Do I have to download the update on the computer it's on?
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Do I have to download the update on the computer it's on?

Bought and installed the boxed 6.5 upgrade from 4 recently in the grace period and want to put 7 on now. But my home internet is super slow and has a low download ceiling before massive charges kick in and the upgrade is so massive. If I give my friend with super fast internet and no low limit my eLicenser can he download the upgrade on to a DVD for me to install on my computer?

I need to upgrade from Mac OS 10.6.8 to 10.7 at the same time and that's massive and only downloadable now these days too (at least cheaply) so I thought I'd have him do both things in one go.

Worst case scenario I guess I could take my whole computer across the street to my neighbors and do it too. But the DVD option would probably be less of a pain in the butt for others.
Old 9th December 2012
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I don't think you need to have any previous version installed on your computer. What you need, however, is a dongle with a license for the version you're upgrading from plugged in your machine.
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