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kurzweil comparison PC2 V PC3

I own the rack version of the PC2 (with orchestral and classic keys) and just wanted to hear from any of the PC2's owners and PC3's as to whether they think there is any significant difference between the sound roms of either. There is no rack version of PC3 as far as I know...

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List of Synthesizers featuring rare features

...(independent modules) E-MU E4K (optional) Proteus 2000 (2 x IN) Technics WSA1 WSA1r Roland A-70 A-80 A-90 XV-5080 (2 x IN) Waldorf Wave (2 x Out) Release velocity: Generalmusic / GEM S2r S2 S3 Access KB KC TI/TI2 Indigo Polar Alesis A6 Andromeda QS serie Ion Micron Fusion Clavia G2 Kawai K4 K5 Kurzweil PC1X PC1SE PC161 PC2 PC2x PC3 PC3X K2000 K2500 K2600 K2600X MIDIBoard Novation X-board Oberheim Matrix 12 Matrix 6 Matrix 6r Roland XP-50 JV-1080 Waldorf Blofeld Q Q+ MicroQ Microwave II Microwave XT Keyboards with 3 Wheels: Akai MiniAK Alesis Ion Casio VZ-1 Clavia Nord G2X Crumar Spirit Hohner HS-2 Korg Prophecy (Third wheel is a "log", combined mod-wheel and pressure-sensitive ribbon controller) Oberheim MC3000 MC2000 Quasimidi Raven Peavey DPM-C8 Technics SX-WSA1 Yamaha EX-5 EX-7 SY-77 SY-99 VP-1 VL-1 VL-7 Waldorf Wave Glissando (Chromatic portamento): Alesis Micron Ion EMS Synthi A / AKS Formanta Polivoks Kawai / Teisco SX-210 SX-240 S-100p Korg X****1 Roland Jupiter 6 Vermona Mars Yamaha CS-01 CS-50 CS-60 CS-80 CS-20M CS-40M CS-70M DX-7 Waldorf Q Microwave I Microwave II Blofeld Built-in Ribbon controller: Alesis A6 Andromeda Electro...

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Roland TR8S - Drum machine with individual outs and sampling.

You are right, since the tr8s only has 1 stereo + 6 ind. outs, I only use PC1 with the tr8s, but with maschine i will use the PC2 bus

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