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Roland TM-6 Pro advice
Old 7th March 2019
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Roland TM-6 Pro advice

Hi everyone!

I’m in the process of upgrading my kit from purely acoustic to an acoustic/hybrid setup.

The Roland TM-6 Pro module has really caught my eye as it seems to have all the features I want (layering one shot samples on top of acoustic drums / loading in my own samples / playing backing tracks and click tracks etc etc).


I’m wondering how well it stacks up in the situations where I want to put silent mesh heads on and trigger my kit as if it was purely an electronic kit (rather than hybrid).

I have seen it listed in the specs that it has a library of “v-drum” sounds - does this mean that it can perform purely as a V-Drum kit with multi-velocity , realistic sounds in the same way as TD-30 module or similar can? Obviously I’m not expecting the same size library as the TD series modules.

I already own a full set of clamp on Roland triggers, some rubber cymbal pads and even the Roland hi-hat foot pedal controller. Can I expect this module to let me use my acoustic kit as a fully electronic kit using my triggers??
Old 22nd March 2019
Old 4 weeks ago
Here for the gear

So I have had my Roland TM-6 Pro for about a month. I am an acoustic drummer of 40+ years and decided to go hybrid. So I bought 6 dual zone Helensson ITM2 triggers because I want dual zone everywhere. I have a 6 piece kit and want to keep it acoustic. Pretty big project converting everything but I am happy so far.

The Roland TM-6 Pro - It has 80 preset kits from the TD-50 supposedly and 250 additional sounds and another 500 One Shot Sounds. (Those are very good) very nice module. I love the layering. However it is very time consuming to modify the kits. and right now Nobody including support kits for the TM-6 pro so unless we get a group together that is willing to share kits with each other you are stuck with hours of setting up your own kits.

It seems very strange that Roland doesn't have a standard format for All or Most of their kits to work across All or Most of their modules. very short sighted.

so until something changes or we get a TM-6 Pro community going to share our modified backups of our kits we are stuck.
Old 4 weeks ago
Actually the pre-set kits are nothing to do with the TD50. The preset kits were all created custom for the TM-6 Pro. I worked on the acoustic drum library. I created some of the preset kits, as did working drummers Kaz Rodriguez and Michael Schack.
I disagree that the preset kits are time consuming to edit. I actually think the TM-6 is very quick and easy to use. Anyway....
I have just launched a product with another 30 kit presets and an additional (all new) 177 samples for the TM-6.
You can watch and hear demos of the kits at my site:
Old 4 weeks ago
Originally Posted by SplineSpider View Post
However it is very time consuming to modify the kits. and right now Nobody including support kits for the TM-6 pro so unless we get a group together that is willing to share kits with each other you are stuck with hours of setting up your own kits.
Have you downloaded the instrument list from the TM-6 product page.
I honestly find it very easy to set up new kits.
You just tap a button on the module (say for example pad 1), go into instrument edit, then scroll to the sample you want to place on that pad. There are short cut ways of scrolling through the hundreds of sounds more quickly.
So say I place a bass drum sample on pad 1. I can then start playing my real bass drum, while mixing or retuning on the instrument mixer page. Job done, on to the next pad.
I have set up my own kits for Roland TM-6 demo days etc and I have found it pretty easy to be honest. It would be EASIER if Roland would launch an app for the TM-6, like they have for the SPD-SX and the TM-1.
Old 4 weeks ago
Originally Posted by Gonebytim View Post
Can I expect this module to let me use my acoustic kit as a fully electronic kit using my triggers??
Yes, as stated in post #2
The first section of the internal library is all v-drum type sounds. So all dynamics and timbre change happen as if you are playing a full v-drum kit. Trigger input 6 has the option to input a hi-hat controller, so allowing open and closed hi-hats on that channel.
Each channel (6) has two sound slots, so you can also experiment with combining v-drum sounds with the one shot samples on each pad/trigger/drum.
Old 3 weeks ago
Here for the gear

Chris, I stand corrected. My ignorance is showing, but I am here to learn.

It's so cool to have a seasoned pro like yourself involved in a board with behind the scenes knowledge of a product I am invested in and relying on to work for me in a gig setting.

I am a UI/UX Designer by trade creating user interfaces for software that is used all over the world. When I say time consuming it's mostly because I am new not just to the TM-6 Pro but to using Electronic Drum Modules in any form. I am sure I will get quicker at it over time. There is a learning curve to it but I find my self getting faster at navigating the system.

Thank you.
Old 3 weeks ago
There are short cuts to getting through the long sample list to find the sample you want, but I agree, Roland haven't made it easy.
In addition, for some other products Roland have developed a desktop APP, so you can simply drag samples on to your pads. They really SHOULD have done that for the TM-6 Pro.
I think the thing is to have the pdf manual open as you work, and also download the extensive sample list. Once you've customised a couple of kits it becomes more second nature and you speed up, at least that's what I found.
At the end of the day, using it as a hybrid tool (as you are), it's extremely flexible and creative. You can really take it a long way from the basic pre-set kits you get when you buy it.
Old 3 weeks ago
Here for the gear

Yes, having a map of the samples in PDF as I work is very handy and helps speed up the navigation.

So when I was shopping for the module. The local drum shop was trying to steer me towards the Alesis Command module. One reason I chose the Roland TM-6 Pro over it was as a hybrid drummer I wasn't really looking for classic electronic drum sounds I wanted a module with sounds that sounded as real and natural as possible so I could have studio sounding drums in any gig situation.

