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The Morpheus is a 32 voice polyphonic digital synth. It uses 16 bit, ROM samples (8 Mb, expandable to 16 Mb). It has 18 bit output DACs. It used Acoustic simulation into Z-Plane filters. Those were 32 variants of 14 pole interpolating digital filters. They were laid out along a 32-bit internal wordlenght, the total amount of filter types was 198. It offered 384 patches on 128 RAM, 128 ROM and 128 Card slots, and performances on 16 internal and 16 card slots. It had MIDI control, and 2 effects processors. Produced in 1993


E-MU Synth Modules (old digital ROMplers)

Seriously, I did. No joke... I had a dream last night that I was playing around with an E-mu Morpheus. I honestly can't remember the last time one of these crossed my mind. I always sort of wanted one, but I've never even played one. After having this dream last...

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EMU z-plane filters, that "emu sound"

I'm not just aiming at effects but also at full polyphonic synthesis, and what I have in mind should extend anything in filterscape by a long shot.

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Video/Audio Links To Your Modular Synth Tracks

...There's no stinkin' ESCAPE!!! Margoles: Make Noise Maths Moog DFAM Cre8Audio Chipz Cre8Audio Cellz SE Tonestar 8106 Mutable Streams Harvestman Lider Suboctave Erica Trigg Atomosynth Koe 2HP Vowel Feedback 106 Chorus Pittsburgh Verbtronic Rossum Morpheus Pittsburgh System Interface Qu-Bit RT60 Synthrotek Echo

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