Hot Deals & Sales thread (This is not a discussion thread)
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Hot Deals & Sales thread (This is not a discussion thread)

Please post links, brief descriptions and an end date for any "one off"/"short term" deals and special offers you stumble across here.
Discussion of these deals must be located in the discussion thread, this thread should only contain the offers themselves!

Posting Guidelines: (evolving, please refer here frequently for updates!)
  1. This is meant to be a user-to-user communication tool. If you work for a company, posting the odd deal here is OK but if we feel that you are "taking advantage" and/or "spamming" then we reserve the right to suspend your access to the thread. Please contact or PM Grahamdwc or Whitecat if you need any clarification.
  2. Please add the date the sale is ending to your post (where available)
  3. Do not post any referral links of any kind, either monetary or for contest purposes etc! Direct 'generic' links to offers are the only thing we allow. You may be banned from the thread if you violate this rule.
  4. As has been mentioned, please limit your posts in this thread to deals/offers only. Discussion should go in the 'Discussion' thread.
  5. Please do not post any group buys for hardware unless you clear it with the forum administrators first. Uncleared posts will be deleted and your access suspended. Group buys for software are OK at this time.
  6. AN EXPIRY DATE IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED IF AN OFFER IS "TIME" RATHER THAN "QUANTITY" LIMITED. Please delete your post once your sale has expired!
  7. This thread is only for new products/sales. Second-hand and private sales are not permitted.
  8. The moderators & forum administrators reserve the right to remove any post or link without warning or recourse. In addition, we will periodically "clean up" the thread to remove expired offers, so if stuff disappears, it's because it's no longer available.
  9. No posting of competitions unless permission has been granted by the admin.
  10. No posting of Facebook "page like" campaigns/competitions.
  11. No "bumping" or reposting offers that have already been listed. So each offer has one post!
  12. Note to members & plugin re-sellers/dealers....Please do not post promotions that are not assigned uniquely to individual dealers (i.e. "monthly" sales by Waves, Toontrack, Sonnox etc.) in this thread.
  13. Also, please note that it is not acceptable to paste 'multi-product' mail shot images e.g. from weekly/monthly newsletters.

Thanks, happy bargain-hunting!

Attention Dealers: you must not use our Deal Zone to simply post your weekly/monthly newsletters unless you have received permission to do so. One-off "crazy" deals and sales that are unique to your store are fine, every now & then, but constant ongoing promotion is forbidden and you may lose access to this part of the forum!

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Old 10th February 2015
TC Electronic LM2 True-Peak Limiter: +30% discount

Old 22nd April 2015
Metric Halo’s “Gear of your Dreams” Sale

The “Gear of your Dreams Sale” special pricing that you have been waiting for is now available through your local Metric Halo dealer or distributor, as well as directly from Metric Halo via the Online Store.

Sale ends 6/30/2015.

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Old 3 Weeks Ago
Toontrack - May Specials

Old 3 Weeks Ago
Output: Signal special offer

Ends soon!

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Old 3 Weeks Ago
Save big on Dynaudio AIR Monitors

Offer is valid until June 30th 2015.
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For a limited time, WNP Sounds is offering its Channel Strip E871 VST effect plugin for Windows for only $9.99 (normal price is $99.99).
No code is required. Only for the first 5,000 buyers
Old 3 Weeks Ago
Izotope Alloy on sale!

Old 3 Weeks Ago
Gear interested

Two Metric Halo’s Popular Plugins - One “Heavenly Deal” - 79% off !

Athens Pro Audio is teaming up with Metric Halo to offer two of their most popular plugins, ChannelStrip 3 and TransientControl, for the “Metric Halo Heavenly Deals!” at a price of € 80 for both with VAT ! (retail € 187 each / € 375 combined - 79% off) !

Both plugins are VST (Mac & Windows), AAX (Mac & Windows, Native & DSP) and Audio Units (Mac) Compatible with a single activation code.

Visit Athens Pro Audio and BUY NOW: Metric Halo Channel Strip 3 + Transient Control - AthensProAudio EU
Old 3 Weeks Ago
S-Gear special offer

S-GEAR is now available for iLok! Until the end of May you can purchase S-GEAR iLok at a special introductory price of $99. Furthermore, existing S-GEAR machine-locked customers have the opportunity to cross-grade to iLok free of charge.
Old 2 Weeks Ago
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Virtual instrument and plug-in developer Rob Papen Soundware is proud to present particular time-limited upgrade offers on eXplorer-III, The Complete Rob Papen Synth & Effect Collection — combining all of its multi-award-winning Mac- and PC-compatible virtual instruments (including the recently- released RAW soft synth specialising in ‘distorted’ sounds specifically suited to electronic dance music production and beyond) and also all of its critically-acclaimed effects plug-ins into an attractively-priced performance and sound design dream bundle to die for — to owners of its paid-for products...

