Roland electric and zildjian z gen
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Roland electric and zildjian z gen

Anyone know if the zildjian z gen acoustic electric cymbals can interface directly with Roland td brain units? In other words, is the zildjian box required, or can you use the z gen cymbals to trigger the Roland brain directly?
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My guess is no, but I'm not sure. I personally would stay away from Gen 16 because they sound awful. As a drummer, the standard rubber or plastic cymbals work just fine.
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The Gen16 cymbals are not triggers, so they won't work the way you're thinking. They are very low volume acoustic cymbals with a microphone/modeling system. Acoustically, they sound bad, but the output from the module can sound like many types of cymbals. The acoustic sound isn't useful. Only the module output... They'd be pointless if you're trying to trigger cymbals.

Might want to check out some videos online to better understand what they are. I hope that helps!
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