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The Crown® PZM®-30D is a Pressure Zone Microphone® and the PZM-6D is a Pressure Zone Microphone. Both are designed for professional recording, sound reinforcement and broadcasting. It has many applications, from miking full orchestras or individual musical instruments to security or teleconferencing. Each mic has a switchable dual frequency response: rising (R) or fl at (F). The “rising” position adds brilliance. This makes it useful wherever a crisp attack is desired, such as on percussion, drums, or piano. The user can get a bright sound without boosting high frequencies on the recording console; the result is lower noise. The “fl at” position provides a smooth, fl at, high-frequency response for natural sound reproduction. The PZM-30D is sturdy and reliable because it can be used with a rugged detachable cable. The PZM-6D has a smaller plate. Its low profile, unobtrusive appearance is appreciated in conference rooms, as well as on television, fi lm and video productions. When suspended over an orchestra on a clear panel, the PZM-6D practically disappears. Its miniature, perma- nently attached 15-foot cable also reduces visual clutter. Model PZM-6DS2 has a 6-foot cable, and can be special-ordered from your Crown dealer.


Thoughts on my Mic Locker

... (3) Sennheiser MD 441U (1) Electrovoice RE20 (1) Crown PZM-30D (1) Shure SM57 (4) Shure SM7B ...

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Crown 30-D pzm & Crown PH-1A phantom power

...resistors and (2) 100uF coupling caps. That arrangement (running it on +18 volts with 1k resistors) will drop the PZM30D output by a few dB, but is still within the minimum recommended impedance loading for the mic, so will work.

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Mic’ing upright piano. PZMs?

I use the Crown ones: Crown PZM30D Boundary Microphone: Musical Instruments Tape it right on the soundboard and it fills the space between the 2 stereo condensers.

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