However, not everyone who has made a Rob Papen product purchase has yet to take musical advantage of the full eXplorer-III experience, something the company is fully aware of. Of course, customer loyalty is always an admirable attribute, so why not give something back to thank them for their patronage? Which is exactly why Rob Papen is determined to put a musical spring in their step this Spring by offering a number of generous discounts to qualifying customers until the end of May 2015.

Owners of Rob Papen’s EDM Synth Bundle (€299.00 EUR/$349.00 USD, including tax/VAT) or Urban Synth Bundle (€299.00 EUR/$349.00 USD, including tax/VAT) qualify to upgrade to eXplorer-III (€585.00 EUR/$699.00 USD, including tax/VAT) for €149.00 EUR/$149.00 USD (including tax/VAT), representing a substantial saving of €137.00 EUR/$201.00 USD (including tax/VAT). Owners of three of more Rob Papen products also qualify to upgrade to eXplorer-III for that same price, while owners of one Rob Papen product qualify to upgrade to eXplorer-III for €349.00 EUR/$349.00 USD (including tax/VAT). Note that only purchased plug-ins are eligible for these discounts and that any already- owned Rob Papen products automatically assume ‘Not For Resale’ status.

Similarly, owners of the original eXplorer bundle can upgrade to eXplorer-III for €119.00 EUR/$139.00 USD (including tax/VAT), while eXplorer-II owners qualify for a €44.00 EUR/$49.00 USD (including tax/VAT) upgrade — simply Login to the Rob Papen website (Rob Papen virtual synthesizers, instruments and effect plug-ins.) and request the qualifying upgrade in the My Products section.

So what virtual instruments and effects plug-ins does eXplorer-III bring to the production table (or even desktop), then? 13 Rob Papen products are at hand to help you follow your musical muse, wherever it may take you, all adding a distinctly different flavouring to the mix. Choose from Blade (representing the cutting-edge of today’s synthesizers); BLUE-II (so-called ‘Crossfusion synthesis’ since it covers so much musical ground so effectively); Predator (‘phat’ analogue synth with killer presets and first-class features); PredatorFX (filter, modulation, and effects plug-in); Punch (speaker-busting, body-rattling drum machine); Punch-BD (based around the BD module of Punch to create the fattest-sounding bass drums); RAW (cutting-edge EDM synthesizer specialising in ‘distorted’ sounds specifically suited to electronic dance music production and beyond); RG (electric and acoustic guitar grooves with sequencer and synth effects); RP-AMOD (modulation effects to spice up vocal tracks, enliven instruments, or even beef up drums and loops); RP-Delay (with six delay lines, eight filters, four LFOs, reverser, and more); RP-Distort (for distorting and dramatically altering tracks); RP-Verb (advanced, transparent, and musical algorithm reverb); and SubBoomBass (ultra-deep bass synth with built-in step sequencer).

Surely there’s something in there to suit most musical tastes? One thing’s for sure. There’s never been a better time than now to upgrade to eXplorer-III... Inspiration Soundware at its very best, both value- and quality-wise! Wise up and expand your Rob Papen product collection today.

eXplorer-III can be purchased as a boxed version from authorised Rob Papen dealers worldwide for €585.00 EUR/$699.00 USD (including tax/VAT) or downloaded directly from Rob Papen here: Buy explorer 3 (Various unmissable upgrade options are also available to qualifying Rob Papen customers until the end of May 2015.)
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Gear interested

Sound & Picture is giving away 50,000 subscriptions

Sound & Picture is celebrating its fifth birthday this year and is giving away 50,000 free lifetime digital only subscriptions.

If you're not familiar with S&P: We are a crew-centric workflow magazine that features editorials in sound, cinematography, picture editing, visual effects, and the latest in gear and technology. From pre-production to post, our in-depth content is covering every perspective along the way.

The free, lifetime digital-only subscription can be read on your personal computer and viewed via Apple, Android, or Kindle apps. Sound & Picture is also providing immediate access to the past library of issues. One free digital-only, lifetime subscription is available per email address. And yes, it really is lifetime.

You may have seen this announcement already through us or No Film School, but we wanted to share it with the great peeps at GearSlutz too. So if you haven't already, feel free to take advantage.

