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DTouch for Pro Tools V2 DTouch for Pro Tools is a new outstanding multi-touch Pro Tools control software application. The DTouch software perfectly integrates with the Pro Tools Mix and Edit windows, and it will improve your workflow with some non-conventional, but really revolutionary features! The DTouch application will offer you a direct and very fast interaction with your DAW, giving you a control over Pro Tools Mixer and Session Editor you have never seen before. DTouch is able to interface with all the Microsoft Windows 7/8 compatible Multi-Touch-Monitors. The possibility of using standard touchmonitors available on the market, will let you reap the benefits of the fast improving hardware touchscreen technology. Thanks to its Software-only nature and to the total freedom from a specific hardware, DTouch leaves a great space for future upgrades and improvements. The use of mass market available touchmonitors, will let you build a very affordable DAW control solution equipped with an high number of direct access virtual faders. You can freely choose the dimension and the characteristics of your preferred touchmonitor in order to shape your working place exactly as you like it.


DTouch for Pro Tools: Multi-Touch Virtual Control SW-Application fo Pro Tools

Devil Technologies announces the availability of DTouch for Pro Tools V1.2 DTouch for Pro Tools was released on April 2014. It is a SW-only application able to multi-touch control Pro Tools Mix and Edit windows by using a standard multi-touch monitor. During the recent four months, DTouch users enjoyed the power of multi-touch virtual faders, the fast...

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DTouch for Pro Tools: now available for OS X

Devil Technologies Maintenance Update - May 2016 The Windows and OS X versions of DTouch for Pro Tools V1 have been updated, bringing many new features and fixes. DTouch for Pro Tools V1 (Windows) DTouch for Pro Tools 1.5.12 Changes since 1.5.6: - Add support for "Hannspree Hanns.G HT 273 HPB" touchscreen Changes since 1.5.7: ...

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Metric Halo 3D Is Here

Yes! THIS! I am looking at various control surfaces and trying to decide what compromises I am willing to live with. If MIO Console provided multi touch support for touch screens, I would not need to consider compromising functionality as I could access everything on the screen. Yes, that would rock...

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