Hot Deals & Sales thread (This is not a discussion thread)
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Hot Deals & Sales thread (This is not a discussion thread)

Please post links, brief descriptions and an end date for any "one off"/"short term" deals and special offers you stumble across here.
Discussion of these deals must be located in the discussion thread, this thread should only contain the offers themselves!

Posting Guidelines: (evolving, please refer here frequently for updates!)
  1. This is meant to be a user-to-user communication tool. If you work for a company, posting the odd deal here is OK but if we feel that you are "taking advantage" and/or "spamming" then we reserve the right to suspend your access to the thread. Please contact or PM Grahamdwc or Whitecat if you need any clarification.
  2. Please add the date the sale is ending to your post (where available)
  3. Do not post any referral links of any kind, either monetary or for contest purposes etc! Direct 'generic' links to offers are the only thing we allow. You may be banned from the thread if you violate this rule.
  4. As has been mentioned, please limit your posts in this thread to deals/offers only. Discussion should go in the 'Discussion' thread.
  5. Please do not post any group buys for hardware unless you clear it with the forum administrators first. Uncleared posts will be deleted and your access suspended. Group buys for software are OK at this time.
  6. AN EXPIRY DATE IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED IF AN OFFER IS "TIME" RATHER THAN "QUANTITY" LIMITED. Please delete your post once your sale has expired!
  7. This thread is only for new products/sales. Second-hand and private sales are not permitted.
  8. The moderators & forum administrators reserve the right to remove any post or link without warning or recourse. In addition, we will periodically "clean up" the thread to remove expired offers, so if stuff disappears, it's because it's no longer available.
  9. No posting of competitions unless permission has been granted by the admin.
  10. No posting of Facebook "page like" campaigns/competitions.
  11. No "bumping" or reposting offers that have already been listed. So each offer has one post!
  12. Note to members & plugin re-sellers/dealers....Please do not post promotions that are not assigned uniquely to individual dealers (i.e. "monthly" sales by Waves, Toontrack, Sonnox etc.) in this thread.
  13. Also, please note that it is not acceptable to paste 'multi-product' mail shot images e.g. from weekly/monthly newsletters.

Thanks, happy bargain-hunting!

Attention Dealers: you must not use our Deal Zone to simply post your weekly/monthly newsletters unless you have received permission to do so. One-off "crazy" deals and sales that are unique to your store are fine, every now & then, but constant ongoing promotion is forbidden and you may lose access to this part of the forum!

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TC Electronic LM2 True-Peak Limiter: +30% discount

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Arturia Spark LE anniversary deal

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55% discount on everything @ Minimal System Group

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Limited Time Only: Get Stutter Edit for $99

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Apollo Plug-ins Promo

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30% discount on Leap Into The Void "Crystalline Textures" for Bazille

30% pre-order discount on Leap Into The Void "Crystalline Textures" for U-he Bazille.

Release date is March 13. Pre-orders are available from now, all the way through March 13, 2015.

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IRCAM TS is NOW available on WINDOWS at the introductory price of ONLY $99 (MSRP $249)

  • Sound source Waveform visualisation
  • Spectral information shown on screen
  • Transposition in percentage and scale format
  • Powerful Time Stretching
  • A unique Shape Preservation mode for voice transformation
  • Transient shaping
  • Harmonic and Inharmonic signals Remix options
  • Midi remote control
  • Real time recording directly into the application
  • Offline bounce (WAV|AIFF, 16|24|32 bit)

Link : IRCAM Lab / TS - DontCrack : Music & Audio Software Store
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Gear interested

Seattle Composers Alliance 2015 Auction

Seattle Composers Alliance 2015 fundraiser auction is Up and Running!

This year's auction sponsors:

Metric Halo (Production Bundle - 2 available)
iZotope (Ozone 6 and Iris 2)
CineSamples (CineSymphony LITE)
Sonokinetic (Grosso and Capriccio)
Toontrack (EZdrummer 2 bundle)
Soundiron (multiple titles)
Output (REV)
MakeMusic (Finale and Garritan CFX Piano)
Cinematic Strings 2
Hummie Mann (lesson - composition/orchestration)
Robert Puff (lesson - music notation)

Seattle Composers Alliance 2015 Spring Fundraiser | 32auctions

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Soundiron SFX - Subways & Streetcars - 4.3 GB pro sound library on sale now for only

Subways & Streetcars is a professional sound library featuring the sounds and environmentals of a modern major metropolitan transit line and 3 different vintage early 20th century electric passenger streetcars. This 4.38 GB library is built for sound designers, as well as musicians and composers looking for fresh sonic ideas to explore and manipulate. The sounds are standard wav files that can be used in any audio program and you'll find each wav clearly named and organized to make searching a breeze. The Kontakt presets take it a step further and put all of that excellent content into an easy plug-and-play interface, whether you're using it for music creation or pure sound design.

The modern high speed Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train system is located throughout the greater San Francisco Bay region. We recorded all 3 car models (Type A, B and C cars), capturing a variety of underground and surface lines, riding at various speeds, track conditions and passenger densities. You'll also find authentic environmental ambiences in and around a variety of stations. We also recorded a classic urban metro rail unit from the Key System, an urban streetcar network that once served Oakland, CA and the San Francisco East Bay until the late 1950s. The third streetcar type is an Interurban Combine from the Petaluma-Santa Rosa Railroad. This combination passenger/freight unit served as a link between communities around Marin County at the turn of the 20th century until the mid 1930s. The last streetcar in this collection is a metropolitan single-car tram from the 1930s, most likely originally used in Melbourne, Australia.

We’ve also designed 35 distinct dark, dystopian rail atmospheres, pads and evolving drones. They provide stylistically compatible moods and textures to the source content and are excellent on their own, when used in any context. This library includes a convenient CSV file for easy import into many common sound library database tools. We’ve also carefully programmed all of the content into powerful instrument interfaces for Native Instruments' Kontakt virtual sampler (VST, AU, AAX). Each preset includes a number of important sound shaping and mixing features, ram-efficient sample loading and unloading, and a great collection of convolution impulses, with lots of different spaces and special FX to choose from.
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Wavesfactory 5th Anniversary

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Enter Code potm2015-03 on checkout!
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Ethnic Instrument Sale 33-40% Off

Until March 15th, The New World, Drums And Percussion of Ancient Mexico, Ocarinas and Clay Flutes, Hidden Objects Percussion, and The Reggae Guitar will all be on sale for discounts of 33-40% off.

See Sounds And Effects for details.
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Plugin Alliance 48 Hours Sale - Awesome Plugins From as Low as $29

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