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Transparent Bass Overdrive Pedal


Distortion pedal/unit for more subtle warmth/distortion?

Wow! I think you mean Bass Soul FOOD, not Soul PREACHER. Food is overdrive, Preacher is compressor. I missed this one, but EHX really have released a BASS Soul Food! The Soul Food is an amazing overdrive, based on the mighty Klon that is very rare and expensive. I recently bought a JHS modified...

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octave pedal advice either the ehx octave multiplexer, or the mxr blue box. i am currently running the monotribe through an ehx bass soul food which will go once i get the octave pedal as they both have sone fuzz qualities. my question then, has anyone used either the ehx or the blue box with synths,...

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Way Huge fuzz for analog monos?

Cool. I had the EHX Bass Soul Food for od, but wasn't that impressed. I'm aching to try the Pork bass one, the demos (done with bass obv) sound nice. Does that have the impedance problem? I'm almost a synth pedal virgin so a lot of questions. Also is there a phaser or a...

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