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Read first before posting questions in this special Q & A forum
Old 14th November 2007
Read first before posting in this special Q & A forum

RULES FOR THIS FORUM Unlike the regular 'open' forums this forum will be a 'moderated forum' that is run in a mostly Q & A format. All posts & threads made in this forum will be held back until cleared for publication by this sites admin.

Threads or posts made in this forum may be subject to editing - in the interest of conciseness.

Repeat questions - Will not get published. please first check to see if any of the existing questions relate to yours - if so, you are politely asked to read those answers first and then perhaps add a post to that thread with any closely related additional questions.

Threads that are not questions to our guests - Might not get published

Please note:
Even if the questions and discussion topics are good, they may not get published right away. The special guests will be dealing with a few questions at a time and you question may be held back for publication in a few days time. So please be patient!

DO NOT send pestering PM's or emails asking "Where is my question?' , "Why haven't you published my question?" or "where is my answer?" to this sites admin. If you do you risk a temporary suspension from this Q&A forum.

Many thanks,

Jules admin
Old 27th November 2007
Rules update - this forum has opened up to be more of a discussion forum than a strict Q & A format.

Its still has moderated posts, so these must be cleared first.

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