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Hi all, I will need your advice on how to connect my setup all digital without analog from interface to monitor controller to...

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Insider25 3 hours ago
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Anyone aware of a shock mount that mates with the threaded base of the R10 microphone? Thanks in advance!

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adalogue 10 hours ago
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Hi everybody, I have a lot of fancy gear connected to several Patchbays of the same brand but there is one tool causing an...

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Loftone 22 hours ago
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I use the Korg Nanokontrol 2 on my iMac with Logic Pro. It’s my MIDI controller for manipulating dynamics, expression, vibrato,...

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gh0stwrit3r 1 day ago
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What's the thread size of the external thread used to mount the TL103 to a shockmount?

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okto 3 days ago
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Hello, heppy Everything is in the title. Just like there used to be brands like cardas making warm/dark sounding cables...

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loujudson 3 days ago
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Hello, I wanted to buy some colored audio cables (ex. these :...

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sttae 3 days ago
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My studio is a cable disaster. Piles of them. What are people using to hang their cables? I need several wall mountable hangers...

Nick Laho
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bigEjams 5 days ago
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contains some useful connection information in video form. ocYmhNqZehA

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Muser 5 days ago
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The shop where I work recently installed retractable extension cords, and it’s amazingly handy not having to deal with a...

Chris Kelley
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Muser 5 days ago
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Hi, I am trying to figure out what I need / whether it's possible to achieve what I am after from my existing equipment. I...

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ishields2 1 week ago
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Hello! Working on my home studio build out and I have run into a slight issue with my synth rack. It is on the opposite side...

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Bushman 1 week ago
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I’ve just bought a Command 8 but it doesn’t come with a power supply. Anyone got one for sale or know where I could find one?...

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golden_ears 1 week ago
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Hi! I bought a M2D2 preamp to complete the two preamps of my 744. I want to connect it in AES, since SX converters are so...

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dfghdhr 1 week ago
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I'm looking for an audio cable for a Korg Volca Sample, to plug into a Mackie mixer. I need a stereo 3.5mm mini jack to 2 x mono...

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tim bradshaw 1 week ago
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Anyone using these for AES duties? How do you find them for analog over other cables? I use Mogami 2549 and 3173 and would love...

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CustomStudios 2 weeks ago
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Answered: It's internal so I just need to plug in an IEC cablee - Moderator / admin you may delete this. Cheers.

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Shelvin_ 2 weeks ago
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Hey guys, I just bought this vocal portable booth, I am...

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KRebz 2 weeks ago
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So, for a number of years, I have had this mic kicking around (originally came with the whole PA system, which never worked), and...

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PhaseLinear 3 weeks ago
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Is it OK to combine the L and R signals of a mixer's stereo input in order to get a centred mono signal or will this cause...

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rhythmcomposer 3 weeks ago
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One of the screws on the D-sub25 connector of my cable loom broke. What is the standard thread / size for these? I'm looking...

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askomiko 3 weeks ago
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Hey, I need to have some custom snake cables made for connecting mic pre, comps, eqs to my interface through a patch bay. Where...

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noah330 3 weeks ago
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I've had a Cloudlifter CL-1 as part of my audio chain the last five years (Shure SM7B -> Audient id22 -> Warm Audio...

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adriesque 3 weeks ago
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I need some help w/ my patch bay. Ive researched and read all I could about this bay, but I'm still having issues using this...

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JGM 4 weeks ago
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I have one of those Gator Frameworks heavy duty stands that I added casters to. I also made a custom top for it to hold some...

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beedoola 22nd January 2021
Avatar for bourney1kenobi

Hey folks For as long as I can remember, I've suffered from noisy guitar amps. Currently, I have a Vox AC30 CH Head with Vox...

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TheJamSpace 21st January 2021
Avatar for mattcoffay

Hey all, I've been reading these forums for a while--thank you everyone for all of the great info--but this is my first post. ...

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acidrecords 21st January 2021
Avatar for elasticc

Just purchased a soldering kit and it came with this solder, is it ok to use for soldering TRS/TS 1/4” jacks and...

