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The denise Brickwall Limiter is a delicate \'get-results-fast\' limiter for anticipating and controlling the peaks and dynamics in your mix, using your track\'s crest-factor to adapt its release time to. Set to its default settings, you simply drag down the threshold to limit the peaks in your track in a very natural way, utilising the limiter\'s \'fade\' and \'speed\' features that intelligently smooth out the required gain reduction, both backwards and forwards in time. With the \'boost\' switch activated, you can quickly maximise the overall volume using the output gain slider as the limiter\'s \'ceiling\' value, just as you would during mastering. With its additional \'style\' menu that applies an adaptive filter curve, and a \'link\' button to preserve the stereo image, the Denise Brickwall Limiter gets you fast results controlling the peaks and dynamics in your mix in a very natural way.*. (*Note that although the Denise Brickwall Limiter has a slightly higher CPU-load due to its lookahead scheme, this part of the algorithm will be bypassed when the \'fade\' control is set to 0%, making the plugin consume only about 33% of it\'s full CPU-load).


Need limiter that allows up to 30ms of transients to pass untouched.

Actually, as I think it through... it NEEDS to be a brickwall limiter. A traditional limiter has a release. If it hasn't released by the time the next transient passes, it's gone. I need something that works like Elevate, but with a longer window. Elevate works opposite of that paradigm. The...

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Softube updates and expands Valley People Dyna-mite plug-in

...gate/expanders) heritage of design? I use the original Softube release in basically every mix to this day, it's an excellent brickwall limiter for drums and vocals. Also RMS compression modes on bass, overheads... I'm hoping they kept this one quite clean and didn't over-do the "box-tone" which is not needed in this case. Hopefully this...

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DMGAudio Multiplicity

I think this a really good question, and really needs answering, so I'll have a go. Limiting is used to describe ratios of infinity:1 in compressors. Brickwall limiting, however, describes the process of making a signal NEVER exceed a threshold. A regular compressor with an attack time of zero (which isn't really a thing), set to infinity:1 would...

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