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CME’s MIDI controller Bitstream3X is the result of co-operation between CME and Wave Idea. The suffix ‘3X’ stands for 3 Axis because the Bitstream offers full control over the 3 Axes – X, Y and Z. A joystick gives you 2 axes control (X and Y) while a ribbon controller is used for the Z axis. With its 35 knobs, 8 Sliders and 16 Buttons, Bitstream 3X gives you total hands-on control of any DAW software. It comes with 13,000 presets including Reason, Live, Reaktor, Traktor,Absynth and, of course, Cakewalk. Digital DJ’s will love the MIDI Cross fader and the 8 track motion sampler allows automated recording of the movements of the knobs, joystick, crossfader and ribbon controller.


CME Bitstream 3X be using it with a computer you should consider the Mackie C4 Pro. I was going to get the Bitstream 3X, but ended up getting the C4. The LCD scribble strips on the C4 are perfect for using it with my FS1R. has refurbs for $319. This guy has released a somewhat limited...

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Hybrid workflows - what's your solution? look at the Nord Lead 4. The Analog Rytm stays - because I've mapped it up to two beefy Bitstream 3x MIDI controllers, so I can work on the sound without getting into the horrendous menu system of the Elektron. Just to recap - what's your workflow with a hybrid setup? How do you...

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Soft Synths Too Many Controls And No Controller :(

it is not about : how much a possible device could cost. it is : how much money the manufacturers want make , made in China cost is so low parts and components prices are more low as they buy industrial quantity , and directly from chinese producers , (not from Digikey , Mouser , & Co. …..) the cost of a controller as showed...

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