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More free stuff....let's do it again!

Hey all, I have a Boss SP-202 Dr. Sample and M-Audio Keystation 61es USB MIDI Controller I'll give to first person who PMs me. Also, I'm kind of desperately looking for an Apogee wordclock for the Mackie D8B... or if nothing else, the stock card... borrowing a D8B and it has neither so can't use it....

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Roland SP series comparison

...Keyboard - None, 16 touch pads (not velocity sensitive) Control - MIDI IN/OUT, MMC, MTC, MIDI Clock 3) Boss SP-202 Dr. Sample: 2000 Specifications Polyphony - 4 voices Oscillators - None Sampler - 31.25kHz (hi-fi), 15.63kHz (standard), 7.81kHz (lo-fi), 3.91kHz (lo-fi 2); 32 to 260 seconds Sequencer - None Effects - Pitch, Filter, Resonant...

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What's the best deal you have ever gotten on a piece of gear? heck but working, with Orchestral card inside!): $25 Akai Head Rush (I think that's what it's called): $5 Akai MPC500 with Boss SP202: $236 Arturia Microbrute (beat up and filled with dead roaches, but works great): $10 ... and too many other odds and ends to ever remember them all. I still have some of these items and...

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