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Large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone in wood box - includes power supply and spider shock-mount


Neumann U67 2018 reissue internal View

MSRP on a Bock 251 is $6,000. The 67 actually has more expensive and extensive metal and plastic work, combined with a much more complicated circuit, with a lot more parts. I'm guessing that cost difference between the Haun CK12 and a K67 are a wash out. Now factor in the...

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If I could buy only ONE high-ish end mic, what should I buy?

Since the best mic you used was a ELAM251 i´d say why not get the Bock 251? Bock Audio 251 - Vintage King I seen a bunch of people here that swears by it.

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C800G or C414EB w/ Brass CK12 Capsule + vintage U87

Bock 251 styles, are wonderful. But... I sound better on 47/67 type microphones. The old YMMV. My limited empirical understanding, is that there's a tendency for 251's to favor female voices, and Tenors. Whereas the 47 FET and Tube is particulary good for deeper voices, ala Baritones (like me) and Basses. Other things being equal. Feel free to correct this notion! Chris

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