What almost made me Move away from the Roland TM-6 Pro was the well produced professional videos didn't answer my list of questions (Acoustic drummer moving into the electronic drum world). The realistic sounding factory kits, The Layering and additional 258+ sounds and the 500 1 shot samples sealed the deal for me.

Roland's advertising didn't do a good job convincing me the triggers were the right choice. They really didn't answer many questions I, as a consumer, had about them. As a total Noobie to electronic drums I wanted to know if taking them off and putting them back on between setups if they repeated well. placement, sensitivity, how much adjustment would be needed. etc...

The more I use it the more I love it. I tune my resonant heads high and my batter heads mid range and they have really good tone and I moon gel the heck out of them to control the over ring in small/medium rooms and then there are the perfect samples coming across my Digital Sound System, Perfectly tuned maple and birch toms, snares that cut through, bass drums that sound like I spent hours adjusting mics and muffling. I play very light handed with Regal Tip 111NT Jazz sticks and to have all that response of those awesome layered sounds at my finger tips. What an upgrade.

My hybrid gig set is a Pearl Export Series 6 piece kit. I am a left handed drummer and I play a right handed setup (open handed). I drop my hi-hat down and that is the only adjustment I make apart from having a ride cymbal on the left. So a couple of overhead mics and a mic on my hi-hat and I am done. the expanse of having sounds assigned to all my rims is very helpful for a cover band with limited members. Timbales for Santana, Blind Faith, Peter Gabriel covers, claps or just trigger software events.
Old 2 weeks ago
On launch at the 2018 NAMM show, Roland showcased the TM-6 with largely electronic sounds played from a v-drum kit. Two things the product was not designed for.
In my (selfish) view, the TM-6 Pro biggest selling point is superbly recorded acoustic drums, drums that are recognised leaders in the industry (Ludwig, Tama, N&C and Craviotto), recorded in world class studios, by a grammy winning engineer/producer and three professional working drummers. 99% of other electronic drum products don't have that pedigree, largely offering nameless samples recorded by unknown people in unknown spaces - like the Alesis.
I see the triggers as separate to the TM-6 Pro. The latest triggers have been around for a couple of years and work with a variety of Roland products.
I use the Roland triggers and they perform well even at the default settings.
How do you use dual zone on bass drum?
Old 2 weeks ago
Here for the gear

Yes the real sampled sounds are without a doubt the 1 thing that sold me on it. If I hadn't heard all the great real drum samples you all had created for it and only heard the over processed electronic sounds being demonstrated in some of the videos I would have passed on the whole project and invested in some good mics. LOL

I haven't assigned any sounds for the rim on the Kick. Maybe I will mount a shell mounted padded block I can use that zone for but not currently.

I wanted a dual zone trigger that was the same across all drums with sensitivity adjustments etc. with the floor tom and the kick I did find I had to use a LOT of dampening to keep machine-gunning or spikes down. I purchased some big sticky bass drum gels and that seems to do the trick pretty well. I am sure center mounted triggers would probably be a better solution but it was actually the Roland Kick trigger that convinced me that I could do an internal shell mounted trigger for the kick and make it work.

So far so good but of course my experience level with all of this is extremely low.
Old 2 weeks ago
Here for the gear

One of my favorite things about the Roland TM-6 Pro is I can put it in my laptop bag take it to work with me put it on the desk and go through the kits and configure, save, backup, load, and tweak everything using the 6 pads on the User Interface. I can then take it home and put it back on the stand plug in and play the new changes I've made.

Note: someone needs to design a quick release mount for this module. !!!

A YouTube video doesn't do justice to the real sampled drums recorded in the studio. once you are in a quite place with your headphones on and trigger a snare or tom and then adjust the attack, sustain, and reverb. wow, incredible. Pearl's Mimic wishes it had what this module has in it. and I am a Pearl drummer.
Old 2 weeks ago
Quick release?
I use this stand and plate with my TM-6. It is essentially quick release, although the base plate retains the 1-2" tube, so the TM-6 no longer sits flat on a desk top.

Or you can use this, simple clamp, essentially quick release again:
Old 2 weeks ago
Here for the gear

I use the Plate and a cymbal boom stand and I have adapted it all to work together and be solid. but for it to be removed quickly you have to take the plate off with the Module. wouldn't it be handy to have a thin piece mounted to the module and a thin receiver mounted on the plate so they could be quickly slid apart? I will make a 3D Model of what I am suggesting. Something like a camera tripod mount so that you can get the module off clean without the plate attached to drop it in a padded case and go.

Some type of little dovetail mount with a squeeze latch release. it could all be plastic.

Last edited by SplineSpider; 2 weeks ago at 10:25 PM.. Reason: adding a photo
Old 2 weeks ago
Here for the gear


So something like this made of plastic that goes between your plate and module so you can quickly remove it and take it with you without some large bulky piece of hardware coming with it.

Last edited by SplineSpider; 2 weeks ago at 03:33 PM.. Reason: Image has changed.
Old 15 hours ago
A few people have mentioned very slow navigation around the TM-6 pro. But there's a least one tip you might not have come across. Using the 'enter' button in conjunction with the +/- buttons vastly speeds up navigation of both the kits and the samples in the library.
I made a video explaining it:
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