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TB-303 clone commissioned in 1994 by FX Music control company. It's got MIDI control, and it's oscillator offers square and saw waves. It has controls over tuning, filter cutoff frequency, resonance, envelope modulation, attack and decay. It has a 24 dB/oct filter (different from the 18 dB/oct filter on the TB-303). The accent is controlled by MIDI velocity CC. The accent control influences filter frequency (cutoff) and loudness (not volume). Glide and cutoff are controllable by MIDI.


What's in your analog synth collection??????

will hybrid consider analog ? mezed Waldorf Q+ (filters) Prophet 5 ( will arrive in a week heh ) DSI Poly Evolver DSI Evolver Waldorf Pulse MAM FreeBass 383 Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine

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303 Clones: Best options for features vs sound?

...time to get a 303 clone/sound etc. I had a 303, and I now own a TB-3 and a Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine, which was always my favourite clone purely because it could nail the basic sound and with a little more bottom end. When Roland announced the AIRA range, I have to say I...

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What synth other than the 303 is good for acid?

I've had one since 98 and they're great sounding machines. Surprisingly beefy for a one oscillator synth

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