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Thanks for agreeing to do this guys!
Old 31st October 2005
Lives for gear
spectacular g's Avatar
Very impressive!!!!

Thanks to all who made this happen.

I look forward to learning alot.

next time,
Old 1st November 2005
Gear Maniac
Tom VDH's Avatar


Jules you rock! (thks for the birthday present, you really didn't have to, hehe
A big welcome to you gentlemen!
Old 1st November 2005
Lives for gear
Jonathan Starr's Avatar

This is great. Thanks for putting such a cool forum together this month, Jules.

There is no better resource for those of us trying to make our way with the subtleties of sound.

I look forward to learning a lot and getting to experience a bit of the wisdom and cool personalities of these guys who have created some of my favorite tracks.
Old 1st November 2005
More cowbell!
natpub's Avatar
I wanna know what kinda cruise you can go on where they have all these masters of recording--sign me up for next year's cruise?
Old 1st November 2005
Lives for gear
Saudade's Avatar

"we're not worthy, we're not worthy......"

(why isn't there an icon for prostrating?)
Old 1st November 2005
Lives for gear
tommyd's Avatar

And to our November guests, thanks in advance for what I'm sure will be a great month!!
Tommy Dwyer
Old 1st November 2005
Lives for gear
severe's Avatar

Jules, Chuck...thanks a lot.

And again, thanks to all those participating.
Old 1st November 2005
Gear Addict
Bravin Neff's Avatar

This is the best internet forum in the world.

As in Earth.

This place freaking rocks. Man it just keeps getting better. I paid almost $100 for the U2 show, and I was still a 100 meters back. Here I got front row tickets, and all I have to do is be quiet?

You got it.
Old 1st November 2005
Gear Head

Parrtty, thumbsup thumbsup , top effort to all involved, this shall be interesting indeed.
Old 1st November 2005
Gear Guru
Drumsound's Avatar

This is going to be great.

Excellent score Jules!
Old 1st November 2005
Lives for gear
GP_Hawk's Avatar
Amazing! thumbsup
Old 1st November 2005
Gear Maniac

Jules, I can't believe it.

These are like the gods of engineering/producing.

I can't even begin to say how impressed I am.

It's this years Christmas present!


And thank you to the guest moderators!!! Wow.
Old 1st November 2005
Lives for gear
neve1073's Avatar

Very exciting!
Old 1st November 2005
Gear Head

Jules you are a legend, i was about to suicide until i heard about this.
Cant wait to see how this evolves.
Old 1st November 2005
Gear Maniac
KarlHoffmann's Avatar

WOW....echoing what everyone else has said. What a treat!!!!!

Thank you Jules and to all the guest moderators.


....searching for that postproduction bleeding effect........
Old 1st November 2005
Gear Nut
ekimeno's Avatar

Jules - you rock!

Very cool that these cool guests are willing to chat - thanks guys!

Gearslutz is the best!!!
Old 1st November 2005
Lives for gear
abit's Avatar

So cool!
Old 1st November 2005
Old 2nd November 2005
Maybe we should have a Gearslutz cruise next year...
Old 2nd November 2005

"Okay... the Neve clone shootout is at 3 p.m., after the shuffleboard tournarment..."
Old 2nd November 2005
Lives for gear
Roger Starr's Avatar

Great!!! Elliot was on the Nuendo forum a few weeks ago too. Very inspiring all this!!! By the way, aren't all these guys on Nuendo or am I wrong?


Old 3rd November 2005
Gear Addict
mastermix's Avatar

Thanks Jules... and the guest mods.
Old 8th November 2005
Gear Head

id also be interested to know if these guys are all on Nuendo??????
Old 9th November 2005
Lives for Jesus
stevep's Avatar
Thank you All !!!
Old 11th November 2005
Gear Maniac
Trancetones's Avatar

Found this site and it has improved my ability as a artist/producer/engineer incredibly. When I saw this months Special Forum it was time for me to register and send my thanks to the Jules and the panel for your help, your knowledge is greatly appreciated!
Old 11th November 2005
Very gracious of our guests -- a great opportunity!
Old 28th November 2005
Gear Head

THIS is what the web was invented for! Invaluable professional knowledge offered up to help us all improve our professions.

Kudos to Jules and all for the time and effort you've put in to make this happen.

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