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Step Back – Here come the B1 and B1D… Introducing the B1 and B1D MICROPHONE PRE AMPS from BURL AUDIO. Based on the API 500 series form factor, the B1 was designed to compliment the B2 BOMBER ADC, and give you multi-channel pleasure. With the proprietary BX3 input transformer and BX2 output transformer, the B1 MIC PRE delivers warmth with depth and clarity. The B1D is the same as the B1 except that it has an all iron BX4 output transformer giving it a more terrifying rock tone. An all discrete transistor, class-A, direct coupled, capacitor free circuit path, gives the B1 amazing punch on drums, beautiful tonality on guitars, and warmth with presence on vocals. The B1 and B1D come complete with both Gain and Level controls. If you want that heavy, gainy tone, crank up the stepped gain control and offset that with the level control. If clean tone is your thing, turn the gain down and crank up the level. For ribbon mics and other low impedance sources, the B1 has a transformer coupled impedance select. The B1 was rigorously tested with the popular Royer R-121 in the low impedance setting, and we think it sounds pretty f***ing bitchin’’ on guitar amps. The B1 gets the best out of any microphone, whether it be dynamic, condenser or ribbon.Use the B1’s 1/4” instrument/line input on the front panel, plug in, crank up the gain and go. The PAD switch allows for hot signals and balanced line inputs through the mic XLR on the back panel. Run your tracks or mixes through the B1 for warmth and glue.


When can we expect a 19" rack BURL MIC pre amp ?

Yeah I have no idea how it compares to the Burl B1 and Burl B1D Though.

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Audio Interfaces that bypass preamps

...preamps, and ADCs, which can already be quite subtle. For example, I have no qualms about running the output of my Burl B1 pre into the line input of my Apollo, which does NOT bypass the preamp. Any degradation incurred by passing signal through the Apollo's preamp circuit is not significant enough to warrant concern,...

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Which one is Best Single Channel Mic Pre? of the most expensive Pres in the comparison. I did not hear what makes it so special. Daking sounded better. Burl B1 sounded better. Heck the portico sounded more interesting with the texture on it, if that’s what you’re going for. Not that it’s bad but it’s soooo much more expensive than everything else. The 610 has...

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