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How much have you spent on mics alone in the last 5 years?

...pair, so i figured it was time for a new set). Let's see, what else, I picked up a Calrec CM450 A dynamic mic (super rare) that i absolutely adore for guitar amp mic'ing, and i finally got around to ordering a nice wooden jeweler's box for my pair of (genuine) Oktava MC-012's. I'm...

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What's in your mic locker?

...PL5 Dynamic 1985 Shure 520DX "Green Bullet" Dynamic 2003 Shure Sm57 x2 Dynamic 1965-present day Shure Sm58 x2 Dynamic 1966-present day Acos Mic 22 Dynamic 1951 Calrec CM450 x2 Dynamic mid 1960's Calrec CM656D Condenser mid 1960's Calrec CM658D Condenser mid 1960's Reslo RBL Ribbon ...

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