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DDA DMR12 good deal?

Hi, I am interested in this DDA DMR12 found HERE what does everyone think? I have read some good things about DDA on this forum. Any comments on how this would compare in quality to a Soundcraft Ghost (the current console in the studio) and also what sort of 'Character'...

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Solid State Logic announce the launch of SiX - The Ultimate Desktop Mixer

You might be disappointed. We did something similar at our spot comparing bounces from: - the x-desk - an AWS916 - a DDA DMR12 - pro tools io daw bounce - chandler mini mixer - fulcrum with 2 BAE 1073 pres - and a few others. I know some of you might not want to hear it... but the SSL strong...

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Voiceover Studio refurbish

...AD2022 stereo preamp coonected via patchbay to Avid HD IO inputs. Avid HD IO outputs are connected to a DDA DMR12 tape returns which is used for monitoring purposes. We can then send Pro Tools channels on the DDA via auxiliaries which send signal coming out of Pro Tools to headphones in our recording...

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