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Sknote C165a vca compressor with limiter and sidechain - Available now

I never used a real Dbx160, but for what I know 160 and 165 (and most of all 165a with its limiter) are very very different things. Anybody with some experience here? I mean on the two hw comps and how they compare.

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What's on your master bus? (analog only please)

...CL1MK2 1 ADL 1500 1 ADL 670 1 Airfield Liminator 2 1 Alesis 3630 1 Analoguetube*comp* 1 Atomic Squeezebox 1 BAE 10DC 1 Cartec 1 Chandler Germanium comps 1 Chandler LTD 1 Chandler TG 1 1 Chandler TG comp? 1 Daking Fet III 1 DBX 160xl 1 DBX 160xt 1 DBX 162 1 DBX 165A 1 Drawmer 1961 1 Drawmer Mk1? 1 Drawmer S3 Multiband Compressor 1 Eisen LilPEQ 1 Elysia Alpha 1 Focusrite Blue Comp V.1 1 Foote P3500S 1 Foote P4 DMS 1 GML 8900 1 GSSL 1 Handcrafted Labs Solution 2 1 JCF Lever 1 Looptrotter Monster 1 Mixbuzz500 1 Requisite L2M 1 Retro 176 1 Old World Audio U33 1 Safe Sound Dynamics Toolbox 1 Serpent SB4000 1 Serpent SB4001 1 SSL 4k Buss comp 1 SSL 9000J...

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Nebula must have chirped bad, really bad. I went through each instance muting them, it remained until i finally muted the 165A. So I put that on the clean bass to see what was up and sure enough, 4-1 compression, and it was making a high pitched chirpy sound. I started moving controls...

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