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I'm really happy to post this. We've got our own subforum for Dancefloor Music Production finally. kfhkh Let's discuss...

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DaCaVa 2 weeks ago
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Hello all, I'm new to the forum even though I've been lurking for years. Anyway I have a small and somewhat limited setup that...

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BenLadder 12 minutes ago
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with the release of the new Roland machines, it looks like everyone and Mr. Varaldo is in the mood to break out some acid. let's...

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DaCaVa 8 hours ago
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Hey guys and gals Just some questions about how to have more swing my drums as well as make my bass layers sound more like some...

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NawSon 1 day ago
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Our house is your house and your house is mine cooge After being kicked out of the acid thread, it was felt there was a space...

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usedtohaveajuno 2 days ago
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Couldn't find a dedicated thread for the tips n tricks for producing dub anywhere, apart from one from 2005, so if I may be so...

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DaCaVa 4 days ago
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Okay Slutz!. let's talk Euro Dance from the 90s. (including all the closet Americans who love/d Eurodance)... I would like to...

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Kicksalot 5 days ago
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Hey all! Those of you who produce softer and more melodic techno, what kind of master bus chains do you usually use for glue,...

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rhythmtech 5 days ago
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Hi everyone, Does anybody know or have any idea how Derrick May used to record his tracks in the late 80s? He used a Fostex...

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NawSon 6 days ago
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I’m consistently wishing I could detune just the tail end of kick samples. I can hand automate the tail of every audio file in...

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Orville71 1 week ago
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What would be your ideal hardware-based techno setup?

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chrisso 1 week ago
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I read an article the other week and I wanted to share a few interesting parts and maybe start a discussion about some possible...

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devontodetroit 1 week ago
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Hello all, in the spirit of the Acid showdown thread I thought I would start one for drum and bass. This could also be a good...

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Rogue Ai 1 week ago
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Hello guys I was wondering how max cooper is managing to create so much organic rythms. Like this...

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Avatar for blueflake
blueflake 2 weeks ago
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Inspired by the French House thread, and with interest from several other people, here's a thread for all things Goa...

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Avatar for denstrow
denstrow 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Sapro

Been making and performing music and putting out individual tracks for a while but this year I am determined to produce an...

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Sapro 3 weeks ago
Avatar for GH070

Hey there, I use flstudio 20 and the mixer isn't working as I think it should! In my mind it was so simple, but I can't...

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GH070 3 weeks ago
Avatar for Abovaabova

Thomas Bangalter (one half of Daft Punk) contributed to the Riga OST with a tune called Riga (Take 5). With this he made one of...

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Avatar for arkos
arkos 3 weeks ago
Avatar for jbuonacc

this place is a dead zone, previous conversations have stagnated and there's barely any new topics (not to mention how many...

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jbuonacc 3 weeks ago
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Dear all Good evening for everyone I would you like to advise me about the kick drum to make it short for avoiding clashing...

replies: 17 views: 924
Avatar for blueflake
blueflake 3 weeks ago
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Hi everyone, I'm a programmer of ...Loops: an open source multi user step sequencer Web app. I'm looking for electronic... jams
replies: 0 views: 255
Avatar for jams jams 4th March 2020
Avatar for artist202

Might have already been asked, but all I could find on here were questions about EQUIPMENT used to create Aphex or Squarepusher...

replies: 2 views: 529
Avatar for chaosium
chaosium 4th March 2020
Avatar for Rainball

As many will know, recently there's been a resurgence in 'Deep' House that borrows heavily from classic 90s house tracks. M1...

replies: 404 views: 42,297
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flsh333 3rd March 2020
Avatar for droppingdeuces

I know it doesn't really matter where you long at the track sounds good at the end. But if you start your mix in...

replies: 17 views: 776
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Mantik 25th February 2020
Avatar for youngpadawan42

I think this new track by Ken Ishii might just have the best sonics I've ever heard in any dance track ever:...

replies: 3 views: 719
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rhythmtech 23rd February 2020
Avatar for wavewalker

Hello clicking here and there , in "random" mode , snooping about the various setups, used in live..... between...

replies: 349 views: 24,779
Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 22nd February 2020
Avatar for whoisriccardo

No real purpose here, I just spend a lot of time everyday trying to reproduce synth sounds and this one got me kind of...

