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EQ Techniques
Old 22nd November 2005
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eightyeightkeys's Avatar
EQ Techniques

With the type of music that I do most often - heavily keyboard based/sample based music - I'm having to pull out quite a bit of both bottom end and mud-often.

I'm experimenting with pulling out frequencies at or around the "home key" of the song (and the overtones) but I'm wondering if this can weaken or dilute key frequencies ?

What do you guys think ?

Do you use ever use the "key" of the song for selecting EQ frequencies at all ?
Old 28th November 2005
Guest Moderator
Ed Cherney's Avatar

For takes discipline...but I try to duck the bad frequencies and push the fader up. I know it's easier to just grap and boost...especially upper mids and hi freq's...but it just sounds better to me dipping and pushing the fader.
Old 29th November 2005
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eightyeightkeys's Avatar
Hi Ed :

Thanks for the reply.

I guess what I'm asking is about specific techniques regarding EQ.

One example : Kick and Bass

To start, let's say the song is in the key of E and, as an example, the Kick Drum is very prominent around 80 Hz.

One mix/EQ technique is to get the bass "sitting" above the fundamental of the Kick. But, if you start pulling out ~82 Hz wouldn't you be sucking out agood chunk of the fundamental frequency of the bass ?

Do you guys consider the key of the song when applying EQ ?
Old 30th November 2005
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Ed Cherney's Avatar

I really don't consider the key....although I may try to tune a reverb to sing a bit more in the frequencies near the key the song is in. I think you need to find and feature the fundamental of the kick, but for me most of the action is between 120Hz to 350Hz. That's where losing those frequencies in the kick will give you some room to slip the bass in. Now, you most likely will have to go get some snap on the kick up at 3-5KHZ, or even higher......was this any help?
Old 1st December 2005
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eightyeightkeys's Avatar
Tuning a reverb. Hmmm, that's interesting. I have never tried that. I'll have to experiment with that a bit and see what happens.

Ed, I guess I'm looking for more precise techniques. The ol' boost until you find the offending frequency is fine but doesn't necessarily do much for how a multitrack mix fits together.

Maybe I'll start grouping instruments in specific ranges together. Or, maybe it's better to group instruments that are performing a similar purpose. Rhythm section, for example. I've heard it many times. ie. Never EQ until you have everything in and reasonably balanced and then hear how everything works together.

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