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GLouie 18th January 2021
Avatar for Adaere00

Hello all, I would appreciate any thoughts on the following mystery: -I am trying to transfer some music from an old cassette 4...

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Bushman 13th January 2021
Avatar for classicalguitari

I'd like to convert the unbalanced stereo mini jack output of the zoom f6 / mixpreII 3 or 6 to one balanced xlr male input...

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classicalguitari 12th January 2021
Avatar for 87North

Hey all. I can't seem to find short, 1ft-1.5ft balanced patch cables, for rack gear. I'd like to patch my preamps >...

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87North 12th January 2021
Avatar for elasticc

New to soldering and I’ve been soldering a load of cables, I bought some right angle neutrik n2xp and a load of amphenol acps...

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cbc6403 12th January 2021
Avatar for BigRack

Greetings, GS Community. Like many, I've acquired a pile of IEC cables over the years, a real head scratcher, seems they...

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BigRack 11th January 2021
Avatar for mikoo69

Wiring up my small home studio. Looking at cable types, I am thinking of using Grimm TPR (10') from my Avocet DAC/Monitor...

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zoom25 7th January 2021
Avatar for maxiedaniels

I’m considering getting the MiniDSP 2x4 HD so I can EQ my monitors a bit. The chain would be Apollo x4 TRS out -> MiniDSP...

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maxiedaniels 7th January 2021
Avatar for Walldough

Hi there everybody! I am going to use the Phoenix Audio Nice DI to sweeten up my 2bus mixes from Cubase. My audio interface is...

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Walldough 6th January 2021
Avatar for rhythmcomposer

What kind of cables (TS or TRS) do you go for with a mixed (unbalanced and balanced) setup? Here's my setup...

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rhythmcomposer 5th January 2021
Avatar for overcompressed

Hi there, I have a Presonus Comp16 running into an Audiobox (gain at null). Things work well recording. But I've seen some...

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overcompressed 2nd January 2021
Avatar for Ellowex

Posting this here since I can’t access the forum for Monitors. I recently purchased a pair of Focal Alpha 65’s. Seems like...

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Ellowex 2nd January 2021
Avatar for lukewilliams7302

Hi Folks, this is my first time posting here. I searched for an answer to this but didn't see anything so please forgive me if...

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Mos Fet 1st January 2021
Avatar for Aememusic

Hi there! I'm new on this place so I'm glad I'm doing my first post with a question: Recently I purchased a Babyface Pro...

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Folkie 30th December 2020
Avatar for WildIsTheWind

Some pop-filter goosenecks attach to the stand using an offset ring that slips onto the thread before the clip or...

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Avatar for WildIsTheWind
WildIsTheWind 28th December 2020
Avatar for Tzuki

Heyo! I would like to use the Korg nanoKONTROL 2 as an control surface for an Audio Interface. Preferably for the ESI U86...

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Avatar for Tzuki
Tzuki 28th December 2020
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Avatar for The Dazzler
The Dazzler 27th December 2020
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dangerouscake 26th December 2020
Avatar for rhythmcomposer

I need a bunch of short (3m perhaps) audio cables (non-balanced, jacks at both ends) for my home studio and am considering...

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Avatar for Speedskater
Speedskater 23rd December 2020
Avatar for Mrdrumminmachine

I have the Rode SMR shockmount for the NT1 and it comes with a thread adapter already in and I CANT GET IT OUT. I have used a...

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Avatar for WildIsTheWind
WildIsTheWind 22nd December 2020
Avatar for bannerj

I'm reading through threads on grounding that are over my head. Please help translate soni can suss out the issue. New room...

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bannerj 21st December 2020
Avatar for jakezap

Hey fellow slutterz. I'm building a studio in my basement (more like a mix room) and I want to send some cabling through the...

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Avatar for MediaGary
MediaGary 20th December 2020
Avatar for penbucket

Currently trying to record an album with an Apollo Twin MkII and Focusrite Clarett 8Pre X connected through ADAT with an SR of...

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Avatar for digsey_d
digsey_d 18th December 2020