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Hi, Published writer, placements and syncs in Europe, Asia, Canada. I've submitted songs for Eurovision couple times...

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supasonicmusic 30th May 2015
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Hey folks - I'm a UK-based producer who works with a number of songwriters around the world putting together tracks to pitch to...

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jtmusic 22nd May 2015
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If I could interest a few seasoned guys, that would be great!!!! I say we do a little mix off for fun and maybe a compilation. I...

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themachinesoul 21st May 2015
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Zbygis 21st May 2015
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Hello again guys!! Again for this project I'm looking for musicians, a drummer a singer (yes the song have lyrics), and...

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ascard 14th May 2015
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Doing a cover of Beat It need a keyboard player to help with the song. You can use my tracks if you want or simply play your...

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phatbeatstudio 13th May 2015
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im working on a track which needs some dj cutz/ vocal samples for the hook can anyone help me out?

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Eskatology 2nd May 2015
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Hi everyone, I don't know if I am posting this in the right place, if not, I'm sorry. I have a Goth Pop Punk music project and...
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rev9recording 1st May 2015
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PM me if you want to collaborate.

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steveswisher 30th April 2015
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Hey Yall! Well I am a newb to warn you guys first off. I am trying to get a home studio built but not all at one moment. I was...

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Davisjr_e 29th April 2015
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Hey - Looking to work on a project with someone. The project will be roughly five beats. The beat I want you to make is...

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MaximumMusic 28th April 2015
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I am pretty clueless when it comes to mixing and mastering. I have one track that I have gotten help with the mixing, but having...

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MaximumMusic 28th April 2015
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I am looking for some folks in the Charlotte NC area to do some collaboration with. Let me know if interested and let's talk.

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Gunner7 22nd April 2015
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hi all, I've been lurking a lot lately with my own tracks mostly a solo project, nearing a hundred or so rough songs. First...

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wakestyle 20th April 2015
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Looking for other people in the area with a strong passion for any and ALL types of music. Wanting to open a small studio with...

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xenric 19th April 2015
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Hey Guys, I'm a published writer, few placements & syncs across Europe & Asia. I have a bunch of really good acapella's...

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supasonicmusic 18th April 2015
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Hi, Thought I'd post this in here, as you never know where good collaborations can come from. Published UK Songwriter,...

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duderancher 17th April 2015
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Hi all, Hope your having a great Easter! I'm looking for a top line writer and new vocalists to work on new...

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clivek 6th April 2015
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I'm in a post-punk band called 'The Death Notes' we put out our second album last year 'Lost and Found' and we want to put...

Jamie Sonic
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Jaybird 29th March 2015
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Hi! I'm working with a singer/songwriter who has a really cool song, and we need some simple violin/fiddle. It's in the style...

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SDB_12 23rd March 2015
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To any topliners on here. We have some tracks that need vocals...

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spaceprimates 23rd March 2015
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If this sounds like something you might be interested in working with me on, drop me a PM with links etc. and we'll discuss...

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dabianzo 22nd March 2015
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Hi guys, so I've got this melody ready here but i can't go ahead much with it. as in i want something really good enough to...

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sagar4848 17th March 2015
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Hi all, I'm based in London UK, and I'm looking for people who may be intersted in getting together with a view to...

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wallyburger 15th March 2015
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kaos28 13th March 2015
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Looking for electronic music producers for collab. Genre : Progressive, deep. DAW: Logic X Not looking for...

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RRCHON 11th March 2015
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Hi all, Here is my third post on this board in years of reading There are a lot of on line mixing services out there but I...

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Heathcliff 4th March 2015
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Im not sure if my music is suitable for the masses but if you're a creative musical person then you should be able to collab with...

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stl 28th February 2015
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Looking for someone to collaborate with on a 160bpm trap/big beat song. I love the sound of guys like knytro and dizzee rascal,...

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BDrensk 27th February 2015
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I have written and recorded 10 instrumental tracks, all of them kind of vary slightly but all inspired by 60's rock and 80's...

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stevefrik 24th February 2015
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Hi there, My name is Jamie and I do music under the name 'Basic Basic' My main...

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tapedseams 23rd February 2015
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This is a long shot but what the heck.. have tried my local Craigslist but no luck. I have a full CD worth of music, I'd...

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nuthinupmysleeve 12th February 2015
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dabianzo 12th February 2015
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Hi all,* I want to produce a new song that I have written. You can have a listen to the vox here:*SoundClick artist: Ashleigh...

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d4sh 11th February 2015
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Hi everyone, I live in Amsterdam and looking for someone who might be interested in collaboration and who has a...

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Ofisboy 10th February 2015
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Anyone here from Illinois, Wisconsin Indiana area looking to collab?

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dalvare1 5th February 2015
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steveswisher 4th February 2015
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I have 11 rough demos that I need a producer to take to the next level, and I'm working on more. I want the recordings to sound...

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korte1975 3rd February 2015
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I'm looking to partner up and collaborate on developing a new sound. This sound will heavily consist of samples solely from the...

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aowdesign 3rd February 2015
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any and all vocals may apply not really looking for a particular type of voice send me a message or reply if youre interested

Free Burma
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Free Burma 30th January 2015
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Hi, i would like to colab with someone in the psychedelic techno genere. Direction:...

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Sternenlicht 26th January 2015
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Always looking to Collab with producers. Every producer has a different take, idea, strong point on tracks. Some may make a great...

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Mik3oProd 23rd January 2015
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Hi Gang, My band Replicant (Chicago Electro Punk/Synthwave) recently released our first album Replicant and are looking for...

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hagbard 22nd January 2015
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Looking for french german swedish spanish or english rapper. Let me know if your out there. I need one more active rapper.

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shanghai 20th January 2015
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Looking for either a female singer, or male singer. someone with a delicate voice. Preferably someone from the united states,...

Young Pred
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lukechable 20th January 2015
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I am looking for a producer with some experience to explore long-term ventures. About me: Fair amount of live and recorded...

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jamesson 18th January 2015
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Hey everyone, I'm submitting some Serbian Rap music for a project here in LA. They're also in need of Serbian music in...

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JohnFulford 17th January 2015
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Presently I’m working on some experimental old school RnB. Please see the ‘distressed/retro’ Spoken Word YouTube link....

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pqlia 9th January 2015
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Hi, Looking to collaborate with a lyricist. You can hear some of my completed stuff here...

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Scouser 7th January 2015
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Dronedrummer 6th January 2015


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