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Half-rack FX-box recommendations?

If you can find a second hand Boss SE-70 it's a very capable and very programmable FX unit. Lots of midi control too. Still got mine from about... 18/19 years ago!! It's in my amp loop- great guitar multi fx and good studio fx too.

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Digging for '76:14' clues... and put it through a Boss SE50 Multi effect. In the end i had a Boss SE50 and a Boss SE70 Sounds like we were sweeping the eq on the breathing as well live through the track. 12:18 It was choir samples again, taken from somewhere, 1 note clean and then looped probably in...

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Zoom 9010 vs 9030?

...actually recorded on a crappy audio interface. Anyways, it adds a heavy distortion or reverb mojo not possible with the Boss SE70, Boss VF1, Roland VS890 (with superb pro radio broadcasting type effects albeit a little noisy). The reverb on the 9010 just sounds real (like in a real church) which you dont realize...

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