Sign up at The offer is good until registrations hit 50,000.

For the full release visit: Sound & Picture Celebrates 5 Years – Giving Away 50,000 Free Subscriptions - Sound & Picture or visist us at
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Gear maniac

30% discount - Leap Into The Void "Pads Of The Sky" soundset for Absynth

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Old 2 Weeks Ago
Plugin Alliance - Plugin of the Month: bx_saturator V2 - SAVE $130 in MAY!

Plugin of the Month: bx_saturator V2 - SAVE $130 in MAY!

Old 2 Weeks Ago
Boz Imperial Delay on Sale!

Old 2 Weeks Ago
Gear interested

Sounds And Effects May Sale


33-50% Off on the following sound libraries

Netherworld 1, Netherworld II, The Netherworld Bundle- all 33% Off
The Resonant Drop - 50% Off
Hidden Objects Percussion - 33% Off
The Wizard II - 40% Off
ODD (ReFill) - 40% Off
Rude Drums - 50% Off

Sounds And Effects
Old 2 Weeks Ago
Just noticed a big reduction on a number of guitar pedals from TC Electronics... perhaps worth buying in now before manufacturing switches to Behringer. They're cheaper in the UK, anyway!

The Dark Matter distortion is now only £36 and the classic SCF is now only £150. I think there are a couple others that have been reduced too but those seem to be the biggest discounts (the DM used to be £119 and the SCF £269!)
Old 1 Week Ago
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Try ADSR Music Production Courses For $0.99

Try ADSR Music Production Courses For $0.99

In-depth, professional music production courses. Unlimited streaming access - Get your first month for $0.99 use code ADSRGSZ

To take advantage of this offer and get more information on ADSR’s subscription service, visit

* Offer valid for new customers, first month only
Old 1 Week Ago
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All WordBuilding Choral Libraries on Sale!
Old 1 Week Ago
Softrave offer Etnic instruments plugins pack offer, purchase and save 50 % on 4 instruments

Softrave offer Etnic instruments plugins pack offer, purchase 4 plugins in pack and save 50 % on 4 instruments

Purchase & more info here

Ethnic instruments plugin pack contains Hang VSTi 3.0 plugin, Kalimba VSTi , Glockenspiel VSTi, Steeldrum VSTI Price for offer bunle is 25,99 Eu\28,99 USD

Old 1 Week Ago
Save on LM1n - Native Loudness Meter plug-in by TC Electronic

Old 1 Week Ago
iZotope Nectar 2 - On Sale!

Expires June 25th
Old 1 Week Ago
Gear interested

Dark Filmic Instrument - "Dark Piano Designer" Out Now - Free Try Out + 50% Sale

Replika Sound have released the first of a new series of dark textural instruments - "Suspense Devices" for Kontakt 5.3+

The first is The DARK PIANO DESIGNER, a versatile instrument built on Glissandi, Scrapes, Hits and Plucks directly on the strings inside the Piano enabling easy creation of original dark textures and loops.

15 MIDI Controls and a unique On-the-Fly Mod Wheel Sample Looping/Flipping feature.





Dark Piano Designer £11.50 / $18 / 16 Euro
All Kontakt Guitars £8.50 / $13 /12 Euro
All EXS24/WAV Guitars £6 / $9.50 /8.50 Euro

Sale Ends 7th June
Old 1 Week Ago
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No-Brainer Synth Deal

For the next month (almost), you can pick up Rhino (Mac and PC, 32-bit and 64-bit) plus four expansion sound libraries for 30 bucks. If you know anything about this instrument, you'll know this is a pretty exceptional deal.

Details are at the bottom of this following web page:

Oldies but Goodies – Rhino from BigTickSoundbytes magazine
Old 4 Days Ago
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pureMix 3 Part Series (Production, Mixing, Matering) Promo

pureMix has launched this 3 part series promo.

This is a complete tutorial about Producing, Mixing and Mastering a song, A til Z, from the artist Grand Baton, rock / electro oriented.

It's 40% off which makes it $38.90 only Get it HERE

Until June 3rd only.

Here are the trailer of the videos included in the bundle:

Old 3 Days Ago
Special offer on Shaking Through Recording Techniques and Memberships

Until May 31th, you can support the next season of Shaking Through by purchasing Weathervane Recording Techniques, or by Joining, Upgrading, Extending or Renewing your Weathervane Membership - all for 25% off.

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Old 3 Days Ago
Vienna Special Edition on Sale!

Five days left to save on ALL Vienna Special Edition products!

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