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Phase Distortion based 8 note polyphonic synthesizer. It is 4 part multitimbral. The eight Digitally Controlled Oscillators (DCOs) are capable of sine, saw square, pulse, double sine, saw pulsewaves and resonancewaves. It has 3 eight stage envelopes that are used to modify the parameters over time. One is for the DCO pitch, the second for the phase angle (simular effect to filtering) and the third is for amplitude of the sound. There's an LFO with triangle, square, ramp up and down, and has settings for rate, depth and delay. It also has portamento, a built in noise generator and ring modulator. Through MIDI 4 monophonic multritimbral parts can be controlled. The synth has 16 presets and 16 user patches in memory, as well as an expansion of 16 more on a cartridge. The keyboard has 49 full size keys. There are aftermarket editors available like the VirtualCZ. Produced in 1985.


Some Casio CZ love?

I just bought a casio cz1000 some days ago and I am quite impressed. Really nice sound and also the interface is straight forward. I had a tx81z for some time and never even bothered to program sounds from scratch. What are your thaughts on the CZ series? They seem to be a little bit...

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Behringer DeepMind 12

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I like really how it looks, classy with a tidy front panel, a bit retro but with modern elements (such as the large display). Certainly much better than the Roland AIRA range.

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SUPER 6 - a 12 voice poly by UDO

We are in the synth golden age right now... It's kinda frightening!! I have a Moog Matriarch on Pre-order. Same with the Behringer VC-340. I'm planning to place a pre-order the moment Black Corporations Xerxes is open. And now this. I don't think I can say no to the Super-6 as it just sounds gorgeous......

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