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In search of a SoundCard

um, budget? recording goals? what kind of outboard instruments, vocals, mic's will it be interfacing with? software? o/s? i started out with an Echo Darla, which i was really happy with for a few years & moved to a Creamware Project which i am still happy with. Both manufacturers make solid cards.

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Audio interface as a mixer - possible?

Big thanks for this - it might save me time really. What do you think about HDSPe MADI FX/RayDAT + Antelope Orion 32 combo? Some people here think the higher overall channel count contributes to higher latencies even through MADI. I haven't found a user here yet who has this combo but others talk about...

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I would love to have 32 inputs via thunderbolt...

i run a pair of old Creamware Project cards to a similar effect. they also offer 6 DSP chips & 16 ADAT channels each, additional in/out/midi connections on the cards. the CW Scope Platform offers a routing pool as well (pic below). this type of setup is great for capturing "jams" with multiple people...

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