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Avatar for Methlab
Methlab 19th February 2020
Avatar for out-of-bed

This is basically a software vs budget hardware question. I'm using mostly jomox mbase 01 and/or E-mu SP 1200 with filter for...

replies: 47 views: 17,148
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Mantik 19th February 2020
Avatar for Reptil

nicely done kfhkh

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Avatar for Reptil
Reptil 18th February 2020
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I think there is an important discussion to be had surrounding dynamic range in dance music. Today I had my own mp3 collection...

replies: 57 views: 3,097
Avatar for thermal
thermal 16th February 2020
Avatar for Monsieur_R

I’m working on a track that has an ideal bpm of 147-150. Arrangement/soundwise it would fit perfectly with Uplifting Trance...

replies: 3 views: 327
Avatar for Benjaymun
Benjaymun 15th February 2020
Avatar for Tom H

Here is a project I am involved with and want to share with you guys. A podcast about the history of Dutch electronic music,...

Tom H
replies: 14 views: 679
Avatar for Tom H
Tom H 14th February 2020
Avatar for rquinn100

Absolutely desperate to figure out this technique or how this effect can be achieved. In this Marie Davidson remix John...

replies: 6 views: 361
Avatar for monomer
monomer 11th February 2020
Avatar for RestLes

Hi all, Venturing more into mixing with focus on unique and quality arrangements, I'm wondering what are your current effect...

replies: 12 views: 868
Avatar for NawSon
NawSon 8th February 2020
Avatar for mekanik

i remember listening to this maybe 10-15 years ago. and doing lots of x. good times. so i just wanted know if this genre still is...

replies: 127 views: 6,268
Avatar for Benjaymun
Benjaymun 6th February 2020
Avatar for Lune

There was a period of time from the late 60's/early 70's when psychedelic music had a number of bands (notably Pink Floyd) and...

replies: 145 views: 7,767
Avatar for PsyKology
PsyKology 25th January 2020
Avatar for Nleif

I've been producing electronic music since I was 12 playing around with the old tried and true Korg er-1. Nowadays I have a...

replies: 5 views: 464
Avatar for denstrow
denstrow 22nd January 2020
Avatar for DJ.Makosi

Long time lurker. First post. I make electronic dance music, 'club music'. When I make music I have a club in mind. I,...

replies: 73 views: 3,632
Avatar for denstrow
denstrow 11th January 2020
Avatar for Analog8

I've always liked the sound of the TB 303 since I first heard it back in about ´87. About 6 months ago I bought a TB3 and was...

replies: 247 views: 31,787
Avatar for antto
antto 11th January 2020
Avatar for lineofcontrol

Let's hear some of your fave epic acid lines. Could be tb303 , sh101or even mc202 based. Might even be soft synths or...

replies: 189 views: 14,052
Avatar for Kerbkrawler
Kerbkrawler 1st January 2020
Avatar for dim tri

Dear Gearslutz, I would like to make some industrial raw techno with ableton. Could you recommend me any plugin that would...

dim tri
replies: 56 views: 11,717
Avatar for Pairi
Pairi 26th December 2019
Avatar for StephenWiley

I know there are not many of you left, but if you're reading this and you produced dance and trance in the late 90's I'd love to...

replies: 141 views: 44,856
Avatar for olafmol
olafmol 25th December 2019
Avatar for Reptil

Pretty good docu about Hi-Energy disco and the clubs it was played at. kfhkh french spoken, english...

replies: 0 views: 381
Avatar for Reptil
Reptil 24th December 2019
Avatar for ErebusdeReis

Hey guys, I was searching what kind of effect used in that song. between 0:16 -...

replies: 1 views: 356
Avatar for Unique Felix
Unique Felix 20th December 2019
Avatar for kcearl

Whats the background? Are you playing somewhere regularly, do you make a living, whats your set up, fan base, in a band...

replies: 70 views: 4,649
Avatar for SquarewavLabel
SquarewavLabel 5th December 2019
Avatar for modularfreq

100%% modular performed album by multimedia artist 0010x0010. freq/

replies: 1 views: 299
Avatar for Deleted 80b9b09
Deleted 80b9b09 4th December 2019
Avatar for newspapers

Hey all I am looking for synths defining the rave / techno scene. Examples of synths in songs that I really like are 2...

replies: 25 views: 1,900
Avatar for Benjaymun
Benjaymun 4th December 2019
Avatar for datafeist

I have an imac from 2011 and an apogee symphony 1. Lately have some real problems with overload on cpu and hd. Also latency has...

replies: 5 views: 497
Avatar for spol
spol 2nd December 2019
Avatar for memristor

Do you / would you ghost produce for s.o. else?

replies: 37 views: 1,124
Avatar for Bignatius
Bignatius 21st November 2019
Avatar for JimmyLoops

Progressive House, as categorized on Beatport, Juno and other online music stores circa 2005-2011, was some of my favorite music...

replies: 10 views: 614
Avatar for rcecil88
rcecil88 19th November 2019
Avatar for soundmodel

Question: Do you think 90s electronic music sounds "****tier"/"better" than contemporary? I've been in the...

replies: 517 views: 18,476
Avatar for Somebodyperson
Somebodyperson 19th November 2019


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