Recording problem crackling and pops
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Recording problem crackling and pops

Hello ! I bought a m-audio fast track ultra about 2 month ago. Everything was fine until last week. When I record there are some weird crackling and pops sound while I record and the playback. It's the same problem with cubase 5 and pro tools hd10. I format my computer and reinstall everything and its the same :/ what should I do ?
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Here are some suggestion you could try.
They are listed lowest cost first.
1. make sure you are using the correct ASIO driver for your device in Cubase device settings.
2. Make sure you have enough RAM 8Gb is desirable on a 64 bit system
3. Increase the buffer size of the device.
4. reinstall the OS with no extra 3rd party garbage and don't install driver you don't require. (google DPC latency monitor) sounds like yo tried this
4. disable plugins for each track and find the ones that have high CPU overhead. Freeze those.
5. Make use of effect channels to distribute CPU workload.
6. Use plugs in that aren't so demanding.
7. Upgrade you CPU to higher clock rate
8. Upgrade the entire computer
9. use external analogue gear instead of plug ins
10. Networks several systems together to distribute the work load (might require multiple copies of software)
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Hello alex2411,

If you are on a PC I will recommend you to read the following KB article:

Optimizing Windows for DAWs

Best regards,
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