

Hello everyone! one of these live recordings is out, check it out! and have a listen at: This was the old rig with the ampex and BG1 stereo compressor. All EV mics, RE16's and 648.

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