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16-channel Analog Summing Amplifier/Mixer 16x2 analog summing mixer


folcrom vs. dangerous 2bus-LT

You're way off here. First of all, every mixer ever built has these summing resistors feeding the mix buss and they all have an insertion loss. Technically speaking, an active (virtual earth) summing bus has MORE insertion loss, since there are (ideally) zero signal volts on the summing node. But you don't...

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UA Apollo First Look (user review)

...your tracks: Massive Punch and Detail Imaging You Can Grab Incredible Headroom Effortless Ouboard Gear Integration Expand Your Summing Path with 2-Bus or 2-Bus LT MONITORING: -Hear the difference when angling the mic a half inch upward for more head voice or down for more body -Feel the punch when carving out a 50Hz or 60Hz pocket in the bass track to...

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Dangerous 2 Bus LT or Phoenix Nicerizer Jr. ? describe the units, and if you have the money it would be great to have both. The "clean" 2-BUS LT is great because it will work great on anything you put through it, and you can use something else for color. The "colored" of the Phoenix will enhance the sound of...

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