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The high-end of an RE-10 is less open sounding than an RE-15 which is actually one of the best sounding vocal mikes ever made.

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Official EV Love Thread!!

We have a pair of RE-10's, a pair of 664's, and a PL-10 which kills on floor tom. I prefer the PL-10 over the RE-20 for vocals usually. We also have an EV omni which sounds amazing in a good room but, I can never remember the model number. The RE-10's can work out very...

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Mic'ing toms - under or over?

...a reticulated foam windscreen. no differance they are the same! the foam has to be there. yep makeing a RE-11 or 16 into a RE-10 is not somethat a DIYer should be attempting!

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Product Description

The Electra-Voice Model REID is a dynamic cardioid microphone created especially for professional appli- cations requiring a sharply controlled super-cardioid directional pattern. The REM) is similar lo the Model REl 5 bul meets requirements where there is less need for precise unit-(0»unil matching of microphones, Like the RE] 5, the REIO possesses a degee of directional control so effective that frequency response is virtually inde- pcndenl of location of sound source. The result is a microphone that generates Little or no offiaxis coloration, yet provides the greatest possible rejection of unwanted sounds. A super cardioid, the REM) provides geatest rejection zlt [50° off axis. (Typical cardioids provide greatest rejection at 180° ). This assures greatest rejection in the horizontal plane when the microphone is tilted in lts most natural positi0n730° from horizontal, as on a boom or floor stand. An easily operated “bass-tilt" switch corrects spectrum balance for boom use and other longer reach situations. Using the mechanical nesting concept of designiby means of which the internal transducer parts are nested one within anotherithe REID transducer is a nearly Solid mechanical structure that is highly resistant to damage from mechanical shock. The exclusive non—metallic Electro-Voice Acoustalloy diaphragm is virtually un- affected by extremes of atmospheric conditions. A carefully designed steel outer case provides excellent magnetic shielding and additional mechanical protection. Case finish is fawn beige micomatte with black trim.