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Hi everyone So we have opened this new sub forum where you can post pictures and words on your electronic DIY build repair and...

Tim Farrant
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Tim Farrant 30th May 2012
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Hi everyone, I recently purchased a TAC Scorpion 16:8:2 in mint condition. I've decided to start a quick journal here for the...

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ulisch 2 weeks ago
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¡Hi Geeks! Finally, after four years of research and development (read it learning), four prototypes, many nights without...

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JAY X 3 weeks ago
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I've never done a build diary but since there was interest in the Behringer 2600 thread, I figured why not? This would be my...

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fallout 3 weeks ago
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Here is a project which should have only been a joystick controller but I got carried away :facepalm: Everything started after...

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xavierbzh 4 weeks ago
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Hello guys, I saw yesterday this whole series of great videos with Doug Ford. This one caught my attention as i have two of...

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Aurasphere 24th January 2021
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I have developed and build a USB midi interface on for the Korg Poly61. The design is based on the P6retro design but using a...

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edwinvanpoeijer 24th January 2021
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Not sure where to post this. I have a 56 channel d&r dayner console. It's too big and heavy. Can I make I make a smaller,...

David 123
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elegentdrum 24th January 2021
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Dear all, being interested to build some mic, I stumble upon this great simple site: Bodies...

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TormyVanCool 22nd January 2021
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I'm looking for a replacement battery for my trusty Peavey PC1600x controller because the old NiCad unit is dead and...

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UncleGroOve 21st January 2021
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Just thought i'd keep a running diary of this build. I've got a pair of 1084 EQ's in the pipeline, based around the Bluzzi...

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Bluzzi 19th January 2021
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hey guys, I thought I'd share a build log of my latest abomination - two Soundcraft 400b input strips in a 1U rack enclosure....

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Maverick616 15th January 2021
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Just built a couple CP5's. They sound good, but when I plug in a Coulour module they no longer pass signal. Also, one of them...

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jsbergjunk 15th January 2021
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hi everyone! i am planning to build some electret microphone connected and powered to my xlr input with phantom power. the...

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pingalep 15th January 2021
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So... A friend of mine came with a mic that has gone through a hard accident. Head was destroyed and, upon inspection, so was...

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rafafredd 12th January 2021
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Hello! :) Recently got my hands on an OB-SX, and from then I've been wanting to unlock its full potential. I've had lots of...

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nspaas 12th January 2021
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Hi guys, Does anyone have soundgrid wsg servers working with hear dante wsg to dante working ? How it performs in studio,...

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m_lameiro 11th January 2021
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hi, ive had this dp4+ for a few years but its been in transit from another country so not used it in months, anyway ive always...

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Notenoughtime 4th January 2021
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Hi, I recently got my first synth and im triyng to do some experimental stuff. I would like to build a fully DIY Spring...

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sin night 22nd December 2020
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just a few pics of a dbx128 I recapped & modded

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djkeet 15th December 2020
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Hello, I've recently build an ezPDI-500 from Aml. Unfortunatly there is a hum sound that make it unusable. Can hum be caused by...

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WestBerliner 14th December 2020
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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I didn't see any repair forums. Basically, as the title states, I have a UA DCS that...

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vicwind 11th December 2020
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whell this small beast have great sound... and since i keeped one of few I had.... i spend some time using it in studio. I...

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Royer121 9th December 2020
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Solid state Pultec, stereo, Elma stepped rotaries, Original Triad in and output transformers ...and then some...

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nickalpha 27th November 2020
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my latest build based on ssl4000 bus compressor, dual sidechain detector/turbo mode, sidechain HPF, mix n dry mix knob!

Simon Klontz
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nickalpha 27th November 2020
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Greetings, With the success of the Black Box, the IMT, the Dynatron and the HG-2 under my belt, I decided that it was time for...

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nickalpha 27th November 2020
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Hi guys, I have often seen that for soldering audio gear parts, a 60/40 Rosin Core Solder should be used. My question is...

