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I'm really happy to post this. We've got our own subforum for Dancefloor Music Production finally. kfhkh Let's discuss...

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Karloff70 2 hours ago
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Hello all, in the spirit of the Acid showdown thread I thought I would start one for drum and bass. This could also be a good...

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ohmicide 5 hours ago
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Do you / would you ghost produce for s.o. else?

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Papanate 12 hours ago
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I necro'd this old thread, but it got no love in the Too much gear/time...

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denstrow 13 hours ago
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The classic song “I Put a Spell on You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins was supposed to be a ballad, but during a recording...

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hgigh 16 hours ago
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Progressive House, as categorized on Beatport, Juno and other online music stores circa 2005-2011, was some of my favorite music...

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JimmyLoops 22 hours ago
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Hi, In the next few days I'm going to buy a new synth, but with so much to choose from and with so many unknown synths I'm not...

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denstrow 23 hours ago
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Hi all, Venturing more into mixing with focus on unique and quality arrangements, I'm wondering what are your current effect...

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RestLes 1 day ago
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I need convincing their non-ambient output is any good. Lyot i get, sort of. It's about the feel for me on that one. But...

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jbuonacc 1 day ago
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Hey all I am looking for synths defining the rave / techno scene. Examples of synths in songs that I really like are 2...

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mutilatedlip 1 day ago
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So.. I'm trying to sing live on melodic tech house (inspired by Jan Blomqvist) but I can't find out how to properly get your...

Ja Man
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Ja Man 1 day ago
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Question: Do you think 90s electronic music sounds "****tier"/"better" than contemporary? I've been in the...

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NawSon 1 day ago
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Hey Guys. I currently have a Roland TR-09, which I really enjoy. I was hoping for a 707/727 Boutique release, but I feel that...

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Cantankerous 1 day ago
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with the release of the new Roland machines, it looks like everyone and Mr. Varaldo is in the mood to break out some acid. let's...

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vromr 2 days ago
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I have an imac from 2011 and an apogee symphony 1. Lately have some real problems with overload on cpu and hd. Also latency has...

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datafeist 2 days ago
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Reptil 3 days ago
Avatar for Mike4343

Been at this a couple years now and have slowly built up a decent pallet of plugins and also own the micro brute. Can anyone...

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Seamus O' Bottle 3 days ago
Avatar for tedmanzie

Genuine question from knackered old dad here, and not trying to prompt and old vs new tech argument. I just watched a Richie...

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Vortifex 3 days ago
Avatar for StephenWiley

I know there are not many of you left, but if you're reading this and you produced dance and trance in the late 90's I'd love to...

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Oompa 5 days ago
Avatar for DJ.Makosi

Long time lurker. First post. I make electronic dance music, 'club music'. When I make music I have a club in mind. I,...

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loopdude 6 days ago
Avatar for Osomeone1

General question about the swedish guys Im trying to understand how thier tracks so heavy and are still anthems in the scene...

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Osomeone1 6 days ago
Avatar for Analog8

I've always liked the sound of the TB 303 since I first heard it back in about ´87. About 6 months ago I bought a TB3 and was...

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vromr 1 week ago
Avatar for Nightmara

not a ting

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Nightmara 1 week ago
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I think there is an important discussion to be had surrounding dynamic range in dance music. Today I had my own mp3 collection...

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beatflux 1 week ago
Avatar for wavewalker

Hello clicking here and there , in "random" mode , snooping about the various setups, used in live..... between...

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mfc83 1 week ago
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arkos 1 week ago
Avatar for anigbrowl

Inspired by the French House thread, and with interest from several other people, here's a thread for all things Goa...

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Avatar for Katherine_Alicia
Katherine_Alicia 1 week ago
Avatar for mekanik

i remember listening to this maybe 10-15 years ago. and doing lots of x. good times. so i just wanted know if this genre still is...

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Derp 2 weeks ago
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Wiggen 8th October 2019
Avatar for wisdom

Thought I'd get a thread going about all things bleep, bass, breaks, UK techno since I've been listening to quite a bit recently...

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Avatar for Jiglo
Jiglo 28th September 2019
Avatar for mzed

Slutz ! As I’ve moved away from my DAW i am now looking for a hardware recorder. I make 90’s sounding house/techno and...

