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The Dizengoff D864 is based on the classic Federal AM864 vari-mu compressor.

We chose to base the D864 transformers on much loved Peerless-Altec designs of the 1960’s. These are very highly regarded for their signal quality to this day, and used examples fetch a premium. We chose nickel-50 core material for the initial test winding.


Dizengoff Audio D864, who has one?

Same here. Lots of hype about this and it looks good. I've got the D4 pre - great and different to other pre's. WOuld love to get an update on shipping for the D864.

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...09 / 522 / Kraftzwerg / Dark Energy I / Avalon / nord rack 2 / Polysix 3630 / [email protected] / d864 / studio quad v2 / 1204 / mio 10 ZED 428 / APS aeon / UF-80 better quality pics: btw: my son is playing synths better than me :O)

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I love my Weight Tank as well! Amazing piece.

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