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Amazing on kick, snare, bass guitars, with just the right attack/release. Just tap the kick/snare with it before going to ProTools, to get some tape compression feel. Might be the best bass comp on the planet, and it's surprisingly good on vocals. The dbx 160 is a Voltage Controlled Amplifier compressor that uses a transformerless, solid-state design that has endured for decades. The program-dependent compression, combined with multiple gain stage components, creates a sound that is uniquely its own. The controls are simple: Threshold (with lights indicating above and below threshold value); Compression ratio from 1:1 to Infinity:1; Output Gain from -20 to +20 db attenuation; and three meter settings for input, output, and gain change.


3 New Plugins from Sly-Fi… by UBK, but not Kush!

... But, for my compression needs, this plug sounds plenty close and with more options. I have hardware 1176s, Dbx 160, 165 and la2a... New distressor is $1250 for a high volume buyer... You'd need two just to get started... I think people tend to forget how lucky they are now......

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dbx 160 used on most 80s hard&heavy songs for guitar?

It got used for a lotta things! I think the original dbx 160 (VU) is the quintessential VCA compressor. .

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Best cheap compressors (hardware) in 2019?'s even stereo. This was before DBX turned into crap (mostly), and it's similar to the arguably best one the DBX 160 VU except those go for like $800 now. DBX made some others like the DBX 118 and since they are not named "compressors" (technically they are for tape noise reduction) the hype is...

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