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Avatar for Lee Wilson
Lee Wilson 8th September 2019
Avatar for snerkler

Not sure if this is in the right place for this so please move it if not. I'm trying to learn the TB303 (well phoscyon plugin...

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Avatar for snerkler
snerkler 31st August 2019
Avatar for Rainball

As many will know, recently there's been a resurgence in 'Deep' House that borrows heavily from classic 90s house tracks. M1...

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Avatar for BudgetInfinity
BudgetInfinity 23rd August 2019
Avatar for andresl

Deep House


Hey. I've been really liking a lot of the more 'deep' dark house music that's been coming out lately, from artists like Tale of...

replies: 267 views: 62,635
Avatar for buckan
buckan 2nd August 2019
Avatar for B_and_W

Currently I'm gassing out, plenty of stuff I want to purchase but here is the thing that bugs me. I really love Euro Dance from...

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Avatar for Bignatius
Bignatius 16th July 2019
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Avatar for Ja Man
Ja Man 28th June 2019
Avatar for 1993

Hi, i'm just listening to D&B and left the 4/4 scene after the (i.m.o. great) Electro House vibe. I heard some Minimal...

replies: 35 views: 1,881
Avatar for bkbirge
bkbirge 20th June 2019
Avatar for Paradigm X

hey, anyone know what Bomb The Bass were using in 1988? Megablast and Beat Dis seem to to use the same machine. Ive tried DMX...

Paradigm X
replies: 20 views: 1,734
Avatar for breakmixer
breakmixer 17th June 2019
Avatar for ohmicide

I don't understand why so many are stuck in the past, using whatever classic analog synth because that's how they're supposed to...

replies: 941 views: 51,819
Avatar for Grumblepig
Grumblepig 7th June 2019
Avatar for 1993

I'm ouf of the club game... what do the djs play atm in clubs and festivals? Still this strange EDM **** from Aoki etc? Or...

replies: 104 views: 3,862
Avatar for pisstake
pisstake 31st May 2019
Avatar for kapsiras

Guys Good day i really need a help on that I recently purchase vengeance samples and i found this which is very...

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Deleted ea69e11 30th April 2019
Avatar for Clueless

Greetings! I've been interested in Xenharmonic music for some time now, but have found it both hard to find and mostly hard to...

replies: 5 views: 1,034
Avatar for tsrono
tsrono 1st April 2019
Avatar for bob_rock

Hi all. First off, I'm the least talented person on here. Let's get that out of the way. I have a lot of gear, but I get...

replies: 385 views: 15,307
Avatar for Reptil
Reptil 23rd March 2019
Avatar for ED.

Hi everyone, I have a question that has been bothering me for a really long time. What is the avarage level of the kick drum in...

replies: 139 views: 45,855
Avatar for LotuZia
LotuZia 7th March 2019
Avatar for SonOfSteven

Greetings, I would like to know some of the teqnicues used to master electronic dance music (House, Techno,Trance), Like how...

replies: 69 views: 43,385
Avatar for evenmore
evenmore 2nd March 2019
Avatar for Piu Pau

Hi! ive been making acid petterns for a while but i cant find the way to make this kind a heavy long acid basslines, there are...

Piu Pau
replies: 2 views: 478
Avatar for Oli
Oli 28th February 2019
Avatar for Reptil

So have a look at this "Circle of Life" thing. It's very simple: get a bunch of artists to perform on stage for the...

replies: 259 views: 6,766
Avatar for poserp
poserp 13th February 2019
Avatar for J Gabriel

Curious people’s opinions on what tracks sound best on big rigs/club systems I suppose this is especially for DJs who play...

J Gabriel
replies: 210 views: 9,621
Avatar for rcecil88
rcecil88 17th January 2019
Avatar for neoking

Hi! I know a lot of well known techniques considering groove/rhythm, like syncopation, polyrhythm, swing etc, but for some...

replies: 22 views: 1,328
Avatar for Deleted 7ad91e3
Deleted 7ad91e3 29th December 2018
Avatar for jonoiom

Masterpiece, any sluttage on kit? strings and stabs especially?

replies: 32 views: 13,005
Avatar for whatever17
whatever17 22nd December 2018
Avatar for Boy

About a year ago I saw a video on youtube featuring Rob Babicz as a young man with very white skin and a black bowl cut. He was...

replies: 10 views: 2,169
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Boy 15th December 2018


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