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Sigmund is far from just another delay: it consists of four discrete delay units, each with its own, independent set of parameters offering an incredible degree of sound-shaping freedom. There's an ancient saying, often attributed to Aristotle: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With Sigmund, this is especially true: each of the delay lines has complementary modules built in, independent from the feedback loop: • Multi-mode Filter (can work either in or outside of the feedback loop) • Overdrive module • Amplitude modulator (for tremolo effects) But that's not all: Sigmund has two general-purpose Modulators which can be used to auto-modulate some of the delay lines' internal parameters. There are three different modes a Modulator can operate in: • LFO - Used subtly on time parameter can delicately bring a sound to life, to add gently flowing, modulated warmth reminiscent of the analog delays of yesteryear. At extreme settings, the LFO is capable of twisting the input signal utterly beyond recognition and into what you might expect transmissions from an alien civilization to sound like! • Envelope - In combination with built-in Transient Detector gives you a very powerful tool; when applied on amplitude allows to freely shape sound’s dynamics to control how it blends in the whole mix.. • Peak follower - It’s a must-have for a Modulator; nothing else will do such expressive wah-wah effect, when filter cutoff is influenced by. Surely in the hands of skilled sound designer it will have many other applications beyond that. This all adds up to an immensely powerful architecture, the potential of which can be explored nearly endlessly and often with hardly predictable outcomes.


D16 announces new delay plugin "Sigmund"

Good news, I was looking for an easy to use delay and Sigmund looks like a winner ! Can't wait to try it...

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D16 Frontier - Self-Adaptive Versatile Limter

D16 deserves more love from us. Devastor 2 is the king of all distortion units. Antresol, Sigmund, Decimort are also top quality plugins. Can't wait to try the Frontier Limiter.

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Novation Peak

Registered Novation customers actually benefit from regular 'Sound Collective' offers, rather than the 'Plug-In Collective' offers available to Focusrite customers. The current Sound Collective offer is Tracktion's BioTek virtual instrument. Sound Collective | Novation

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