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nat8808 23rd November 2020
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:cowbell: Hi, I have recently found an interesting thing. Micromodules by Syntaxis - it's Polish company (where I live)....

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differance 22nd November 2020
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Hi I have owned these LS-711s since I was 13 ... now I am 42. On these speakers I made my musical history. I don't know how much...

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Thomas W. Bethe 15th November 2020
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I’m getting bit by the diy bug! So far I’ve done a few synths (on kits and on breadboards), and going to be building a mic...

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Jtizzle 3rd November 2020
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Hello, I am repairing a Roland R-70 drum machine. It is missing both volume and value sliders and the board for the sliders. ...

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Jaga 3rd November 2020
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You know there are times like these when your life comes to cross-roads, a fork in the road where either the weak-willed walk...

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YashN 22nd October 2020
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Hi, new to this forum, just picked up a Crest Century VX 52 channel. I took a bit of a punt on this one as it's without its...

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deedeeyeah 16th October 2020
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Goal: boost CV signal from sequencer by 20~100mV. Hello I'm trying to design a circuit that would add approximately 20~100mV to...

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mogazi! 16th October 2020
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Hi guys, I just picked up a really cheap GT66 with a faulty power supply, it seems the unit was dropped and the transformer...

Mr Benn
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Mr Benn 10th October 2020
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Hi all, I was thinking of putting my thoughts on this site while embarking on a journey with a project was perhaps a good...

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YashN 2nd October 2020
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Hey there guys, replacing a Sterling ST-69 capsule that I busted... any thoughts on these guys here? I’ve got plenty of nicer...

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cdkelly 26th September 2020
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Hello Everyone, I've put together a DIY talkbox using a Monacor KU-516 horn driver (160-6,500 Hz frequency range), a...

Georg Figel
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Georg Figel 24th September 2020
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Dear, All Recently, I got vintage QuadEight Equalizer(EQ-444) without PSU. So I made original PSU.(+-15V,+-28V) But it...

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YashN 15th September 2020
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After trying a radial jdi duplex in my synth studio and thinking "damn this thing sounds great- i wish it had more...

andrew caramia
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raal 11th September 2020
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I have Peavey Valveking 112. The manual I downloaded says and shows in images “Minimum 16 ohms” by the external speaker jack....

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myrios 9th September 2020
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Hi got the Superlux HI10 mic. I wanted to open it, in order to see if possible to make some mod. But, there are 3 wires are...

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BartR 31st August 2020
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Calling the brains... Do any of you smart people happen to know if the 24/48V PSU from BAE that is supplied with their 6 unit...

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Forhulendorf 28th August 2020
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hi guys, i just bought an old dynamix 3000 console and i want to improve the sound of the preamps and eq´s. The desk is...

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jrhager84 27th August 2020
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Need a 1.4 Q +10 dB Bell at 20 Hz passive EQ box allowing both line-level and HP out inputs and driving Sneeheiser HD580\600\650...

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DAH 17th August 2020
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Hello Geekslutz, Newbie and hack from Japan here. Was fortunate enough to acquire a Soundcraft Spirit FX16 that was about to be...

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SKProductions 14th July 2020
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Just scored another Soundcraft yesterday. This one was sold as not-functioning. Got it for very cheap. It's a 18/8/2...

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Stripeyjoe 18th June 2020
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Just wanted to share a controller that I made for my JU-06A Here is the trick. I used these 3 videos from Notes & Volts as...

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Sense_A 17th June 2020
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I've been needing something like the Roland A880 for a very long time, but they were always so ridiculously overpriced. This...

Cpl. Punishment
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Cpl. Punishment 5th June 2020
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Hey guys I video'ed my latest kit build, I thought I'd post it here. I didn't do much commentary or anything, I just sped...

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Unexplainedbacon 4th June 2020
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Hi guys! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I built my first op amp, a GAR2520, to replace the ones in my Warm 412...

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cathode 30th May 2020