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The Pro Audio show must go on! Here we are going to share with you stories of how the pro audio industry is keeping on keeping...

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The Press Desk 15 hours ago
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A lot of software companies have just released totally free plug ins to cheer people up during gloomy times You can find our...

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Jules 1 week ago
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Black tea has chemicals inside that fight covid-19. Not green tea but black tea. Ginseng helps. Houttuynia cordata certainly...

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kaiser_of_1kHz 1 minute ago
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If you report enough posts you get a thread locked, well done. Some great info in that thread now itll likely sink to the bottom...

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JL1000 1 minute ago
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I'm a huge sports nut, so depressing there's no football anymore, no F1, no Surfing, no cricket.. So much of our lives...

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jbuonacc 1 hour ago
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...if you are sitting at home like many, you DO have the time now to back up your computer files. :heh:

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jbuonacc 2 hours ago
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No discussion, please, facts only. Please no conspiracy theories, nor apeasement articles from the press/media only original...

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jbuonacc 2 hours ago
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OPEN FOR BUSINESS A short & positive message from EveAnna Manley to all our friends and members of the Manley family: While...

EveAnna Manley
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EveAnna Manley 2 hours ago
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1) A study at MIT has found that 6 feet (2 metres or so) of social distancing is unlikely to do the job: ...

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razorboy 2 hours ago
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The disease is caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2.) The Ruling Classes have renamed it...

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razorboy 4 hours ago
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well..what you believe?will be increases at the prices and delays at the production. My opinion is for sure...

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Lee Wilson 7 hours ago
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It’s sad, depressing, most of us are on some kind of lockdown, self imposed or otherwise, so, let’s have some fun. Post some...

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realtrance 9 hours ago
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Hello, my question is.. I’ve backed up numerous songs to my PC hard drive and trying to retrieve them via external hard drive....

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Slickejooks 10 hours ago
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Greetings fellow Gearslut members, I trust you and families are well. I made this post for FB (since at this time everyone only...

Stuart B
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octatonic 10 hours ago
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Who is still going to / using their studios during this time? For solo work, like mixing, mastering, editing, composing, ...

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johnnyc 12 hours ago
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Everything starts with the breath. In and out, out and in. Rising and falling. yingyang I'm unable to talk with people as much...

Arthur Stone
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Arthur Stone 15 hours ago
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Maybe I stepped into the wrong subforum? What...

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Honch 15 hours ago
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Who discovered Covid 19 virus? Is that spread accidental or planned? The US blamed china and on the other hand, china blamed...

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telecode 19 hours ago
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german only! they just recovered and now corona. one of the few companies i only have good experiences with, starting with...

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DirkP 20 hours ago
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I am a music producer live in home is in the center of the outbreak area. This all became so urgent since january...

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dotahai 1 day ago
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Thats all we need one of these domestic whackos taking out a hospital, I bet their security is overwhelmed just as...

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fiddlestickz 1 day ago
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So with the gloom and doom let's have some positive stories. On my local TV news this morning was a story of two paper...

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breakmixer 1 day ago
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Just a thread to discuss how you are spending your "shelter in place" time, and how you are prepped for this. Me on...

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kcearl 1 day ago
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breakmixer 1 day ago
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For those who might need a break from all the hoopla: What films might you recommend? They could be "uplifting"...

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12ax7 1 day ago
Avatar for Samc

A few important cancellations and travel complications for me thus far...everything in Asia has been cancelled, and many of the...

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chrisso 1 day ago
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Controlled clinical trial in Shanghai finds Next...

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JL1000 1 day ago
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Pretty much said it in the title. Just trying to pass the time. Under quarantine (hospital.) I’ve had everything in my life,...

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bill5 2 days ago
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So, in times of quarantine, I wonder if there is a reliable way to stream audio/video from my DAW to a friend so we can work on...

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ashm 2 days ago
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In New Zealand, we are still operating as usual. But I want to take all the precautions I can to stop the virus spreading in the...

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Klaus 2 days ago
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AES Nashville Leaders Share Quarantine-Driven Online Education Plan AES Nashville Chair Michael Hanson and Committee...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 2 days ago
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raggedman 2 days ago
Avatar for Papanate

Odd subject I know - last night I was pondering the 3 month loss of work I'm faced with due to event cancelations and...

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raggedman 2 days ago
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[email protected] – Fighting disease with a world wide distributed super computer .. all those powerful studio computers and...

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snoskit 3 days ago
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I’ve seen it mentioned on other websites about prepping for this outbreak. I’ve seen videos recently of long lines at Costco....

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TNM 3 days ago
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This thread is dedicated to listing and discussing new drugs to fight COVID-19. (Please keep politics out of the...

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bill5 3 days ago
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Yes PMI AUDIO, manufacturer & distributor of Trident Audio Developments©, Tonelux©, Joemeek© & Studio Projects© is...

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alanhyatt 3 days ago
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fukc you government - it's your fault we are here (all countries) fukc you banks - i'm not bailing you out again (all...

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stimpe 4 days ago
Avatar for KingsX

As the subject states, how is Covid 19 affecting your business? If at all. For me, it's giving me more time to drool over...

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chessparov2.0 4 days ago
Avatar for Arthur Stone

The pandemic has meant a drastic reduction in air travel - the sky above my home is peaceful and there's a silence I've not heard...

Arthur Stone
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analog greg 4 days ago
Avatar for John Moran

Universal Music Chairman and CEO Lucian Grainge has been hospitalized after testing positive for coronavirus, multiple...

John Moran
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AmyHolmes 4 days ago
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becks bolero 5 days ago
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I thought it might make sense to have a dedicated thread for links on how to deal with the situation ect. Working and Learning...

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memristor 5 days ago
Avatar for and you know

I started coming down with it either on 12/3 or 13/3 and I'm just about over it. I'm pretty sure I've had a mild dose but...

and you know
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12ax7 5 days ago
Avatar for Bruxo Negro

Hello there everyone, audio inclined or otherwise. Firstly, this is not a political discussion. Rather, a call for volunteer...

Bruxo Negro
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Avatar for Bruxo Negro
Bruxo Negro 5 days ago
Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe

Two of my interns are affected. One has to go home for the rest of the semester and the other has to study and stay at home here...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Tommy-boy 5 days ago
Avatar for Oscar1

In Feabruary it looked straight forward: chinese manufacturing stopped, briefly only to be resumed later in full swing when the...

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TEMAS 5 days ago
Avatar for memristor

are you worried? Depends on where you are living I guess. Have to admit that I am kind of worried, with media and government...

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Avatar for Whitecat
Whitecat 5 days ago
Avatar for Papanate

For years songwriters and musicians have been increasingly shut out of record money - streaming services have gone Scrooge on...

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Papanate 6 days ago
Avatar for OBOYO

Secret Recording Exposes Intelligence Chairman Warning Donors About Coronavirus 3 Weeks Ago. link to...

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Avatar for Arglebargle
Arglebargle 1 week ago
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Avatar for and you know
and you know 1 week ago
Avatar for timtoonz

Since it's so hard to get any of this grim news off my mind, AND I'm spending plenty of time in my studio/office, I find myself...

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timtoonz 1 week ago


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