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Electro-Voice RE & PL mics...

I heard a friends' session which had a PL10 on the guitar cab and it sounded great. Really thick and fat sound. I've been looking for a used one ever since. For the stuff I record it's the perfect mic. Anyone got one for sale..? PM me.

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AML ez1073-500

...control of 1073-500 Remove R48 Lift pin 3 of PL 10 out of the PCB Add 3 wires; Yellow to the lifted pin of PL10 Red to the empty hole of R48 nearest to the edge connector Black to the empty hole of R48 nearest to the 470uF caps Add 5k log fader wired as per P&G standard" If you intend to...

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Help me make the most of my new mic locker.

Good mic's for an untreated room are tricky. EV's line of mic's are good for this: RE-20, EV666, PL10. You can get these mic's closer to the source without to much proximity effect. Also the MKH senhieser line has some SDC's that are designed for bad rooms, but are not cheap. Another line of attack is very...

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Product Description

Description and Applications The Electro-Voice Model PL10 is a professional quality dynamic cardioid micro*phone created especially for music recording and live sound reinforcement applications requiring a flat frequency response over a very wide range. The extended frequency response, coupled with an excellent transient response, makes the PL10 easily compatible with the finest microphones for pick-up of musical instruments or voices. The PL10 is a Continuously Variable-D® microphone. Designed as a cardioid mic, the PL10 offers the greatest sound rejection at 180° off axis with a wide rear angle of attenuation which is typical of a cardioid mi*cro*phone. Directional control is so effective that the frequency response is nearly in*de*pend*ent of angular location of the sound source, creating a minimal off-axis coloration, yet providing the greatest possible rejection of unwanted sounds. An integral blast and wind filter covers each acoustical opening on the PL10. At recording sessions or on stage, vocalists can work the micro*phone up close, singing with their lips almost touching the grille screen with no worry of P pops or ex*ces*sive sibilance. The wind filter also shock mounts the internal micro*phone element, reducing the transition of vibration from external sources such as drum or cymbal stands.