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Show me your *small* studio

...6 echo pro Line 6 mod pro Digidesign 003 M-Audio BX5a monitors Mics: AKG 414 TLII Sterling Audio ST-77 Audio Technica 3035 MXL V67G Beyer dynamic M300C EV n/d 357 EV n/d 357b Shure sm57 Guitars: Modded 80's Westone strat style. Reshaped more than once over the years. I love this thing, it is my "woobie". Just has something no other guitar has for me....

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Is this my best option, and what would you do?

...disposal: Condenser: MXL 990 MXL 991 AKG C418 x2 AKG C419 Shure Beta 91 Audio-Technica AT2035 Samson C02 x2 (Matched Pair) Dynamic: Shure Beta 57 Shure SM58 x2 Shure PG58 Electro-Voice RE11 x3 Electro-Voice N/D 357B Electro-Voice N/D 457 Nady DM80 Audio-Technica Snare/Tom x2 Audio-Technica Kick/Tom x2 Superlux PRA-218A ------------------------------- Now we'll have 11 inputs we can use. I'll list my plan and if anyone sees anything dumb, let me know what you'd do different...

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Product Description

ElectroVoice markets its series of N/D small-diaphragm dynamic microphones as female vocal mics. The now-discontinued N/D 357, which the N/D 367 has since replaced, is the middle price model in this series. The microphone captures a wide range of sounds accurately, with fairly quick transients for a dynamic mic. Its clean, bright, and unusually smooth treble response gives sounds an airy quality, but can sometimes introduce unwanted sibilance on vocals. While its small diaphragm limits its bass response, it has a very prominent proximity effect, which provides a recognizable boost in mid-bass. It captures sounds cleanly and smoothly, and its distinctive frequency properties add character that can be appropriate for some sound sources.