Soundcraft LX7 dead rail
Old 9th February 2013
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Soundcraft LX7 dead rail

Greetings fellow audio geeksters. I have a first version Soundcraft Spirit LX7 24:4:2 monitor board. After several years of neglect (storage, not abuse) I find that upon power-up only on of the ±17V rail LED indicator lights up. Angling the board and a discrete whack to the side makes the second rail indicator flicker. I've found some information indicating that the PSU uses a ribbon connector that desolders over time from the main board due to cable stress (cheapo build). I remember this to be a pretty decent board when I bought it fifteen years ago. My question is: Is there any way I could replace-resolder-substitute the ribbon cable and/or connector? I have mid-level tech repair and maintenance skills and I'm handy with a soldering iron. I'm definitely not sending it to Soundcraft for service, but it seems kind of like a waste to let it just go to hell. Any advice would be great.
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