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An analog drum machine clone of the famous TR606, coming with a lot of new features and improvements, from the sound point of view as well as the ergonomics of the machine and the sequencer. Global Features Shuffle Amount | Flam Time | MIDI In / Out channels Illuminated buttons: 26 | Tap Tempo Input | System LED color Nuance: Automatic rhythmic Tone variation (per-instrument) - Numerous possibilities for customizing the LEDs colors to better identify your patterns and more. A modern and very powerful sequencer : - 64 user patterns, up to 64 steps per pattern. - Non-volatile memory (no more batteries required !!!). - Adjust the swing / shuffle to add groove to your productions. - Ability to switch between WRITE (recording mod) and PLAY (playback mode) without interrupting the playback of the pattern. - Individual instruments mute switch. - Ability to save kits. - New Fill fonction, let you add variation (break / rolls) to a pattern. Once the pattern Fill cycle is finished the sequence automatically returns to the main pattern. - Roll and Flam function adds realism to your patterns and especially the fills. - Nuances / Modulations. This unique function makes it possible to bring life into your sequences by adding complex variations (tone modulation) more or less subtle. The modulation controls the TONE setting, a different NUANCE setting can be programmed for each instrument. - Advanced editing features like COPY / PASTE / CLEAR and much more. - All the parameters are controllable via midi control change (Midi CC). connectivity : - Analog audio circuit. - Excellent audio spécifications and noise floor (widely improved compared to the original). - Clap and Rim Shot instruments not present on the original. - 9 instruments (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Low Tom, Hi Tom, Cymbale, Open Hat, Closed Hat, Rim Shot, Clap). - CLOSED et OPEN HIHAT chunk like the original. Which give you this so much desired HiHat sound when closed and open hats are programmed on the same steps. - 7 separates outputs and 1 main output (mono). - 1 Midi in and out. - Volume knob per instruement. - TONE setting per instrument, let you modify the sound (tune or decay or snap) for each instrument. Then the edited instruments could be saved as a Kit. Pattern Features Pattern Length: 1-64 steps Per-instrument, per-step modifiers: Accent, Flam, Roll Programmable Fill variation for each pattern Time scales: 16th note, 32nd note, 8th note triplet, 16th note triplet Assignable pattern LED color Pattern Copy / Paste functions


April 2018 New Gear thread

new TT606 dropped through the letterbox this week to join the rest of the acid crew, it is temporarily sitting on a blofeld keys until i build my enclosure for this the 303 and 2nd Octatrack, perfect fit where it is actually :lol: These things have not been given enough coverage imo, I was unsure...

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2nd hand TR08 or wait for RD808 ? off there. i'm sure it's brilliant. just not drawn to it. lol who's talking about 'reasonable'? and then there's another direction: TT606

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TT-78 noise floor higher than TT-606?

Fedex delivered one of those nifty Cyclone Analogic TT-78 drum machines today. I already own the TT-606 and TT-303 from the same company. Sadly, the TT-78 seems to have a much higher noise floor than the other two machines. Is this normal? Turning the "Tone" knob produces a bit of a weird noise, too....

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